*There IS Life After College*

That is the new book by Jeffrey J. Selingo, and the subtitle is the highly practical What Parents and Students Should Know About Navigating School to Prepare for the Jobs of Tomorrow.

If you want one book which delivers what this subtitle promises, this is it.

Due out in April.


Also the title of a popular Islamic State recruiting book.

I thought there was only after-life after IS ;)


Was this an old post (about a year old) or did you misread the publication date (April 2105)?

Neither--he just linked to the wrong book on Amazon. The correct link is at my name above.

Well, sure; there's law school.

After college, you will have outlived the best years of your life.

Maybe you should buy a copy for "Max", your little friend

There is lots of life after college. Isn't that obvious?

I am not sure 18 year olds know that.
My younger brother-in-law is selecting a college right now. Like most, he's looking to leave the State and go to a "cool" school.
All of his siblings have massive loans. My Wife thankfully has a well-paying job, but the loans are so massive we would buy another house and pay the mortgage+escrow with no problems at all, were it not for those loans.

My family graduated debt-free. We lived at home with our parents throughout university. We were not the "cool kids."

World equiv of US states edu levels


Allegedly from U of Alabama

If true, education levels have less to do w/ economic prosperity than we have been told. (at least high school graduation rates)

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