Singapore (India) fact of the day

…it [Singapore] draws more travelers than countries such as India, Indonesia and Philippines.


Here is the story.

I sometimes say that large, populous places mostly will get better, so visit them later.  Small countries, islands, and regions will become worse to visit, losing their ethos to massive crowds, so see them now before it is too late.

The small Singapore, with its weird mix of hyper-modernity and charming retro, is an exception to this rule.  It may well be more interesting to visit ten years from now, by extending its modernity, even if it loses more of its retro.  But you cannot say the same about Bali, Tahiti, or Split, Croatia.  Amsterdam already has been ruined, more or less, by the crowds, Venice too during many times of the year.

Twenty years from now, Java, India, and Nigeria will be splendid to visit.  They will be easier to deal with, but won’t have lost much of their style and flair.  Sheer numbers locks that in.  So some of you should just wait.  That said, if you follow my advice and visit the small units now, you only make this problem worse.


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