Dental DNA Beatle rent-seeking markets in everything

A DENTIST who bought John Lennon’s tooth is looking for potential love children of the late-Beatle in a bid to stake a claim to his £400million estate.

Dr Michael Zuk, 45, from Alberta, Canada, purchased the legendary songwriter’s decayed molar at auction in 2011 for around £20,000…

Speaking with The Sun Online, the dentist has sensationally revealed that he plans to stake a claim to the music icon’s vast estate using DNA from the body part.

He said: “I am looking for people who believe they are John Lennon’s child and have a claim to his estate and hopefully I can legitimise their claim.

“John was a very popular guy who was having sex with lots of women and I doubt birth control was on his mind.

…“I would ask anyone who is participating to sign a commission agreement which would mean if they were related they would pay my company a percentage of their inheritance.

“Like a finder’s fee.”

Here is the story, via Michael J.

P.s. Solve for the equilibrium.



Bill Clinton's dentist is now shopping for mansions....

I don't know what the situation is in the UK, but obviously a long lost child of Bill Clinton could, with a positive DNA test, come into a rather large sum of money.

Bill Clinton's dentist knows bloody well that Bill Clinton sticks to sodomy and cigars in all his endeavours.

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This is true!!! Unfortunately, this dentist is trying to cash in on the secret daughter to come! He knows about her and is throwing out bait. If this daughter is notified it will be through courts and the proper way not this clown! This is pure GREED!! If it is proven he will get part of her inheritance. Yeah, cause he knows of the inheritance and this secret daughter. First of all even if 5 people came foward and were proven to be Lennon's love child that doesn't mean they would get any inheritance because they are over the age of 18. So for him to word it like that he knows that John Lennon wrote this hidden daughter in years ago. It is true this is going to come out but this dentist is trying to capitalize it before it happens.

God bless


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Markets in Everything. I lick buttholes for $5. Cheaper than a Value Meal.

But wouldn't Clinton like John Lennon have to be dead.

Give it time.

For a share of his estate? Yes. For getting (back) child support? No. As Clinton(s) is a millionaire, the annual support would probably be many tens of thousands. Multiply that by 18 years...I'm not sure what about typical (state law) statute of limitations...

This is true!!! There is a secret daughter who is in her 50's coming out. This Dentist is a greedy creep. He wants to beat the court notification so he is throwing out bait. Let's face it for him to say he would get part of her inheritance is saying he knows of her. Lennon years ago wrote this daughter in his WILL. Ono hid this money because she did not want the scandal to come out. It was very sad for John because he went into depression alot. He could not see this daughter because the daugher was conceived through an adultery affair. She is now in her 50's. The mother of the daughter born told John stay away because she wanted to remain with her husband. John wanted to know the daugher and suffered in silence in DEPRESSION! McCartney was getting frustrated caused he wanted to continue making music while John was behind the scenes fighting to see his girl child. John lost and then was murdered but before he was murdered he took a pen and wrote her in only to be hidden by Ono. But God is the one Ono cannot fool anymore. Time is up and this dentist knows about it.

Enforced monogamy?

Or maybe it's that celebrities will be careful where they leave their saliva?(being careful where they leave another bodily fluid is clearly too difficult)

I am always amused when rich and famous men get screwed by the THOG. For instance:

"The low burden of proof for restraining orders has led to some high-profile cases involving stalkers of celebrities obtaining restraining orders against their targets. For example, in 2005 a New Mexico judge issued a restraining order against New York City-based TV host David Letterman after a woman made claims of abuse and harassment, including allegations that Letterman had spoken to her via coded messages on his TV show. The judge later admitted that he granted the restraining order not on the merits of the case, but because the petitioner had completely filled out the required paperwork."

Pure rent-seeking: society made poorer by the expenditure of resources to change the division of a fixed pie. We had it right in earlier days when bastards had no legal claim to their biological father's estate.

Do bastards have a legal claim to someone's estate? Only if there's no will? Asking for a friend.

The answer to most legal questions is: "It depends."

Not enough information given.

Love country music.

Me too.

This Bastard daughter to come has the right because Ono hid what John Lennon wanted. John wanted this daugher of his to get an inheritance. This was hidden from the public!!! It is now 38 years later and the secret is about to come out and this dentist knows it. This creep wants part of her inheritance!!! It is a tragic story. John went into depression so much in the 70's because of this daughter. John had an adultery affair with a married woman The woman got pregnant and decided to pass the child off as her husbands. John found out and wanted to see this daughter. He knew the timing was right that it was his child. He then saw the child in pictures and saw the resemblance. Unfortunately, there was no DNA back then and John lost. The daughter is now in her 50's if you can believe it. Yeah so many years but believe me scandals have been hidden for a long time before. The daugher will get the money because John wrote her in before she turned 18. The problem is that he died. So Ono took the will and got sneaky lawyers to hid this daugher. Now copyrights on all Beatle songs due October 9 2018. John's birthday. They go back to the heirs of the deceased Yes, this is true and that dentist is a lousy creep. The daugher better not answer him and just wait for the proper court papers.

Probably in Europe, and in the U.S. if there's no will

Just hung up on one of those this-is-the-IRS-and-you're-in-trouble calls.

We have an awful lot of sleazy grifters these days.

If he were my dentist, I would look for another one.

I mean, it's weird enough to read about some fan boy buying a celebrity's x, but this is just mega-grifting.

