The culture and polity that is Brazil

Pentecostalist Churches, like Macedo’s Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus, which promise instant wealth, offer competing live prophecies and other supernatural theatre, and exorcise demons in public. The leading Brazilian polling organisation, Datafolha, estimated them at 30 per cent of the voting population this time around, and they have electoral discipline…

The evangelists are everywhere. In the prisons, in the favelas, among the black poor, but increasingly also appealing to the financially insecure middle classes. Over the last decade, defections from the Catholic population are estimated at 1 per cent per year, but this is arguably accelerating. Bolsonaro may not achieve much else, but he may well prove to be the first president of post-Catholic Brazil, with a new moral order perpetuated by a new television regime. The rest of Latin America is not far behind.

Such is life in Bolsonaro’s Brazil!  Here is the full piece, a letter to the LRB by Christopher Lord, via Alexander Papazian.


Maybe it's because they speak Portuguese :P

"Latin America is not far behind" is a strange assertion. Preachers sometimes get into media, but the richest preacher in the world owning the 2nd most watched network in a very large country is a very special case.

"but the richest preacher in the world"

No one proved it.

"owning the 2nd most watched network in a very large country is a very special case."

Actually, the second place is hotly contested by Evangelical Edir Macedo's Record and Jewish Mr. Santos, son of a Greek man and an Ottoman woman, but let's not allow facts to spoil the narrative.

Sure Thiago, 3rd TV network in a 200+ million people country is a totally different situation.

Third place is the second loser. Ask Chrysler, I mean, Fiat Chrysler. Mr. Santos and Mr. Macedo are fighting for the scraps that fall from Globo's well-stocked table. And the fact Mr. Macedo's rival, Mr. Santos, is a Greek-Turkish-Jewish-Brazilian was clearly detrimental to the narrative being pushed (Brazilian Evangelicals are conquering the world, run to the hills, etc.) so it had to be left out.

Sau đó gửi cho dịch vụ đặt hàng
báo giá.

TR -do you think Safra ("Edmond J. Safra was a Lebanese Brazilian Jewish banker who continued the family tradition of banking in Syria, Lebanon, Brazil and Switzerland.") was off'd by the Russian mob?

I don't think so. I think it wad an accident.

'Maybe it's because they speak Portuguese :P'

Not to mention that the three South American countries I pointed to as examples were basically not involved in the Atlantic slave trade the way countries like Brasil or Cuba were.

Actually most Brazilians believe they can speak Spanish.

And most Spanish speakers I know think that is absurd. Admittedly, I do know one Spanish woman who is actually Galician, and she has no problem with Portuguese (not sure about the Brasilian version, which has a sort of Quebecois / French vibe to it, at least from a European perspective).

Though not remotely scientific, what I have heard is that Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese (leaving aside the Brasilian version) are sort of a one way street - a Spanish speaker can understand Italian easily enough, while a Portuguese speaker can understand Spanish easily enough in turn. The other way, however, is much more problematic.

But in all fairness, the only Brasilian I currently know is used by her company to handle Spanish speakers, so at least one Brasilian has reason to believe that.

Evidently some Brazilians speak Spanish (or French or Japanese).

Typical Brazilians understand Spanish better than Spanish-speaking people understand Portuguese. Since communication is not whay you say but what the others understand, the typical Brazilian is probably half-right. He kinda understands Spanish under the right conditions (more or less how Americans think Mongols and Swahili-speakers can actually understand them if they speak very slowly and loud), but he can not speak it.

Some Brazilians don't even speak Portuguese:

Land invasions into the territory of indigenous people in Brazil have increased 150 percent since President Jair Bolsonaro was elected in October, according to an advocacy group called the Indigenous Missionary Council. The invaders, sometimes bearing machetes and guns, have apparently been “emboldened” by Bolsonaro’s promise to open native lands to commercial development. [Reuters]

Evidently, there have been some regratable excesses and mistakes, but keep in mind that some indian nations with a few thousands individuals were given areas bigger than entire Europan countries. Evidently, many Brazilians doubt the wisdom of such arrangements. As famous Russian economist Mr. Woytinsky pointed out, many good Germans, who were not antisemites or nazists, abhored the Polish Corridor, too. Many of us feel that a diktat by leaders of out of touch with the needs of our country has deprived our people of breathing room.

