Arguments to ponder for Thanksgiving

The population of wild koalas in the southeast portion of Australia’s Queensland state has plunged by 80% in less than two decades, but researchers are offering a simple plan to save them. They can sum it up in three words: daylight saving time.

Changing the clocks would help stem the koalapocalypse by reducing fatal encounters between koalas and the motorists who drive through their ever-shrinking territory, the researchers say. According to their calculations, the number of koala deaths could fall by 8% on weekdays and 11% on weekends.

“We hope that our study will encourage the Queensland government to consider the benefits of implementing DST,” they wrote in a study published Tuesday in the journal Biology Letters.

Queensland, the state in the northeastern corner of Australia, has a complicated relationship with daylight saving time. The practice has not been observed there since 3 a.m. on March 1, 1992, when a three-year trial period came to an end. The push to bring it back has spawned petitions, referendums and even a political party (Daylight Saving for South-East Queensland, or DS4SEQ).

There are too many noisy videos at the link.  And might abolishing the U.S. penny help the koalas too?  I am sure it will!


What endangered megafauna if any are saved by NGDP level targeting?

It seems a small marginal improvement, as would be banning the penny. I like small steps to a better world.

Please, don't think so small - it's a much better world we should be stepping bravely towards.

One, for example, where after the koala has vanished from it equally vanished territory, Prof. Tabarrok can write about how if only the power of the free market had been unleashed properly, we would have an abundance of koalas.

Whereas Prof. Cowen can attempt to be a bit more reflective, musing about how maybe, occasionally, a government might be required to prevent more species from going extinct - though not when important commercial interests are weighed in the balance, of course.

Not that koalas are any more likely to go extinct than any other animal bound to a particular ecosystem, of course.

There are millions and millions of cows in the United States. This is because cows are protected by law and may not be killed for their meat or their hides.

Yes, people are forbidden from killing cows without obtaining permission from the cows' owners. This protective law has done quite a lot to enable the cow population to maintain a high level.

Because that's ALL that will happen if this is done, more koalas. No other possible effects can be contemplated. The great minds in air conditioned offices will deftly probe for just the right tweak to make everything perfect, and it will TOTALLY work.

It amazes me, this blindness of the IYI. All you ever hear are the potential "benefits", there's never a true accounting even attempted by balancing against the negatives.

Do you suppose that koalas are the only losers in more auto accidents?

That said, a need to shift timescale, rather than the scheduled time of events, shows that we are not particularly bright monkeys. If we were brighter we'd have winter hours and summer hours for work/school appropriate to the locale, and we wouldn't need "the clocks to change."

If I had a penny every time someone wanted to ban it, I'd be annoyed.

There's going to be a lot of arguments this Thanksgiving, but I'm guessing this isn't one of them

Maybe someone can use it as a lifeline .. "did you hear about the koalas?"

I'm planning on "How 'bout dem Cubs?" as my safety hatch.

It is my hope that the arguments I will have will resemble this one -- Is the Cowboys offensive line the key or is Dak really that good? -- but I fear it will be more like this one: Is president elect Trump super corrupt or is he merely ultra corrupt?

As you can tell I don't have a lot of faith in my family's ability to choose topics to argue over.

"Make Koalas Great Again"

Of course, Congress passed DST to prove to voters they were doing something (something) about . . . . I forget. Wasn't it the long lines at gas stations in the 1970s? I'm not sure how DST shortens gas lines, but if it shortens gas lines, maybe DST will save koalas. One thing DST hasn't done though, which is make people in America smarter. Maybe too much daylight has fried their brains.

At some point evolution will produce koalas with the power of flight and the problem of flattened koalas on the pavement will be over.

Do koalas even have watches?

I am missing something? Are those koalas tasty? Why should I care about them, particularly at Thanksgiving?

As a former Queensland Koala cuddler I'd be perfectly happy to see their numbers thrive. It's obviously time that Queenslanders reverted to commuting on horseback.

Numbers plunged 80% in two decades? Headline hunting total nonsense! They are just making it up as they go.

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