Online Education for Pre-School

Online education continues to expand rapidly:

WASHINGTON—Saying the option is revolutionizing the way the nation’s 3- and 4-year-olds prepare for the grade school years ahead, a Department of Education report released Thursday confirmed that an increasing number of U.S. toddlers are now attending online preschool. “We found that a growing number of American toddlers are eschewing the traditional brick-and-mortar preschools in favor of sitting down in front of a computer screen for four hours a day and furthering their early psychosocial development in a virtual environment,” said the report’s author, Dr. Stephen Forrest, who said that the affordability and flexibility characteristic of online pre-primary education are what make the option most appealing, allowing young children to learn their shapes and colors on a schedule that works best for them. “With access to their Show-And-Tell message boards, recess timers, and live webcams of class turtle tanks, most toddlers are finding that they can receive the same experience of traditional preschooling from the comfort of their parents’ living room or home office. In addition, most cited the ability to listen to their teacher’s recordings of story time at their own pace as a significant benefit of choosing an online nursery school.” Forrest added that, despite their increasing popularity, many parents remain unconvinced that online preschools provide the same academic benefits as actually hearing an instructor name farm animals and imitate their noises in person.

From America’s Finest News Source but do consider this.


I think it's great - keeping kids away from other kids and in front of a computer screen all day is what creates hoards of MR readers which can help us spread the pro-Open Borders message

Does open borders include hot foreign women? Or do we avoid those at restaurants? confused.

Sure I have nothing against immigrant women but we desperately need a flood of foreign workers into engineering and IT to keep that sector innovative so I suppose that will be mostly men. Woman should of course not be part of a social night out and no alcohol either. Both of these things reduce your productivity which you need to keep as high as possible in the new Average-is-over world. Above all however we need more immigrants.

Yes, I've seen the MR Preschool app and program.

This defeats the primary purpose of pre-school, which is to socialise children and prepare them for grade school. In South Africa one of the big challenges for many children of that age is not knowing how to sit at a desk, use a toilet, grasp a pencil, draw,etc. A pre-primary grade called Grade R (reception) has been introduced for 4-5 year old's to prepare them for Grade 1.


And many parents are looking for a day care facility for their 4 year old's anyway, so this is a solution to a problem that does not exist for most middle-class parents.


Socialization skills are the most important thing that children develop at this age, not learning farm animals (which happens at an earlier age anyway).

Ah, just noted the first link was from the onion. A feel a little bit better about the world...for now.

But click on the 'do consider this'.

What about reading?

Most kids don't learn to read when they are 3.

What kids can learn at 3 is that they get nice mommy and daddy time when it's time to sit down and read a book, so we learn to really like books and feel good about them, and as we hit age 3 and 4 and start to want to differentiate ourselves and act independently we start to want to be able to read those books ourselves. Left alone on this curve, many kids will wind up learning to read themselves by age 5 or 6.

Of course, or standard now is to put them in school, make them listen to a teacher lecture about sight words for 6 hours out of 7 each day, and beat into them that reading is a relentless chore that you will be forced to do all throughout school, so there's really no reason to bother starting now because it will just prolong your misery.

My middle kid's kindergarten class spent probably 60% of its time on learning to read. I think the only ones who were able to independently read at the end of the year were the ones who were able to read at the beginning.

Yes, I need a school to tell my kid how to use the toilet.

Both my older kids loved to draw (one drew everything up side down) until they got to school and were told the "right way" to draw. Set my oldest back at least five years. First, kiddies, draw a triangle. That's the body. Now a circle, That's the head. Ick. I remember walking down the elementary school hall and seeing a wall full of kid's watercolors from art, all rainbows. All exactly, exactly, exactly alike.

Yes, if you need extreme conformity, you absolutely have to start as early as possible. Bribe the parents with free child care, they'll let you do whatever

The horror! The maion purpose of mandatory pre-school is to achieve an earlier cmmencemnt of the brain-washing.

Or, is it to get out of their "hair" for a few hours the curtain climbers?

Can this be used as a means to train toddlers to beat the market?

I will soon be soliciting funds for a related hedge fund, with investment decisions made by my one-year-old based on the decibel level of his responses to a variety of stock symbol toys.

In Nursery School, as we called it, we studied I know not what. But I can remember that one day the boys zoomed down a slide, across the bottom of which stood a little girl with her legs apart. We all knew we were being gloriously naughty without having the faintest idea why it was naughty. That's yer socialising, I suppose?

In the US, more people seem to be looking at and choosing homeschooling because of what they perceive, rightly or wrongly, about the kind of socialization that goes on in most schools, especially public schools.

See, e.g., this:

"Our public schools are dysfunctional, depressing, frequently dangerous places. Their architecture is generally penal, incorporating precisely the same sort of perimeter control as one sees in a low-security prison, with dogs, metal detectors, and the whole apparatus of control at hand. They are frequently run by nakedly corrupt, self-serving men and women who are not above rigging test scores to pad out their bonuses and who will fight to the end to keep pedophiles on the payroll if doing so serves their political interests, as in the case of California. They cannot even keep their teachers from raping their students...."

The last round of sub teaching I did I noted that the elementary school had a fun cafeteria policy. When the noise level started to rise, the teacher would switch the light in the room to dim it. It was a signal to everyone they needed to quiet down.

The "optics" were very, very low security prison.

Read the whole editorial.
I'm afraid I think it's right on target.

This is only half fake.

Public schools are freaked out that folks are home schooling so they have set up home school programs, you sign in and get a free laptop and follow their curriculum. The kids genuinely are required to be in front of a computer screen for four hours every day, one principal I met enthused about how great the program was because I think it somehow was able to detect if the kid was "cheating" by not being there the whole time, and it could tell if a parent was cheating and doing the work for the kid.

The screwed up thinking was incredible. I don't know why she thought it was a benefit to me that the computer would catch me if I cheated, if I was cheating why would I want that feature? If I weren't cheating, do I need the computer to keep me honest? And what do we say about punishing a kid who can do work competently in three hours when the computer thinks it should take four? Next step, little electrical shocks if the kid gets up from his seat?

I know several families who have tried the school programs, but they generally fall into the category of folks who are pressed into home schooling and who are very afraid they will do it wrong. So they either leave the program for their own curriculum in a few years once they gain confidence, or they go back into the school system. Many times these programs are set up for kids who have been expelled or who have chronic or serious illness and have to stay home, and they aren't even good for them.

It's a lesson for all online education, though. If you think about education in a new way, and use online as part of that, you will add to the diversity of learning options. If you just try to take the standard experience and put it on a screen, you don't gain anything.

Oh, all you young people are aware that this was how PBS children's programming was sold, back when you had to get up and down to change between three channels and then turn the knob about to get a fuzzy one or others, right? Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers.

Electric Company was the best, though.

Online education has both pros and cons, although not having experience with online education at pre-primary level, I currently use online education programmes extensively supplementing my university education. There are many benefits, the most obvious and important ones that come to mind are as follows, firstly online education is far more accessible to those parents who live far from pre-primary schools or who can't afford them. Secondly as stated above the education can be tailored to the individual and provide additional support where needed.

However, there are many problems with online education, firstly I feel that children need to start socialising from a young age in order to learn people skills, secondly a great percentage of what is learnt in life is through social interaction. Thirdly many parents rely on pre-primary schools in order to give them freedom to work and live their lives especially in todays modern ages with the changing roles of woman.

I just discovered this is originally from The Onion, a satirical " newspaper.",37145/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

so it was all leg-pull?

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