Considering Brazil's history of harboring Nazis, I'm not surprised to hear of their yearning for lebensraum

I knew the Germans had a word for that. Anyway, the point is, Brazil never welcomed nazis. Some of the tried to hide in Brazil. It is different. The country who welcomed nazis was the USA.

Which makes sense because Americans were fond of returning Jewish children to Hitler's ovens. Brazil welcome refugees such as Setefan Zweig. He called Brazil the country of future.

Yeah, his future was suicide.

He was talking about the world's duture. He saw Brazil as the harbingermof things to come, as the model fir how the world of the future would be. As Mr. Lincoln Steffens said about another country, "I've seen the future and it works".

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Tyler just trolled the sh*t out of you, Thiago. His house, his rules.

Or, if one assumes that 'Thiago' is only here to amuse himself (in part, at least) at Prof. Cowen's and various commenters expense, it would appear that Prof. Cowen has decided to join in the mocking merriment that Thiago enjoys. Because if you cannot stop them from commenting, why not become them, right?

Such is life in Trump's America, right?

Such is life in Cowen's blog.

just cuz ur creepy
doesn't mean ur feared

Does this mean Brazil's newfound Protestant work ethic will bring them First world status or will they be as Trump put it a shithole country?

So Brazilians are following the Germans into Protestantism as well as a national socialist hellhole. Sad!

There is no National socialism in Brazil. President CaptainnBolsonaro opposes socialism.

So did Hitler. That's why all the socialist leaders ended up in a concentration camp.

It is the exception that proves the rule. My point is, Brazil opposes totalitarism. We didn't defeat socialism to impose upon ourselves another totalitarian regime. As Mr. Kravchenko, we chose freedom.

Hitler himself did not end up in a camp, arguably only the internationalists did.

I can't find Pentecostalism in this chart:

I would be interested to know their average salaries. Do they make money on the high end like Jews and Hindus, in the middle like Muslims, Mormons, and Catholics, or toward the bottom like Jehovah's Witnesses?

I think it's not about income but "disposable" income.

Pentecostalim and other religions with similar focus on material well being are coping mechanisms for poverty. People pray and have faith instead of drinking, drugging, gambling and a large list of self-destructive behaviors.

Religious faith is not skill that generates income. Workers still work for very low salaries. But, if they control themselves and are able to save for a few home appliances and new clothes, they feel rich compared to the poorest of the poor and they admire the preacher who's richer than them. The preacher is someone who made it out of poverty. A truly towering figure.

When you observe from the middle-class, religious leaders look a bit like rentiers sucking blood from the herd. If the flock would just be a little less self-destructive without needing a leader, they could be even richer. Could they? It's a complex issue, I have no idea. I was born in a middle-class atheist family with parents that allowed me to be free. Perhaps if I was born in abject poverty, following the preacher would be my best alternative.

It goes a little further than that. People who don't drink, gamble, and fornicate are more likely to show up at work on time and work productively, more likely to get promoted, more likely to realize that they are just as smart as their boss and can start their own business, more likely to have good credit, etc. So they not only spend less, they end up making more.

Also, according to Mr. Macedo, by tithing and making special donations the faithful can convince God to bless them. Day after day, his followers testiy on his TV station about how God make them wealthier.

are there any tv shows in ohio
as dumb as "the view"?

I saw the spread of this kind of evangelical religion firsthand in South America. Stopping the alcohol abuse is a first order improvement generated by evangelical Christianity. you stop drinking and wife and kid abuse goes way down. Countries with a large indigenous population have drinking problems that are hard to imagine if you haven't lived there. Some populations, like Scots Irish in the US and indigenous populations in South America need hellfire and brimstone to keep them away from drinking.

Very good observation. Elites should not scorn religious practice, and ideally should publicly participate in religious worship even if only superficially.

Can we sacrifice goats to make the GDP grow and schools work better?

Couldn't hurt!

Hurts the goats.

If it helps, followers of Afro-Brazilian cults sacrifice chickens.

Eh, I'm personally happy that elites like Washington, Jefferson, and the early founders kept the business of religion out of politics. They knew full well the history of Europe and endless wars of religion there. My kind of elites.