It is also mega TRUE!! This dentist is a creep but this story is so TRUE! There is a love child daugher in her 50's. It is an amazing story and when it happens the world will certainly learn a good lesson on how something like this can happen. John had an affair with a married woman years ago! The woman got pregnant and wanted to pass her child off as her husbands but all along she was lennon's daughter. It is a sad tale and a greek tragedy. Yes, Lennon screamed behind the scenes and wanted to know his little girl but this mother of the daughtr wanted to remain with her husband. John was just an affair for her. Ono the sneak hid this Will inheritance for years which is a CRIME!! She should go to jail. Fortunately, with the grace of God she will get her truth and money. There will be alot of tears and fear and everything else but the public is going to hate Ono even more now than ever! They did not like her then and believe me now it will be worse. I predict that before the summer of 2018 is over this will come in on BREAKING news all over the world. God Bless this daughter who will have to go through hell and scrutiny when it happens! Why I know this is I used to be in the music business and it was told to me by quite a few people in secret. This dentist is a creep because he is trying to beat the court system by trying to cash in on this woman's fortune.. If she is smart she will not answer his add and lay low until the court sends her the proper notification.

I don't like this guy either. If the dentist has a good relationship with his patients, then he wouldn't need to have them sign a commission agreement. The patients would offer to share any future proceeds.

Most dentists have a solid upper middle class lifestyle. He loves money too much. I bet he plays the stock market on his free time.

"A DENTIST who bought John Lennon’s tooth..."

Let's correct that to "A dentist who bought what he believes to be John Lennon's tooth...".

The first hurdle any purported heirs will have is to prove that the tooth was actually Lennon's. The burden of proof is on them to not only show that but to show by clear and convincing evidence that the purported heir is Lennon's child. There appears to be no formal statute of limitations in New York for challenging a will if the purported heir was not given notice of the estate proceedings, but the doctrine of "laches" may also be a hurdle. Finally, the New York pretermitted heir statute appears to make no provision for children born *before* the execution of the last will. One might assume Lennon (and Ono) were well-advised on estate matters and probably had their wills updated a few times after taking up New York residency. This purports to be a copy of Lennon's will, dated November 12, 1979. He was murdered December 8, 1980.

I strongly suspect this dentist would better spend his time and efforts fitting braces.

Did he give up his UK citizenship? If not, would UK inheritance law, which benefits biological children much more than US law, be relevant?

If the dentist is smart he has already researched the legal issues.

Perhaps the equilibrium is that the estate buys the tooth, with a NDA regarding the amount paid, and then the sexual harrasme... I mean, DNA issue dies in silence.

But as you say, Ono, known for her business savvy, would likely have been well advised.

So maybe the equilibrium is the dentist charges a high application fee to any hopeful applicant and tries to profit from that.

Yes, what I read a while back is that if a love child were born from Lennon or anyone else and now the child is over 18 then there is no automatic inheritance. The inheritance in this story is because a woman who was born in the 1960's was put in Lennon's will. It is such a sad story people. Lennon was forbidden to see her when she was a little girl. The mother of the girl was married and passed the child off as her husbands. Lennon was upset and demanded to know his little girl. No DNA back then how sad for Lennon! He fell in love with that little girls because she was a blond beauty! I know the story because I am in the music business. That rotten dentist knows this lady who is now in her 50's is coming out. That woman had her inheritance hidden by Ono and McCartney with the help of Michael Jackson. Now time is up. The middle aged woman will get her inheritance. How much of a miracle is that. God is good and he will deliver her to the truth. The world will go into shock!! She was put in the will when she was little before 18 that is why she will receive it. It was hidden by Ono. Anyone else who is just a love child will not have a chance because they are over 18 now That is the difference the dentist is a sneak and knows this. The court will send the proper papers to this daughter not this dentist.

It's a little bit like a replay of the ultimatum game isn't it? Once the ultimatum is so high that it's perceived to be inequitable, then the other player would rather burn the value for both of them than let the rent seeker take his share.

You think that people have dived as far down the barrel as it is possible to go and then someone else finds a way.

Although I am surprised he wasn't a lawyer.

Anyone concerned about the most blatant form of rent seeking--political corruption? As in Chinese govt giving Ivanka and Jared blank checks making Trump cave into Beijing's demands. Trump has forgotten why people elected him.

He hasnt forgotten. Youre the marks!

I don't know - open minded, hippie, liberal? Sure, Lennon was, but despite all of the lyrics these people sang back in the day, only very few of them applied that philosophy to their real life. The Beatles were a moderate living band compared to what followed in the world of rock and roll (especially John, who became father so early). Better search for the lovechilds of Mick Jagger, Lemmy Kilmister or some successful 80s glam band member.

No, this is TRUE!! It is a very sad tale for Lennon He got a married woman pregnant and the woman did not want John to know that she had his child so she passed the baby off as her husband's child. John could not prove the child was his so he lost but decided to put her in his will when she was little so by the age of 21 or 30 she should have gotten her money but the horrible ONO hid this inheritance. Now copyrights are due in 2018 and the story comes out before the summer is over. The woman is in her 50's now Yes, so many many years later that it is so shocking the world will be so angry at at Ono more than ever now The dentist is a CREEP to try to extort money from this lovechild. He wants her to answer his ad. As you read this whole ad look at how he starts out saying children and then goes to child. He knows

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