MRU New Course: Principles of Microeconomics!

Our newest MRUniversity online course in economics is now starting, Principles of Microeconomics! Tyler and I have created what we think is our most engaging course yet — featuring high production quality videos filled with great examples to illustrate key concepts.

We’ll cover all of the important topics in microeconomics, such as competition, monopoly, price discrimination, externalities, public goods and more. There are practice questions along the way to test your knowledge, and don’t hesitate to post your questions on each video page.

Check out our video introducing the course and economics more generally. We begin with a great story about incentives!


Great intro. Now we just need to have our elected officials view the entire course prior to taking office!

Now we just need to have our elected officials view the entire course prior to taking office!

What good would that do? The macro course would just tell them to disregard everything they said in micro.

I had a running flame war with a certain economist named Scott Sumner, who blogs at TheMoneyIllusion. What caught me by surprise was that Sumner claimed--just to spite me (this was a flame war)--that there's no such thing as long-run aggregate supply or demand. This really got my goat! I pointed him to Wikipedia, to textbooks, etc, but to no effect. His minions also closed ranks and denied there's anything like long-run AS/AD. Then, by chance, I saw a textbook that said --lo and behold-- long-run AS does not exist in the Keynesian model (after all, 'in the long run we are all dead!') HAHA! I solved the riddle of why they were saying what they said. They were pretending to be Keynesians! Nevertheless, the classic model shows long term AS as a vertical line, right at the intersection of the scissors. As for long-term AS, what is that? Maybe that's a little harder to pin down since it depends on elasticities, substitutes, etc, but it should also be a steep sloped line methinks. Ah economics...

@myself - should read "As for long-term AD [AS], what is that?" Googling this, I see I was right--no such thing as long-run AD, contra to long-run AS, a vertical line.

I can't work out if this is Tyrone spoofing Ray, or Ray spoofing Tyrone

Sorry, I don't get the connection to a text on microeconomics.

Looks great, but speaking of incentives, what's the incentive for all the hand-waving? Is it natural or did someone tell you that it gets the viewer's attention? Note that I have a genetic, geographic, and cultural staid & stoic background, so I may be overly sensitive to gesture-based emphasis. But it seems strange to me.

Genetic predisposition.

takk fyrir

Since when are Canadians noted for such?

Because such deeps insights should definitely be included in the Canuck section of the annals of human biodiversity.

Isn't it more efficient to just say you are British?

Well, time to find a new job... but thanks for the nice videos, gentlemen!

One idea for enhancing the visuals would be to make yourselves significantly smaller in the microeconomic presentations. In that way, I could always be reminded on screen whether macroeconomics or microeconomics was being discussed.

I am shocked that the animation is so good. Seriously.

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