Predicting Your Major Based on Your Favorite Harry Potter Character

The accuracy of these tests is astounding.
Hat tip: Nathaniel B.



what is the straussian reading of this drive-by AT shitpost?

It's a funny and somewhat offbeat and charming post.

Even economists think economists are jerks.

People hate hearing that resources are finite.

Voldemort is like the Donald Trump or Le Pen of the wizard world. His movement is aristocratic (pure blood wizards should be given higher status) and nativist (suspicion and fear of the muggle world). His ideas hardly resemble the open borders fanaticism that permeates the economics profession.

The whole series is a pro-Diversity allegory. Of course, in the Harry Potter world, the muggles don't rape wizard women at substantially higher rates and the half-muggles don't turn plot bombings in Hogwarts!

But Voldemort's movement does have a terrible understanding of muggles and spreads lies and rumor about who they are and what they do.

Wow. You picked up on the ever so subtle politics of the Harry Potter books? I've sometimes suspected that the German national socialist movements of the 1920s and 1930s are somewhat of a inspiration for some of the motivations of some of the characters. The British class system may have played a role as well. Call me crazy.

I get all my political analysis from children's fiction.

Hmmm. I got English, while my second and third characters got biology and business.

My actual degrees are all in Physics, but am now (in retirement) taking a biology course.

I picked "Hermione Granger" and the Result was English. Did the person that created that site ever read the books or even watch the movies?

Ah yes,

Draco Malfoy = Engineering

Severus Snape = Chemistry

Sirius Black = Business

Picking Hermione is more a predictor of your gender (male) than your major.

Disclaimer: she was my favorite character at the end of the movie series, not the beginning!

She was my favorite character in the first book, I had no other contact with the Harry Potter Universe.

Hermione was the straight A student that came from a working class (muggle) background and who's success was as more about hard work , than luck, family connections or innate talent.

I would suspect that a lot of Engineers would tend to pick her. I would also suspect that the creator of the web site was not an Engineer.

Wow! That worked. I got Chemistry on the first try.

I only saw the first two movies - the second, against my will (girlfriend insisted) - so I only knew half of the characters' personality but got chemistry as well despite being a physics major. Not even close...I could never have gotten a chemistry degree.

Ron Weasley=education


I'm an engineer and I got art. Is it meant to be inversely accurate or something?

Took nine guesses to get Computer Science. Who in the world is Nymphadora Tonks?

A Harry Potter books character.

What if you don't have a favorite? I never read the books and the couple movie versions I tried to watch bored me to death, so I never finished watching any of them. What does that mean? Technical college? No post-secondary education at all? I graduated from a traditional four year institution, I swear!

"I never read the books and the couple movie versions I tried to watch bored me to death, so I never finished watching any of them."

I read the first book and thought that was enough. I saw the first movie on video in Japanese in Japan since not a bad way to improve in the language. My Japanese girlfriend read Harry Potter in part to improve in English.

I slept for 20 minutes at the theater according to my annoyed girlfriend after she woke me up. I wanted to like it , I really tried. Great idea, but...

I did 3 and didn't get it right.

Can confirm both favorite character (Neville Longbottom) and major (math) are not listed.

I would have figured Economics would be Gandalf.

+1, thread winner

But I disagree, Economics should have been Hari Seldon.

Unfortunately, Seldon's work fell apart in the replication crisis. Turns out he had to have this huge clean-up crew come along behind him to make his predictions work out....

I think Malfoy is the character economists find attractive: selfish to the core!

What, no poli sci ?

Poli Sci?

Would be wasted, they don't read books.... ;)

Not remotely close.

I think I started the series in seventh or eighth grade reading the first three books in about a month and read the seventh the summer it came out, which was between my second and third years of college. Never seen the movies, and listened to the audiobook version over a period of several months in the last year or so. I've also read Methods of Rationality as well as a few million words of other fanfiction I'd rank as better than the source.

Not sure which character I would rank as my favorite, especially since I'm not sure I could isolate my opinion of canon characterization from my opinion of the various fan interpretations I've read.

That said, my major is computer science.

Total fail for me. Both my first and second choices were way off.

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