The Chinese regime persecutes Muslims and Christians, supports North Korea's nuclear program and hollows out America's economy, but Brazilian evangelicals are the real enemy...

"Family corruption scandals and the failure to suppress a staged armed uprising in Ceará state immediately after Bolsonaro’s inauguration sound the happy music of ‘business as usual’ to the commercial elites and their political marionettes."

Those so-called scandals have been blown out of proportion by the leftist mainstream media. The amounts of money involved are much smaller than anything seen under Mr. Lula's regime. The situation in Ceará is fully under control and has never been worse than in São Paulo State in 2006 under the Lula regime. Federal troops have been sent to Ceará and Rondônia and order has been mostly restored. Federal forces have succeeded in stabilizing Rio de Janeiro State and the federal intervention endeda, as scheduled, in December, 31.

"Macedo is not to be underestimated. If Record can acquire the advertising contracts from federal and state governments that Globo has traditionally enjoyed, on the basis of providing a Fox News service of adulation for Bolsonaro, the soul of Brazil will be in Macedo’s hands. And souls are his business."

Cue the horror movie theme. Mr. Macedo is an Evangelical leader! Evidently in Red China or Afeghanistan, no televangelist would be bothering the powers that be.

"Macedo is the richest preacher in the world, according to Forbes magazine, and if his former number two is to be believed, he got there with the assistance of the Cali cocaine cartel."

No one has managed to prove those bold statemens at a court of law. There is no reason whatsoever to think Brazilian televangelists are any worse than their America's counterparts.

"Macedo’s Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus, which promise instant wealth, offer competing live prophecies and other supernatural theatre, and exorcise demons in public."

There are no promises of instant wealth whatsoever. It is well-know that there are long, variable and uncertain lags between conversion and economical improvement. It is not clear how Mr. Macedo's theatre is different from Christ's (casting out demons) or from America's evangelists.

"Cross-referencing census data and electoral districts demonstrates incontrovertibly that the level of support for Bolsonaro matches the percentage of evangelical voters across the country."

It is ludicrous to blame Evangelical voters for Mr. Bolsonaro's rise. Mr. Bolsonaro led the polls among Catholic voters (he himself is a born-again Catholic), Evangelical voters (her wife is Evangelical) and Kardecists (spiritualists who follow the teachings of French mystic Monsieur Kardec, they are the country's religious third power and considered demon-worshippers by Evangelicals). Corrupt leftist Mr. Haddad only led among irreligious voter and only barely. The country was sick and tired of massive corruption and gross mismanagement. It is as simple as that.

"So Bolsonaro’s foreign minister, Ernesto Araújo, is a far-right Catholic who quotes the Bible in Greek; and his minister for women, family and human rights is Damares Alves, an evangelical preacher interested in resisting feminism."

There are no links whatsoever between Mr. Araújo's policies and his religion. Although he has said the Catholic Church is a superior kind of Christian organization, he has said he believes in Trump's God and believes the American president, who is a protestant, can lead the West to a new, more moral age, where the national heroes are adequately revered. Also linking the brainy Mr. Araújo to anything "charismatic" is ridiculous at best. Mrs. Damares has only pointed out that feminism has had a somewhat corrosive effect on Brazil's society's fabric.

"When Bolsonaro was stabbed during his election campaign, he was attended in hospital by Senator Magno Malta, a popular evangelical preacher and singer, who gave regular bulletins to the masses in terms of a divine mission. Bolsonaro has accepted the mantle: he often repeats that he was saved by a miracle and humbly lets it be understood that he has been chosen by God."

A leftist militant stabbed Mr. Bolsonaro, but it seems the real problem is Mr. Malta because he supported the stabbed one... Mr. Malta, who represented my home state in the Senate until early this year, has declared that God has chosen Mr. Bolsonaro to cut out the tentacles of the leftist monster and deliver Brazil from socialism. It is no wose than the adulation Evangelical leaders have been showered Trump with the last two years.

"The evangelists are everywhere. In the prisons, in the favelas, among the black poor, but increasingly also appealing to the financially insecure middle classes."

