China sentences to ponder, gray rhino edition

“The message from the leadership last weekend was very clear — financial stability is now regarded as an important element of national security,” said Raymond Yeung, the Hong Kong-based chief economist at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.

An editorial in the Communist Party’s People Daily newspaper on Monday pointed to the seriousness of the campaign, warning of potential “gray rhinos” — a variation on the black swan events popularized during the global financial crisis, with the difference that the danger from a charging rhino is more immediate and the animals are less rare.

Here is the Bloomberg story, via Bill Bishop’s excellent China newsletter.


Again, it becomes clear to all thinking people that the hold Chinese totalitarian leaders have on Red China is vanishing fast.

Strange the animals in the video. Seems like they were freaks of nature, wanting to make friends inter-species?! Real bestiality.

Strange indeed. I can only conjecture that the rhino is a young adolescent, recently weaned and chased off by its mother, and looking for a mother figure. And the hippo, who seems to have a youngster, is a mother who on the one hand doesn't want to be bugged by a random rhino but who due to maternal instincts doesn't want to attack nor flee from the young rhino.

As for the gray rhino metaphor, I guess the Great Recession and 1970s Oil Shock would be black swan events, and an ordinary recession would be a gray rhino? The dot com boom would probably count as a black swan too; weird presidential elections are probably gray, we know there'll be an election every four years but we don't know in advance how wacky it'll be.

Things might have gone more smoothly if Mr. Rhino had started off the evening with dinner and a movie.

How to explain? Mr. Rhino may believe he is a hippo lesbian trapped in a rhino male body . . .

Beside the facts they were huge and no one saw them coming, what common features attach to "black swan" events?

If the Chinese don't stop fueling demand for powdered rhino horn they're gonna be a lot more rare in the future.

Is the horn of the grey rhino an even more potent aphrodisiac?

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