My chat with Steve Davies on UK politics

This 24-minute podcast was recorded in April, a time when I believe both of us were underestimating the chances of Labour.  In any case it was a fun chat, here is the podcast (no transcript), and here is one excerpt:

Tyler: Is Scotland going to leave? Yes or no?

Steve: I would like to say yes but I think no.

Tyler: You want them to go.

Steve: Oh, I definitely do.

Tyler: Tell us why.

Steve: My attitude and the attitude of the majority of English is that it would be pretty good to get rid of the bloody Scots. If there was a referendum on Scottish independence purely in England there would be a clear majority in favor.

More generally: “They talk about how the general election could shape the terms of Brexit, how much further the EU and even the UK will splinter, the prospects for the European left-wing, and the populism underneath it all.”

I am a big fan of Steve Davies.  He is a historian, formerly at Manchester, extremely well-read, and now Education Director at Institute of Economic Affairs.  He is also great fun to hang out with.


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