The rhetoric of Andrea Leadsom

She is in the running to lead the Conservative Party and be the next PM.  Here are her words on Theresa May, the front runner and heavy favorite, under whom she may well end up serving as a Cabinet member:

She’s a superb candidate.  A brilliant Home Secretary and a seriously intelligent and principled person.

And on Michael Gove, her more direct rival for the number two slot for a possible run-off against May:

Michael is an incredibly decent person.  I don’t buy all this talk of treachery and evil.

Here is some of the talk of treachery and evil, based on the notion that Gove stabbed Boris Johnson, ostensibly the previous front-runner to be PM, in the back.

The Telegraph article, an interview with Leadsom, is in the paper edition titled “I like to think I have the qualities of Lady Thatcher.”

Here are some critical remarks about Andrea Leadsom.


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