The triumph of Ethiopian YIMBY

Yonas receives permission from the county seat to build a new house:


Good to know that your goodwill gesture is going well.

Does Tyler want to become the finance minister of Ethiopia when he retires? That or a LDS church elder. That's my only explanation for his obsessive, fawning coverage of these two topics.

I don't have a problem with the altruism. The religion coverage is a valuable nudge. This readership is erudites of various kinds and possibly mostly non-believers. In such a people there is often a bias toward

independent thinking from the starting point of values and principles. The conservative view might be a useful shortcut at times.

Conservatives need to learn how to virtue signal more. Their lack of it leads them to charges of being weird, antisocial creeps. Don't be the kind of person that is easy to accuse because you were a little too quiet. Like the strange vibes emanating from Mike Pence. OTOH, Ben Carson is better at this than most on the right.

not actually a general
he is actually a nihlist

Signed eight years ago?

It's a different calendar:

Apparently the Ethiopians follow a different calendar than Western countries (Incarnation Era), 7-8 years difference.

Shame the EXIF info is scrubbed - it would have been interesting to see how a camera does not use Ethiopian calendar. And whether the phone was a different one from the construction site - construction that may have started before approval.

At least generally, people don't pile stones on what seems to be a previously cultivated field as part of making good progress on their activities, unless one assumes the stones are intended for building -

And always nice to see someone not burdened by waiting for permission to begin doing something, at least if one is a libertarian. Other people might have other perspectives, of course - such as wondering about how most of the remaining field is likely to be used for agriculture in combination with whatever arrangements are made to keep sewage from becoming part of what is harvested (which is not to deny the role of sewage as fertilizer, of course).

And only a cynical person would point to the likely connection of how a small part of the proceeds of a book published in the U.S. is contributing to local corruption in Ethiopia. Growth comes with costs, of course.

@c_p - Re your last sentence, it shows your ignorance of how the world works outside the developed countries; do you even travel outside the states? All over the world, if you want your building or business permit expedited, you have to pay a bribe. In the USA, for H1b visas, it used to be called an "expedition fee" or "rush surcharge" but it's the same thing, a matter of degree. The difference between an express service charge and a bribe is the amount in question, whether it's proportionate for the service rendered.

PS--why aren't you German? Man I hate to waste my valuable time with some provincial American, so boring.

I'm ok with YIMBY, but NIMBY.

Good to see they still got those purple stamps...

I know nothing of the language, but am wondering if all Personally Identifiable Info was scrubbed from the photo....

It's typical how the one English phrase is wrong. I mean that non-judgementally: I am really curious how that always happens: do they just don't care, doesn't it matter, is it something organizational/cultural, is it deliberate so they can always retract/invalidate, ...

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