*E is for Economics*

This new book is by Veronica Goodman.  It is for pre-schoolers, and by the way P is for Price and Q is for Quantity.


'Q is for Quantity' - of course it is. Quality has no place in economics as currently practiced.


For pre-schoolers now. In a decade it'll be a freshman university text.

More likely a Baby Smith recording for the womb.

In a decade, there will not be anything left.

If nothing will be left, will everything be right?

One can imagine all sorts of econ versions of children's books or popular movies. The bi-metallic interpretation of The Wizard of Oz has become well-known by now, but how about:

Little House in the Bretton Woods
The Cat in the Y-Hat
Horton Hears a WTO
Solow: A Star Wars Story

It is sad to see Americans brainwashing children according to the interests of malefactors of great wealth and economic royalists.

Agreed. What a POS book

That the latest B.S. proposal for a federal job guarantee is being taken seriously is yet more proof of the need for more early education in basic economics. Not everyone wants to emulate the basket cases in S. America like Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, etc.

Brazil is not a basket case. It is actually the 8th biggest economy in the history of mankind. Brazil is bigger than the Roman Empire at its height.

As for Argentina, I still remember the early 90's, when Americans (particularly blackguard Lawrence Summers) praised lavishly Argentina and tried to force Brazil to imitate the "free market policies" of reformed Peronists. It collapsed.

Lucky for Brazilians (a group that does not include you), the USA is counted as one economy.

Split it into 50, and Brazil drops several dozen places.

That's pathetic. Make every Arab sheik a country and America drops several places. We do not beg Chinese money. Unlike Romney, we do not have to talk about what is so important that it is justified to beg for money. Unlike Clinton, we do not to turn a blind eye to Chinese human rights abuses because "one can not talk tough to one's banker". You should be ashamed of yourself. Was it for that patriots threw English tea into the sea? Was it for that brave men, living and dead who struggled in Gettysburg have consecrated that soi., far above our poor power to add or detract?

Brazil has one of the most comprehensive public healthcare systems in the world. We do not tell crazy peopleto read a book instead of getting meaningful tretment. We do not allow opioids to destroy our families and communities. We do not have incels.

>You should be ashamed of yourself.

Oh, I don't know.

I take solace in the fact that I do not troll inconsequential economics blogs, pretending to be Brazilian.

This blog is not inconsequential. I do not troll. He is Spartacus. I am Brazilian.

California's GDP is about 2 trillion dollars, Brazil's GDP is 3.2 trillion dollars hence if you split the US into 50 countries Brazil jumps from 7th largest economy to 6th largest.

"Make every Arab sheik a country and America drops several places."


Individual Arab sheiks have annual incomes of more than 19 trillion USD?

We were talking per capita. Brazil is the world's 8th economy. Most American states do not have bigger economjes than Brazil despite what FOX News may be told you. Brazil is bigger than the Roman Empire at its height. Bigger than the Lower 48.

"We were talking per capita. Brazil is the world's 8th economy."

If we're talking per-capita, Brazil is nowhere *close* to "the world's 8th economy."

Brazil isn't even in the top 50 countries, in terms of per-capita GDP (purchasing power parity basis):


"Split it into 50, and Brazil drops several dozen places"

Nope. Stays 8th.

The US at #1 is replaced by California at #4, after China, Japan, Germany. All other US States would rank after Brazil.

Brazil's per capita GDP is below the world average and barely above that of China (!) and Mexico. Argentina has recently tried the anti-austerity Evita-lite approach and it has failed miserably once again. Only Chile was fortunate enough to have a competent ruler like Pinochet.

The radical Peronists only took power in Argentina because the Pro-American reformists provoked the biggest collapse in the history of the country in the late 90's/early 00's. The libertarian policies of the Military Dictatorship under Martinez de Hoz in the 1970's had already destroyed the industry and dramatically impoverished rhe country. Mexico's PRI's regime was called the perfect dictatorship, it lasted longer than communist rule in the Soviet Union. What defeated it? American sponsored reforms that made the economy collapse in the early 90's.

Brazil's per capita GDP is bigger than widely-praised Malaysia's and just a bit smaller than Russia's. It is way above the median. Europeans and East Asians distort the average.

Well it is probably much better than the school books given most primary school children - which seem to be a variation on "E is for the Gender Fluid Oppressed By Late-Capitalist Heteronormative White Supremacy But Only if They Want to"

I understand that response to calls of “To the barricades Comrades!” has been less than expected, due to a lack of safe spaces there.

Self criticsism sessions are being organized even as we speak.

S is for Stormy
C is for Cohen
M is for Mueller
G is for Giuliani
J is for Jail Trumpf

Are you doing your deranged anti-Trump shtick behind bars, jailbird?

That post of Jailbird's was a perfect example of unhinged Trump Derangement Syndrome. Are you one of the few wise enough to recognize that it's identical to the Obama and Clinton Derangement Syndrome posts that used to (and still do) show up plenty?

Is there any children's story/fable about opportunity cost, especially unseen costs? Distributed, localized knowledge? These would seem to be the intuitions that the economically illiterate lack the most. The economically illiterate seem to try to apply intuition from small scale interactions where one knows all relevant information, e.g., intra-family relations, to large scale scenarios like economies, where one can't even list all the people involved let alone know much about them.

This is too late for anyone to read and a little off topic for what this thread is about, but somewhere on line someone has done a nice line in literature done according to famous thinkers. Harry Potter by Ayn Rand is actually very good. If only Rowling wrote Doby the House Elf that way.

Buffy by Rand is also better than the original but that is a pretty low bar

Does the book get zero sum wrong?

Not willing to pay $10 to find out.

(Production - consumption = 0, aggregate income - aggregate costs = 0)

Why would you, you already have zero sum wrong and it doesn't cost you anything.

They need to make the manga guide for economics since they already have one for molecular biology and calculus.

Here's something that's not quite manga but comes close: Yoram Bauman, "the world's only stand-up comedian economist", has written a couple of comic book intros to micro and macro:

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