Obama Joke Becomes Trump Talking Point

President Obama telling what I thought was a joke at the White House Correspondents Dinner:

They say Donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. But in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world: Miss Sweden, Miss Argentina, Miss Azerbaijan.

Apparently Donald was listening because yesterday in an interview with Bret Baier he made exactly the same point but this time as argument:

Bret Baier: About Russia, you were asked yesterday if you’ve ever spoken to Vladmir Putin. And you said, “I don’t want to say”:

Donald Trump: Yeah, I have no comment on that. No comment…I was in Russia….I know Russia well. I had a major event in Russia two or three years ago. Miss Universe contest which was a big, big, incredible event. Incredible success. I got to meet a lot of people….


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