Geoengineering markets in everything

Oliver’s Travels, a luxury travel and rental service, has begun offering the service for prospective brides and grooms who are interested in a sunny destination wedding at certain venues in France (the company is planning on expanding availability to the UK and Italy if the concept “takes off”).

For a fee starting at £100,000 (~$150K), the company will give a team of pilots and meteorologists 3 weeks to plan and affect the weather on your big day. The technology is called “cloud bursting” (or “cloud seeding“) or using a chemical called silver iodide to “seed” the clouds and cause them to rain.

By inducing rain and cloud dissipation for 24 hours before the wedding day, the team can guarantee a relatively cloud free and sunny environment on the day of.

There is more here, and for the pointer I thank Michael Rosenwald.


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