Peter Goettler is the new head of Cato

It is a busy morning, here is part of an email from Cato:

The Cato Institute welcomes Peter Goettler, a former managing director at Barclays Capital, as its new President and CEO, effective April 1. Current CEO John Allison is retiring after more than two exemplary years on the job.

Goettler retired in 2008 as a managing director and head of Investment Banking and Debt Capital Markets, Americas, at Barclays Capital, the investment banking division of Barclays Bank, PLC. He also served as chief executive officer for the firm’s businesses in Latin America and head of Global Loans and Global Leveraged Finance. He has been a member of the Cato Institute’s board since last year and a supporter of the Institute for 15 years.

Perhaps more information will pop up on their web site soon.


Let me guess. He hates Obama.

Let me guess. You hate Ted Cruz.

Let me guess. Everyone hates him/herself and everyobe else.

Let me guess. You hate the letter "n".

No, I hate this Android virtual keyboard, but thanks for playing.

Finally, a voice for big banks in Washington.

Seems you have no idea what Cato stands for. Maybe you should check their website?

Cato long ago shifted to the dark side, becoming Beltway-Libertarians. It allied with establishment Republicans and neocons in efforts to exert more practical influence on politics.

Murray Rothbard, America's foremost libertarian, co-founded and named Cato -- but was purged when he opposed Cato’s move away from Austrian economics and libertarianism.

Ah yes, those dreaded "beltway libertarians," who try to move towards liberty without screaming every five minutes for a revolution that's not coming. Better no loaf than half, eh. And they have the temerity to employ such sell out concepts as "social skills". Bastards!

What are those "social skills" I keep hearing about?

Better or worse than Rothbard's 1990s alliance with David Duke?

Hey, in these days of structural deficits, we need powerful public voices for Global Leveraged Finance.

Cato criticizes republicans and crony capitalism as often as Dems and Obama.

DTG: Ignorance plus silliness to share, nice combo.

Let me guess. You hate Obama.

Let me guess. You hate who hates Obama.
"Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy! Let the hate flow through

I don't understand this meme

More bankers leading Cato, yippee.

Well, I don't know about this new chap, but as a BB&T shareholder, John Allison has earned my admiration, and appreciation.

Although that'll all go out the window of their share price dips back under $25 for any reason in the years ahead.

Not surprising that there would be conflict between the Koch brothers and Murray Rothbard. Murray was a great libertarian and an interesting guy but was famously prickly and hostile to those with whom he disagreed. That was part of his charm.

Says the 18 year old Hill intern, lol, or at least you post like one.

Surprised this post has so many comments...bunch of know nothings commenting about stuff they don't know.

It is the only kind of thing "know nothings" can comment about. It's right there in their name.

Glass houses, Ray

It is the broken house fallacy.

I relayed your comment to my gf (she's 9) and she stuck her tongue out at me.

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