Friedrich A. Hayek class on MRUniversity has a new class on Hayek’s Individualism and Economic Order, free on-line pdf version of the book is here.  The class is based around my reread of the book — often considered the single best introduction to Hayek — and what I learned from each chapter., whether positively or negatively.

The MRUniversity videos are now available on the homepage of MRU at the end of the Great Economists section.  There is also a landing page for all of the Hayek videos at once.

Overall the book held up very well upon my reread.  The most interesting chapters — at least given my initial margins — were Hayek’s liberaltarian take on economic policy and Hayek on the likely evolution of European federalism.  Hayek makes the very interesting argument that EU-like institutions will be classical liberal by default, as non-intervention tends to be the focal default point when conflicting nations cannot agree on very much.  He thus thinks that supranational institutions, while often motivated by peace at first, over time become an instrument of economic freedom.

We invite you to check out the class, and of course there is more to come.


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