What he means is that, unlike an increasingly bureaucratic Catholic Church and an increasingly inefficient (and expensive) state, evangelists are trying to help their countrymen. They are even living and struggling side by side with their countrymen. Why not? An old Brazilian song says, "an artist must be where his people is". So must the clergy. As Brazilian leftist guerrilla fighters pointed out in the 1960's, a vanguard is a small engine that energizes the big engine, the masses. As Mao pointed out, the masses are for a political movement what water is for a fish. It is not clear why religious movements should be any different.

"Record is a national commercial vehicle for this mental universe, and Bolsonaro seems happy to play along. At Davos when he knew that the Brazilian press corps was going to ask him nasty questions about his son’s business connections, he cancelled his press conference and opted for a soft interview with Record instead."

As Vice President General Mourão has pointed out, Brazil's mainstream media has treated Mr. Bolsonaro like a circus freak from day one. It was unfair. Mr. Bolsonaro is a national hero. He has recently been awarded a prize for having saved a soldier under his command from drowning in 1978. How many times Trump, Xi or Macron did something like that. As Mr. Bolsonaro pointed out, he was trained to killl. He is a lean, mean killing machine trained to black ops and jungle war. What one calls hell he calls home. Yet, he has been treatd as a freak. There is no love lost between Mr. Bolsonaro (and his supporters) and the mainstream media. However this relationship, strained as it may be, is not worse than Mr. Trump's with the mainstream media. Mr. Bolsonaro has vowed to cut money transfers to newspapers and TV newtworks but has never called journalists "enemies of people" like some kind of 21th Century Joseph Stalin. For some reason, some people seem to be invested in making Brazil sound like some wacky land inhabited by savages.

"Bolsonaro may not achieve much else, but he may well prove to be the first president of post-Catholic Brazil, with a new moral order perpetuated by a new television regime."

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Brazil is a country where races and religious beliefs live in peace and harmony. It is a Portuguese-speaking country where the presidents display last names such as Geisel (from a Protestant German family), Medici (like the famous italian leaders), Rousseff (Bulgarian) and Kubitschek (Czech). A few years ago, the Air Force Commander was from Japanese stock. ( ) .

No one cared. Compare and contrast with America's racial obsessions. As Brazil's senator Mr. Ruy Barbosa told famous French Literature Nobel Prize winner Anatole France, Brazil supports world peace.

"The rest of Latin America is not far behind."

Again cue the horror movie song. As former American president Nixon pointed out, where Brazil goes, Latin America will follow. Is that bad? Brazil is a stabilizing force. Brazil has never fought a war of aggression. agression war. I don't think Americans can say the same about their country. Violence is anthetical to the Brazilian character. As we speak, Mr. Bolsonaro is helping to stabilize Venezuela and studying how to block Chinese key investments in Brazil. As allies go, America can do worse -- and usually does.

It is sad to see how that the anti-Brazilian bias still is pervasive in America's political culture and that the flames of anti-Brazilian bigotry keep being stoked even by those who should know better...

Seriously, i want to know...

Yes, but it is Carnival now so I have the day off.

With your daily posts, everyday it seems is like Carnival.

Can we use it as a tourism slogan? "Brazil: everyday like Carnival".

Mr. Cowen has a job and posts everyday.

He also has a podcast in addition to this wonderful site so its obvious he has a job with real responsibilities. Do you have a podcast or something we can look at?

A podcast doesn't prove one has a job with real responsibilities. What proves that is one's body of work. He is a professor and has had many books published.

Where's your body of work? Or does it only live in comments sections?

I am not a public intellectual. Why should I have a public body of work?

The US put a Chinese executive in jail and Japan put a Brazilian executive in jail. Together the USA and Japan will fight for the free world against Red China and Fascist Brazil!

Brazil is not fascist. The racist Japanese jailed a man just because he is Brazilian.

Japan will bring the giant mechs. The US will bring the nukes. Together we will wipe Chinese communism and Brazilian fascism off the face of planet Earth. The fight against Totalitarianism begins today! For freeedom!

Brazil is not fascist. Mechs are not real.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Such is life in Thiago's Brazil.

It is not true. Those sentences are from the book 1984 by George Orwell.

In Fascist Brazil, followers of Pentecostalism fall to the floor and shake uncontrollably while speaking in tongues while Japan wins the Nobel prize in medicine and the US creates AI that mimics human speech. Together, Japan-America will free the Brazilians from their mental slavery and superstitions.

