Lawrence Kudlow is in contention to head the CEA

Here is the WSJ piece, or try this, excerpt:

Mr. Kudlow is a strong supporter of supply-side economics, a prevailing economic philosophy of the Reagan administration that says reducing marginal tax rates will spur growth, create jobs and boost tax revenue for the government. Last week, he said the U.S. should issue debt with a maturity of up to 100 years to lock in low borrowing costs, supporting a view echoed by other Trump economic advisers.

Kudlow (formerly a senior fellow at GMU and Mercatus) is also pro-trade, and on monetary policy he has expressed sympathy for market monetarism and nominal gdp targeting.  And Scott Sumner comments on Kudlow’s earlier recommendations for the Fed.

Update: Many informal sources are suggesting this will indeed happen, though there is not yet a formal announcement.  I would consider this still unconfirmed.


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