*Modern Principles* in China and Chinese

I now have a copy in my hands and the book looks great.

Here is basic information on the English-language edition.


Cubes are the future.

That looks way cooler than the cover I had to use in econ 101.

Is the reference to a Mandarin edition of the textbook? Is Cowen a celebrity economist in China?

Being a celebrity would explain why the the book title translates as "Cowen Economics".

Looked up the prices.

$100 more or less.


Looked up Mankiw's books. Also $100+

I guess paying for college is a painful step in understanding economics.

Textbooks were often 100 when I was in college in the 80s. In real terms these are cheap.

You should see the cost of law texts! Granted, they are higher quality meant for a barrister's bookcase.

I looked at the prices again. The $100 was for a rental.

Cloth text: $267.81 (list price $334.99 - what a deal!)


If you take 4 courses a semester and the textbooks all cost about the same, that's about a $1000/semester just for books.

There is something very wrong with this.

>In real terms these are cheap.

Up yours.

Really? Look at Amazon 62.2 Yuan ~ 9.2 USD https://www.amazon.cn/dp/B07CLRGHG6

That's for the chinese version. If I could get the english version for $10 I'd buy it.

How much is the book? Thirty pieces of silver?

You earned a laugh there.

He's on form today.

Just curious: how much and what was censored?

Are the examples based on data relevant to China or are they just a translation of examples used in the English text?


Would love to have a translator on this side reverse translate the section on the Cultural Revolution and see what it really says in the Chinese version. If it is still there at all.

This would be very interesting to see. I would actually bet that stuff on the Cultural Revolution in an economics textbook would not be censored much or even at all. Here's why.

Recently, I read a Chinese sci-fi novel called The Three Body Problem. In it, the Cultural Revolution is portrayed as so traumatic that one of the people who lived through it became so disenchanted with humanity that she invited aliens to destroy the Earth. This book was not only published, but became a bestseller in China.

I was a bit surprised that the censors allowed it. But then, I read an article about how Chinese censorship is really targeted at low-brow things like Internet comments and movies, and more high-brow things like science fiction books are not really censored. In some ways, the censorship is in the old Confucian tradition of not trusting the uneducated rabble. This makes me think that China would not really bother to censor something as high-brow as an economics textbook.

Argo fuck yourself

Exciting! Congratulations to you both!

Speaking to a couple of economics professors in China recently I heard that there is a move to push if not require many universities there to use Chinese-language textbooks written by Chinese scholars. They have most of the standard content, but where the examples and boxes tend to make China look good or other countries look bad. YMMV.

How many copies do you suppose will sell before a PDF of the book it starts appearing on 1/2 a million Chinese websites?

Chinese version is 60 RMB, about 10 USD

Price in China is 70 RMB, more or less 10 USD

Congratulations on getting approval from Chinese censors.

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