Giancarlo Ibarguen has passed away

There is notice on Wikipedia, I have heard confirmation elsewhere.  He was one of my all-time favorites, a truly curious man in the best sense of that term and also a true gentleman.  He was dedicated to the teaching of economics, to Guatemala, and to ideas of liberty.  We shall all miss him.


Who is this man, and why should we care?, young. Left kids. Cancer probably. Good man, albeit obscure. D.E.P (RIP).

From this article:

"Ibargüen contrajo una enfermedad que deterioró poco a poco sus músculos."

Which translates to "Ibarguen contracted a disease that gradually deteriorated his muscles."

ALS perhaps. He was raising money for ALS research in this tweet back in 2014.

Saddened more of your readers do not know who he was. A brilliant and productive man.

RIP, Giancarlo.

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