Those are not superstitions, those are religions, and they are much better than American televangelism and Japanese Shinto.

All things conaidered, Brazil's moral standing ia high. In Brazil, there are no Tuskegees, no Fergusons, no Jim Crows, no one drop rules. Brazil has remained faithful to its moral principles. Brazil still is today what famous European writer Stefan Zweig (a refugee from Nazism; unlike America Brazil did not send children and old people back to Hitler's ovens) said it was: the country of the future.

That's why Zweig killed himself in Brazil? Because it's the land of the future? --> Seems a bit odd.

No. He was probably depressed because he saw his beloved Europe drowning in blood in what amounted to a fierce civil war.

No Fergusons? I would love to live in a country without a race-baiting media that keeps pushing false narratives about police shootings.

The point is, Black Americans keep being killed... for being Black.

stooped and reductive
sometimes black americans get shot to raise awareness about gun violence1

Arenas once shot his former teammate Nick Young with a BB gun during an NBA gun awareness meeting.[7

Actually he is not the guilty part.

fake news
"inadvertably" is a made up word1&
you ribby
are a made up Brazilian

1 neolojism

"...false narratives about police shootings..."

Except in Brazil they are not false narratives. At least the police are equal opportunity shooters - they are just as likely to shoot white criminals at the same rate, except almost everyone in Brazil is a little bit black. A base rate issue.

Also, there is a general lack of respect for other humans - across the board - in Brazil. I suspect it is due to the influence of slavery, which was on a much bigger scale in Brazil than in the US even, where we have our own downstream problems from slavery. Amazing how those legacies persist.

I think many Americans underestimate the respect for the individual that pervades our mindset, despite our disastrous history of slavery.

Brazil is a brutal place, the USA not so much.

"At least the police are equal opportunity shooters - they are just as likely to shoot white criminals at the same rate"

Just like in the U.S., actually

Those are exaggerations. A modern kind of Black legend. Violence is antithetical to the Brazilian character.

brazil murder rate is about 30/100,000
6x higher than the u.s. average
but about half the
murder rate of st. louis

Exactly, Brazil is much safer than most of America, which is much more violent than basically all rich countries.

I am mistaken please forgive
on further examination of the data it looks like
most of America is a lot safer than brazil but
st. louis, baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Compton and a few other American cities are more dangerous than brazil.
a lot of the crime is drug/gang related
do you remember that for the last 20 years the american sociology dept. told us
that drug crime was non violent and victimless
they were also wrong

This is an impersonator.

why don't we just agree to say you've been rebranded
& also the new guy is better at math/statistics

we like the new guy

that pan shot! sob
don't hardly fight fair
in my opinion

I've never been to Latin America. Have I missed much?

also there is cabrito

Most places suffer high crime rates. (Chile's the exception). The standard of living is highly variable from one country to another. In general, they're 3d tier countries, with real income streams similar to those of the United States in the 1940s, to the extent you can make valid comparisons with quite different production mixes. Lots of corruption and inefficiency in civil administration. Life expectancies similar to those of occidental countries a generation ago. Illiteracy limited to old people. Adultery is a way of life.

2d tier countries. The poorer countries like Paraguay are 3d tier.

Latin America has 8% of the world's population but 38% of the world's murders. Christianity isn't doing a whole lot to tame these people. Muslims in the Middle East murder each other over politics, but in Latin America, Christians commit all kinds of crime over more petty affairs. Another example, Communist China has almost 20% of the world's population has one of the world's lowest murder rates, a fifth of the US rate.

Independent evangelical Protestant churches are the fastest growing churches in America, too. Why? In part because there's no hierarchy to support or to determine what it means to be a Christian (i.e., Biblical interpretation). They are almost always led by a charismatic who has unlimited authority over the church and its doctrine. Unlike the Catholic Church, with its devotion to the poor, these churches are devoted to their members; indeed, one is either a part of the community or not (i.e., they are highly sectarian). I suspect that the feeling of belonging, in this case to a religious community, is the strongest appeal. In a world in which most feel alienated, finding a place where one belongs is a great relief. There's a political and social consequence to this as well: the community tends to be like a cult, with very limited information about the world outside the community. The Benedict Option.

