Testicle car markets in everything

Many of us testicle owner/operators have often claimed that we’d happily donate our (usually left) testicle for something, usually some kind of car. So it shouldn’t be so shocking to hear that some loon is actually doing just that. One nut for $35,000. Which he’s using to buy a Nissan 370Z.

As much as I’d like to picture the scene where this ashen-faced man stumbles into a Nissan dealership, plonks a jar with a floating, solitary testicle on the counter, and points to a red 370Z before collapsing, the reality is much more orderly.

The man, Mark Parisi, is donating his nut to a medical research organization for a sum of $35,000.

There is more here, noting that the deal may not survive this publicity.  Here is more on Mark:

There are other advantages to being a human Guinea pig: He gets free checkups, which can save him around $700.

Parisi estimates he’s saved more than $150,000 over the past two years by participating in other medical studies, including an Ebola virus study that paid $5,000 a week, the Province Journal reported.

For the pointer I thank Skeptical Scalpel and @hswapnil.


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