Chinese New Year surge prices for fake girlfriends

Thanks to an increase in people using their smartphones, an app named Hire Me Plz has been created to help men look for fake girlfriends.

Single men are able to hire girlfriends for as little as 1 yuan (12p) to 1,999 yuan (£230) an hour.

However during Chinese New Year prices can surge to up to 10,000 yuan (£1,154) a day.

Here is more, via the excellent Robert Cottrell.


Of course, proving that rich people everywhere are ignoramuses.

What's your excuse?

He's been reading your comments for years.

It only seems like years to you because getting humiliated makes time creep by. I've only been posting here for like ten months. But hey glad to see you couldn't help scratching that itch.

Were you the foster kid that put his hand in the flame multiple times?

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What about imposing rent controls?

Perhaps fake girl friends prove cheaper than real ones.

"Perhaps"? At 12p a day?

Isn't £230 an hour < £1,154 a day?

That's the first thing I noticed.

But who needs a fake girlfriend for an enrire day. I fuess this "day" price is for a few hours' work.

"Isn’t £230 an hour < £1,154 a day?"

If someone wants you for 1 hour, there's communication and travel time to contend with and it's likely to actual consume 2-3 hours of time. So, you're likely only able to bill 3-5 hours of time for a full days work. Whereas, the daily rate, is probably only for an 8-12 hour period. So, it's probably roughly the same total pay with less hassle.

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