The workplace culture that is French

Some of the faux companies even hold strikes — a common occurrence in France. Axisco, a virtual payment processing center in Val d’Oise, recently staged a fake protest, with slogans and painted banners, to teach workers’ rights and to train human resources staff members to calm tensions.

The article, by Liz Alderman in the NYT, is about imaginary companies in Europe, most of all France:

More than 100 Potemkin companies like Candelia are operating today in France, and there are thousands more across Europe. In Seine-St.-Denis, outside Paris, a pet business called Animal Kingdom sells products like dog food and frogs. ArtLim, a company in Limoges, peddles fine porcelain. Prestige Cosmetique in Orleans deals in perfumes. All these companies’ wares are imaginary.

The thing is, these imaginary companies come attached to some very real benefits for workers, and, it seems, some of the capitalists too.

For the pointers I thank Rian Watt and Samir Varma.


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