One way in which churches often tend to flourish is by offering something not found in, or in opposition to, society at large. The Catholic Church, with its long history of celebrating poverty and partnering with government, obviously cannot take that approach, and instead seeks to maintain its numbers by cultivating institutional dependence among its parishioners and admonishing them to reproduce out to subsistence levels. It's no surprise that the Catholic Church has always been anti-capitalist, as the prosperity of the modern world, which has lifted so many people out of destitution, is perhaps its greatest enemy. (And the model whereby a few at the top live in luxury while the masses struggle to feed their families is something that the Church shares with socialism). If the people of Brazil are increasingly unwilling to do as they're told and accept their lot in life, good for them.

"In a world in which most feel alienated, finding a place where one belongs is a great relief."

As the old song goes,

"If I go away to the sea,
I shall be a corpse washed up.

If I go away to the mountain,

I shall be a corpse in the grass

But if I die for the Emperor,

It will not be a regret."

rayward or wayward?
independent evangelical churches in the u.s. provide
a lot of social/material support to those both church members
and non church members in the community

The plague of the false stereotype:

A basketball is like an orange sun
my palm is the moon
my palm is a plum reason
the swish is the icing on the sake.

Si su palma
es como una pasas plomada
significa que necesita
un mejor régimen de cuidado de la piel

"a lot of social/material support to those both church members
and non church members in the community"

IIRC correctly, Christianity Today had churches giving about 5% of their donations in efforts to help the community/poor. Historically, evangelicals dont do much for the community. My evangelical church spent a lot on missions, which given the name shouldn't be surprising. It is my less conservative Episcopal church that has a soup kitchen.


Yes, it has always struck me as odd that many evangelicals in my community will travel to distant places to help the poor ("missions") but won't travel across town to help those living in abject poverty. By the way, you and I share the same religious community.

You don't think there is a qualitative difference between poverty in Africa and poverty in the low country?

A short distance to my east is an area with unimaginable wealth, where everyone travels in private jets, where the "cottages" here are visited maybe twice a year and is but one of many owned around the world. To a little longer distance to my west is an area with unimaginable poverty, where unemployment is probably above 50%, where everyone exists from day to day, where sunset is the beginning of another long night of fear. Those to my east never have to see what's to my west, as they can come and go in their private jets without leaving the comfort of their enclave.

It is my less conservative Episcopal church that has a soup kitchen.

In the diocese in which I grew up, the diocesan soup kitchen was operated by one of the two downtown parishes. There was also a f/t evangelical ministry downtown which looked after the same clientele - every night, not just a few afternoons a week.

if the 5% of total is true that is actually a big pile a money.
isn't 5% is probably more than average of non church donations.
the local /non local charity donations is also a sorta false dichotomy

Charity begins at home. The common complaint among right-wing populists is that we should take care of our (their) own: community first. I understand the sentiment. Large organizations, including large religious organizations (the Catholic Church, the Presbyterian church, et al.), seem so remote, as do their charitable/religious good works. Independent evangelical Protestant churches (often called "community" churches) can focus on their community, including outreach and good works. I know members of the community church in my low country community, and some are tireless in their efforts helping the troubled in the community. But there's a definite belief that they, and God, can only help those who help themselves - by becoming a part of the religious community. One might describe this as a form of religious devolution.

wayward rayward
do you really think you get to declare where "charity begins"?

It's not me insisting that charity begins at home, it's the right-wing populists. You need to pay attention.

the first sentence under your nombre
is the declarative sentence "charity begins at home"
you subsequently attribute this belief to right wing populists
while in the same thread stating it is "odd that many evangelicals in my community will travel to distant places to help the poor ("missions") but won't travel across town to help those living in abject poverty."

seems sorta contradictory unless there is more than one
rayward like there is more than one Thiago Ribeiro

There is only one Thiago Ribeiro. The others are impersonators.

The missions are in far off places with people never to be seen again, while the locals are across town and can be seen at any time. The missions are a one-time travel expense, while taking care of the local poor as instructed by the Christ is a full-time job because there are so many of them. You need to pay attention.

actually surly joe is attentive as well as surly
a lotta the foreign missions are explicitly continuous/ongoing. they establish a church & or
hospital and stay for decades
they are frequently not a one time travel expenses

"Bolsonaro may not achieve much else..."

