John Taylor is on Twitter now

Justin Wolfers tells us to find him here.  Here is one tweet:

Mankiw blog notes all-Harvard CEA now. More amazing: all CEA chairs and members since 2000 got PhD from Cambridge MA schools except 1: Stock


And what a fine economy we've had since 2000.

It's surprising and/or amazing that the chummiest appointed positions go to the chummiest schools? What next? Awe over the fact that the QJE authors always seem to be Cambidge MA researchers or graduates?

So, if academia isn't a winner-take-all signalling tournament, what are the intentional counterbalances?

Cambridge, MA law school graduates also constitute a majority of the Supreme Court and head the Executive branch. There is no way this is anything but beautiful meritocracy in action.

They may even be the best, but how much of being the best comes from networking, recommendation letters, winning grants, etc.

Totally true...

With our best and brightest on the job, whipping the recession should be as quick and easy as subduing the Viet Cong.

Interesting that on the Supreme Court there is a conscious attempt to represent diversity in sexes and ethnic groups but a failure to recognize the groupthink that should limit the influence of even a very fine academic institution such as Harvard.

(also +1 to Zach's comment)

Having gone to College and Graduate School at Berkeley, it's good to know that I would never be qualified to hold a major position in DC. Yet another fact that justifies my indolence.

Clearly, in the future, everybody on the CEA and the Supreme Court will have been self-educated by MOOCs.

Oh, well. I went to the University of Chicago, so if I want to serve in government, I'll have to get in a time machine and go back to the Reagan Administration.

So much for diversity.

When I was in the consulting business we used to have a saying when we recruited at Harvard: "There's no BS like HBS". I think that applies to the Ec program as well. Which is a competitive advantage in Washington

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