The charitable deduction in Singapore

There is no reason why deductions cannot be super-charged:

To encourage greater charitable giving in Singapore as the economy recovered, the Minister for Finance announced in Budget 2011 that  tax deduction of 2.5 times will be extended for another 5 years to donations made from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2015.

The full document is here.  If that does not sink through, here is another discussion:

What this means is that for every dollar that you donate to charities, the government will deduct $2.50 off your tax payable. If you have been paying Income Tax, you will know that this is something extremely beneficial.

A few years ago the deduction was only 2x and that in turn was a relatively new policy.  Do any of you know of research on the impact of these policies and changes?

Here is Bruce Bartlett, who is skeptical about the charitable deduction in the United States.


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