Markets in everything there is no great media stagnation

Netflix has built socks that read your body to understand when you fall asleep, and then automatically pause your Netflix show.

There is more here, via the excellent Samir Varma.


I don't know how I have lived without them socks.

What if someone hacks your socks? Will burglars call round? I demand action from Congress.

Left out from the article was Netflix's motivation for the socks. Namely that they avoid paying for the cost of the show, you would be missing anyway.

That being said, Netflix (or at least the Netflix App on our TV) will pause the automatic playback of a series of episodes every third episode and prompt for user feed back.

That's not how their content licensing tends to work, but they are saving on peering (bandwidth) costs.

They are also working on male underwear that detects arousal rates to certain Netflix movies, I am told.

Do you really want Netflix knowing that you're attracted to Emma Watson from Goblet of Fire?

Goblet of Fire was released in 2005. Ms Watson was born in 1990. No. On the whole I don't think you want anyone to know.

On the other hand Google probably knows already.

That's not difficult to know, I guess. :P

Not (yet) a market: they're open-sourced so anyone can make them. We'll see soon enough if there's a market for them.

I wear a fitbit flex (about $50) that keeps track of when I fall asleep. It is liked by bluetooth to my iphone, which can control netflix. It is just a software change to make this happen.

I gave a pair of these to my wife. Saves a TON of energy.

Sorry, that, like many other posts under 'no great stagnation' are actually cases in point, that there is a great stagnation. What is the marginal productivity gain or marginal gain in well-being? Probably negative, given I spent 45 secs commenting on this utterly useless invention.

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