Kidney Conscription in Iran

Al Roth points us to this story in Farsi about Iran’s plan to exempt kidney donors from military service. Google Translate reports:

 Donate one of your kidneys to be exempted from military service

Acting Human Resources department Stadkl Armed Forces exemptions from military service the soldiers announced the donor organ. According to ISNA, General Moussa Kamali on donor exemption from military service, said the donor organ to make it happen efficiency, We’ll exempt him from military service. According to him, for example, people who donate one of his kidneys has been the inclusion of medical waivers are exempt from military service. Stadkl Armed Forces Acting Human Resources department stating Srfdashtn donation card member, was not the reason for exemption from military service, said those who donate their organ, even during military service are exempt from military service.

No doubt some people will find this unjust. Indeed it is but certainly less unjust than conscription without such an option.


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