True love

It was the ultimate declaration of love. A man who split from his girlfriend 20 years ago has rekindled his love affair after he stepped forward to donate her a kidney.

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Meh. I give it a month.

"Honey, can you wash the dishes ?"

(taps scar)



Inigo Montoya: But this is Gordon Henry's true love - If you heal her, he will aggravate alphas.
Miracle Max: Wait. Wait. I make him better, alphas type angry denunciations to an admiring bog?
Inigo Montoya: Humiliations galore!
Miracle Max: That is a noble cause. Give me the sixty-five, I'm on the job.

People say the world would be a better place if the government allowed people to buy and sell kidneys. But if that were the case, this woman wouldn't have been in such a desperate situation, and this man wouldn't have been able to rekindle their love through his act of self-sacrifice. Sure, a market for kidneys would save countless lives, but what is life without love?

+10 (ROFL!!)

Wow that's beta.

What an idiot.

Over the past 20 years, she's probably taken scores of other men's johnsons.

It's like donating your kidney to a public urinal.


He's signaling his selflessness to other women to get laid. It's like publicly donating to a charity.

That never works.

"My sweet princess, I would donate my kidney for your sexual favor! Surely, my signaling is turning you on?"

"Aww, how sweet! I love your signaling of desperation!" *looks around room for love with frustratingly unavailable badboy*

Yeah, afraid I gotta agree. Publicly donating to charity works because it says, "I've got a lot of money". Unless this guy's got a lot of kidneys. . . .

Key fact: "Miss Macfarlane, of Sheffield, said the couple split 20 years ago, after the birth of their son, Jordan."

Yeah it's totally "beta" to help the mother of your son. Would the "alpha" thing to do be to laugh at your son and say, "no I'm not helping mom, she's taken too many johnsons," or something?

Dude, alphas just make babies, they don't give a shit about 'em. Who wants to be tied down? I'll tell ya who: beta wimps, that's who!

I bet he cuddles after sex too. Loser.

Yeah, imagine what a shitty world this would be if we had more people acting like this guy, and fewer sociopathic guys pumping and dumping skanky girls they picked up in bars.

Would you donate your kidney to a public urinal?

And notice the timing. Right after child support runs out she back for more.

whoomp, there it is!

funny how the pie in the sky by and by romantics think this is successful signaling by the betaboy. folks, the woman has an extra 20 years on her caboose. that's not a win for him, even without the self-mutilation.

True love is the greatest thing.... except for an MTL!

There is certainly a squick factor, but having gotten a kidney donated from a non relative, I think the recipient can live with it.

In my case when the crunch came the first person who came forward was an emotionally needy long time friend who frankly terrified me thinking about the future after the transplant, but I was literally dying so I was, and still am very grateful. Luckily he was medically disqualified by conditions caused by the same personality traits that worried me, but his example had encouraged a lot of other friends and even just acquaintances to step forward. My eventual donor actually admitted to me that if the first donor hadn't stepped forward she probably wouldn't have.

One of the nice parts of a monetary transaction is the emotional distance it creates. It is easy to have scruples when it is someone else's life. I actually told this to a former family friend who was an "ethicist" and she actually told me that this was why we shouldn't allow live donors. I consider a mark of my refinement that we finished dinner in a civil manner. She hasn't darkened my door since.

Great story, thanks for sharing. And good anecdote about the 'Eticist'!

you mean 'MLT' ? its very good when the mutton is nice and lean.

Let's say I hate the woman's guts. If my son is a match, then probably I am pretty close. Do I let my 20 year old son donate an organ to her? I'd give up a kidney to stop him!

Yes – certainly file this one under "Education".

So many dark rationalists reading MR. They don't know yet economics moved beyond rationality?

Nietsche or said something like: I see all the dark reasons why people do things, but look how to manage to do beautiful things with it.

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