All Hail Chris Blattman

The very excellent Chris Blattman discusses his work in Medellin Colombia bringing criminal gangs into civil society.


Promising video. To digress a little bit, Milan Vaishnav of Carnegie India has done much progress in evaluating why crime and politics go hand in hand in India. "When Crime Pays" is the name of the fantastic book he has written.

It is their nature.

It's ColOmbia, not Columbia

It's an easy mistake to make if you think that the District of Columbia is almost like a charter city already - its actual citizens have minimal rights compared to the actual rulers of the city, and cannot do anything that is not permitted by those actual rulers.

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Kilcullen, David. Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla (p. iii). Oxford University Press.

That is the future. I don't know why this innawoods idea for insurgency persists but future insurgencies will have a lot more in common with Shining Path and Baader-Meinhoff then FARC. You can simply do more damage if you know how plus destroying trust is a victory of sorts even if you can't swing people to your cause.

Avoid being targeted, even if it means becoming the dancer upstairs.

This is a money raising video. I wish him the best of luck, but be reals, "we don't have any conclusions right now..."

The headline was in error, he's not bringing anyone anywhere anytime soon.

Correct. It's marketing; it's pigs at the trough; it's globalist/elitists in the guise of benevolent technocrats.

Yeah, I would like to have heard one idea or proposal, even if it wasn't conclusive. I have no idea what they are thinking about. Are they going to cook up a scheme to coordinate job offers as city sanitation workers for low level thugs simultaneously with the next mass arrest of high level overlords? Or just give gang members money? Or try to hire gang members as police? Or arrest them all? Or ... ?

All Hail Chris Blattman for working on a problem that really should be worked on.

With scant doubt, the whole project is premised upon a rejection of deterrence, punishment, and incapacitation.

Holy canoli that fellow and that chemist Gale Boetticher from Breaking Bad look alike.

I hear inspirational music and lots of upbeat catch-phrases. Oh and a vague mention of "pushing the envelope" re: evidence. So it's really about new frontiers of statism and surveillance, no?

Go globalists go. You're all very excellent in your own estimation.

Man, the thing this drives home for me is that Colombia is not earthquake safe.

So a africa guy trys to tranfers his skill set to south america. Whao ive liked they guy but apparently he hqa learned fuck all but that the consultancy gig is where the money is at...... perhaps too smug but there are alternatives with more dignity

This "All Hail" thing on econ blogs is really fucking gay.

На ваш баланс зачисленно

"bringing criminal gangs into civil society"

Wouldn't it make more sense to bring honest people into civil society and criminal gangs into prison?
Technocrats are different from you and me, I guess.....

Oh Colombia....Drugs, Oil and Coffee....They should try to clean the gangs in the government, the army and social clubs too.

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