Raj Chetty is returning to Harvard

That is the word on Twitter.  Does he want grandchildren more than he used to?  You may remember my Conversation with him, a short while after he moved to Stanford:

CHETTY: So if you’re in your mid-30s, only something like a quarter or less of girls growing up in the Bay Area are married, and we show in our paper that every extra year you spend growing up in the Bay Area, you’re less likely to get married. I remember telling my wife, “I don’t think we need to worry. Our daughter will be fine in terms of earnings. It’s just that she might not be married if we move to California.”
COWEN: So, you’ve lowered your expectations for grandchildren?
CHETTY: Yes. [laughs]


no hay tal cosa como un Blobfish.
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You are of course referring to the marine biologist on the late night kimmel show late last night

marine biologists like Dr. Trautwein on tv are as rare blobfish and
and kimmel has a unorthodox political angle
to biology
still at the end of the day
a perfect day for Psychrolutes marcidus)

Stanford may well pay a high price for its well-deserved reputation as ideologically narrow. There's a reason why Peter Thiel's data mining company (Palantir) is often referred to as "Stanford Analytica". Indeed, what if big tech accelerates the shift away from the Bay area, will Stanford be Stanford? And with regard to Cowen's blog post about colleges with a high percentage of Asian American students, roughly 28% of Stanford's students are Asian American (as compared to Harvard's less than 19%). That hasn't adversely affected Stanford's endowment (it's still third largest behind only Harvard and Yale). Not yet, anyway.

Or, is this the only way he can ensure his daughter gets into Harvard?

Steve Sailer actually predicted that Chetty would be interested in this angle:

"Fertility is actually a promising avenue for Chetty to pursue in the future. As we’ll see below, his income calculations are stricken with problems, but he appears to have the data to estimate the answers to questions such as: where should you move if you want your child to present you with a legitimate grandchild by the time you are, say, 70? That is the kind of thing you aren’t supposed to discuss in public these days, but I’d be surprised if Mr. and Mrs. Chetty don’t worry about it."


Mr Sailer gets to an awful lot of points before self-styled intellectuals do. I dare say it's because he's sharper.

He's a semi-sharp knife that appeals to dull ones.

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