In equilibrium, they pay him to listen to their ads, or how to strike back at The Man

The bottom line is this:

Because he works from home, Mr Beaumont has been able to increase his revenue by keeping cold callers talking – asking for more details about their services.

And it works this way:

A man targeted by marketing companies is making money from cold calls with his own premium-rate phone number.

In November 2011 Lee Beaumont paid £10 plus VAT to set up his personal 0871 line – so to call him now costs 10p, from which he receives 7p.

The Leeds businessman told BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme that the premium line had so far made £300.

…Once he had set up the 0871 line, every time a bank, gas or electricity supplier asked him for his details online, he submitted it as his contact number.

He added he was “very honest” and the companies did ask why he had a premium number.

He told the programme he replied: “Because I’m getting annoyed with PPI phone calls when I’m trying to watch Coronation Street so I’d rather make 10p a minute.”

He said almost all of the companies he dealt with were happy to use it and if they refused he asked them to email.

The full story is here, and for the pointer I thank Michael Rosenwald.



Bravo, bravo, roars of applause.

Why just 10p a minute?

Many of the annoying cold callers I get call from VOIP phones. Will this bite them or won't it?

He's in the UK. Laws are different over there. I hear they even have a queen.


How do I do this in States? Less for the money than just to annoy.

Thanks Tyler, I just made $300 a week doing nothing but receiving phone calls, and here's how...

I'd have to be paid more than 10p a minute to be distracted from Coronation Street.

I'd have to be paid more than 10p a minute to watch Coronation Street.

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