You may wonder where this sentence is coming from, given that it's barely been 3 months since he's taken office, but then you read the article. Leftist bias drips from nearly every sentence.

I'm not an expert in Brazil, but when the foreign minister of Brazil published this op-ed:

Mr. Araujo is serious, dead serious. He paid Bloomberg to publish he does not likes Wittgenstein (WTF?). That long rant against what he thinks a dead guy wrote may score political points at home among other crazy people. He's like a tropical Ross Douthat in a crusade to save the West, he's fighting the good fight against........I really have no idea.

My faith in capitalism is restored by knowing Bloomberg charged them well to publish this trash.

"Mr. Araujo is serious, dead serious. He paid Bloomberg to publish he does not likes Wittgenstein."

Many people don't/didn't like Wittgenstein. Popper for instance. But when it is a Brazilian, run to the hills, the sky is falling.

"Brazilian foreign policy must change: this is part of the people’s sacred mandate entrusted to Jair Messias Bolsonaro."

One must remember "Messias" means M "Messiah". His middle name is literally Messiah. I think it is fair to say Brazilians have great expectations concerning his rule.

"Brazilian foreign policy can change, and the world can change. We don’t have to take them as we found them."
As famous American president Ronald Reagan said about the Berlin Wall, "This wall will fall. Beliefs become reality ". As an old Brazilian song goes, "the world belongs to us".

Hilarious. Lord should stick to Turkey. I will only presume to speak for my life in my little corner of Brazilian state that is 4 times the size of England with a 4th of the population. People live like human beings here. Anyone who purports to speak of Brazilian in aggregate can be safely ignored. And no established Church of England. The idea of a Brit taking Brazil to task is endlessly amusing. And all the Brazilian journalists are better than those in the USA and the UK

I almost never LOL, but Tyler made me emit a well regulated tee-hee.

"Such is life in Bolsonaro’s Brazil! "

Lol! Tyler immortalizes Thiago!

Too funny!

"...exorcise demons in public."

Wish you'd posted this a few days earlier. We could have sent them to the CPAC Convention where they could have performed an orgy of exorcisms.

A member of Mr. Macedo's chrch innaction:

They exorcise thousands of demons every week.

Here about prosperity:

Senor Ribeiro
so whats the deal with the fake faith healer
John of God of Brazil?

It is hard to say. Many people believe in his power. He treated some important figures. Apparently he sexually abused some women. He says he is innocent. The proper authorities are studing the situation and have detained him for investigation.

In a certain way, it is not his fault. One must remember there is no central Kardecist (spiritualist) authority. It means there is a lack of theological discipline and accountability that tends to corrupt those faith healers. Apparently he was involved in corrupt dealings (gems and ore smuggling), too. It seems to have been going on since the 80's. If he is guilty, he didn't just manage to fool the Brazilian fsithful. One must to remember he was supported by Mrs. Winfrey.

It is a sad situation and there are no real winners.

Senor Ribeiro
Gracias por su respuesta empática y reflexiva.
Saludos, hosco joe

You are welcome.

Faith healing, spirtualism, and exorcisms. Brazil has clearly retreated back into primitive superstitions as they are unable to cope with the poverty and corruption of its leaders. The oppressed people of Brazil must be liberated by the combined might of the US and Japan. We will bring freedom to the shores of Rio one gigantic transforming robot at a time!

Transforming robots do not exist. The technology is not here yet. Japan is a fascist country. Brazil has not retreated. Brazilian Evangelicals are not different from America's televangelists. Also Spiritualism is present in Brazil since the later decades of the Empire of Brazil.

So this is it. Japan lands a rocket on an asteroid and the USA assembles a Space Force while Brazil is trapped making excuses for primitive beliefs. The USA and Japan protect democracies around the solar system with cutting edge technology while Brazil defends fascism by dabbling in the occult.

Brazil opposes fascism. There is nothin wrong with Brazilian religions.

bueno puente
that billionaress meme zombie oprah is linked to a lotta weird/creepy sex scandals
south Africa girls school, m jackson and now john of god!

Evangelists I am familiar with seem more like psychologists than espousing any moral philosophy. Maybe they sound comforting to people in poor countries.

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