The Importance of Institutions

In honor of President Trump’s meeting with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un it’s time to reup The Importance of Institutions:


So Kim will be instructed on the importance of institutions and the rule of law by Donald Trump. What? For the skeptics among you, I remind you of St. Paul, who, before his conversion, terrorized followers of Jesus. Maybe Trump will experience a similar conversion and see the light shining from the democracies that are our allies and see the darkness of authoritarian regimes that are our enemies, and become the messenger of freedom rather than Satan.

How is Hillary's book tour going?

Who cares about such a loser?

It's ever thusly with you people.

A real American would write about Kim experiencing a Paul-style "Jesus" moment. Last I read, President Donald J. Trump doesn't stand up dissidents in front of recoilless rifles (a favorite of mine) and have them blasted to Hell.

Dr. Peterson is 100% correct.

"President Donald J. Trump doesn't stand up dissidents in front of recoilless rifles (a favorite of mine) and have them blasted to Hell."
Neither does President Temer. It does not seem to buy Brazil much respect around here. People here are all about how great fascist regimes and paganist tyrannies (Red China, Modi's India, Japan, etc.) are and how much money Americans can do off them -- at American workers' expenses, of course. Now, North Korea. It seems that the way to Americans' heart and respect is murdering American young men.

try looking at it from a evolutionarily biological perspective nixon was looking sketchy in an era where
planting false evidence was sorta the sina qua non of
some of the secret police like in the Charlie chaplin movie
modern times
the current rules of evidence were en uteru were they not
senor Costilla were the pumpkin papers real?
isn't there a good chance the pumpkin papers were
the fruit of a potemkim pumpkin
this is why biolgists invented footnotes
it is the evidentiary chain of evidence
that everbody gets to examine

wasn't this what kevin nguyen was getting at when he first successfully landed the
the theranos Thanatos link in his review of the book bad blood
by carryrou

President Temer is using tanks in your favela.

'A real American would write about Kim experiencing a Paul-style "Jesus" moment.'

Why? Kim has managed to have his government's temper tantrum about deciding what the American military is allowed to do with its South Korean ally rewarded, after all.

The funny thing is, imagine the response if Obama had agreed to let Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un dictate with whom the American military could exercise with.

The funny thing is, why should Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un stop there? Maybe it is time to get the U.S. military out of the Japan, particularly after he promises to denuclearize whenever he decides the time is right.

The really funny thing is forgetting the 'really.'

Giving up war mongering and getting nothing in return. Unamerican!

Latest news is that Trump is canceling training with South Korea and planning withdrawal of US troops, in return for nothing.

Kim Jong Un is running the table, you are laughing as you think it owns the libs.

That reminds me of the (urban legend?) D-Day Nazi POW telling his GI captors that the war was almost over, the Luftwaffe was bombing NYC.

Let me know when US troops and USAF redeploy.

My mistake. I keep forgetting you people prefer Kim to Trump. To be fair, I fantasize the glorious People's Republic of Korea nuking Hollywood. Then, I'll be uncontrollably laughing.

You have your trolling motor hooked up backwards. It is the worst sort of Trumpians who are falling all over themselves love communist dictators.

Actually, isn't it time to proclaim peace for our time, as we appease a dictator whose objection to the American military working with an ally is a sign of the glorious future to come?

Oddly, Winston Churchill never received a Nobel Peace Prize. But then, he had nothing but boundless contempt for Supreme Leaders.

You need to grow up.

Without knowing what China's plan is we are missing 1/3 of the real story.

What part of the plan isn't rather obvious? But it's not clear that that is relevant to Kim's plans. Korea has historically had to play the game of friending one larger power to minimize the threat from another.

While I'm skeptical of meeting will change much without a serious commitment (which has been lacking for decades) to end hostilities and stop the proliferation of WMD (nuke, chem or bio) and make clear certain behaviors by nations get them "blacklisted" as it were we have not changed anything.

However, what I'm not really hearing much these days -- hinted at some time in the past but following the lead -- is the relationship between China and DPRK. Could it be, despite the recent warm image, Kim is starting to see Xi as a large threat to his regime?

It's long been said that peace on the peninsula (with or without reunification) results in closer ties with the west than with China.

Communism is just deceptive marketing of socialism with gun control.

It's the socialism that produced the evil

"There is the Soviet pattern of all-round socialization of all enterprises and their outright bureaucratic management; there is the German pattern of Zwangswirtschaft, towards the complete adoption of which the Anglo-Saxon countries are manifestly tending; there is guild socialism, under the name of corporativism still very popular in some Catholic countries. There are many other varieties."

von Mises, Ludwig (1947). Planned Chaos (LvMI)

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