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As President Trump threatened to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border in recent days, his Department of Homeland Security nearly doubled the number of temporary guest worker visas available this summer.

The Homeland Security and Labor departments plan to grant an additional 30,000 H-2B visas this summer on top of the 33,000 they had already planned to give out, the agencies confirmed.

The H-2B visa allows foreign workers to come to the United States legally and work for several months at companies such as landscapers, amusement parks or hotels. About 80 percent of these visas went to people from Mexico and Central America last year, government data shows…

With the additional visas, the Trump administration is on track to grant 96,000 H-2B visas this fiscal year, the most since 2007, when George W. Bush was president.

Here is more by Heather Long at WaPo, via Anecdotal.


President Donald Trump's businesses don’t seem too concerned about “America First."

A Vox analysis of hiring records for seasonal workers at three Trump properties in New York and Florida revealed that only one out of 144 jobs went to a US worker from 2016 to the end of 2017. Foreign guest workers with H-2B visas got the rest.

They should issue the H-2B visas to people on welfare.

Lol @ all the working class rage. Have fun making $10 / hr. A sombrero stomping on a human face, forever.

Immigration will not be stopped or even slowed down.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, and it doesn’t matter if your candidates win. Even if they promise, or commit via making racist inane statements, or throw temper tantrums at the border.

The courts, along with federal asylum law will never allow a reduction. And anyone with real power will make sure we get back to a million illegal immigrants a year. Gotta keep those wages down.

My desire for cheap landscaping and childcare is a hell of a lot more important than your local schools.

Hey EdR, the answer is simple. Send your kids to Oakland prep and stop complaining.

Such is life in Trump's America. Broken promises, broken dreams, entire boulevards of them.

Free lunch economics does not put money in Trump's pockets because the 13th and 14th amendments make it impossible for MAGA to work.

How can Trump create jobs if he must pay high wages to workers passing as white to do jobs Trump wants black slaves to do, while calling him "yes, massa"?

Trump hates white liberal elites who refuse to work for $10 an hour cleaning toilets, making beds, maintaining golf greens.

But he hates the immigrants who worked hard, saved, and bought up land Trump wants for his resorts in the liberal elite coastal States. "America is FULL" of workers who save and buy what Trump wants given to him.

And no way would Trump ever want land in the States that elected him. They are part of shithole countries because they cant afford $100,000 memberships in Trump resorts, and only immigrants find opportunity in those shithole countires like Iowa.

Such is life in Trump's America.

“Por el bulevard de los suenos rotos, pasan de largo los terromotos, y hay un tequila por cada duda...”

Exhibit 6432686 in "why are young people so interested in socialism. why don't they just get jobs?"

I know this might be hard to understand, especially if you have any education, but there is a difference between immigration which is legal and that which is not.

But I wouldn't expect anyone with more than a high school education to grasp that.

And especially anyone who calls themselves a journalist.

Yet, Brazil has welcome, fed, housed and healed thousands of immigrants who fled the Castillian Venezuelan regime. Freedom has its difficulties and democracy is no perfect, but we never had to put a wall up to keep other people out, to prevent them from joining us. When there were talks of sending refugees back, President Captain Bolsonaro said they are not defective gifts to be sent back, to be exchanged for credit. They are human beings. Maybe that is the reason why todsy, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is Ich bin Brasilianer.

Everytime I travel to Brazil I have to get a visa. I carry a copy of my visa and a copy - it's too dangerous to carry the real passport - of my passport. From time to time I am asked to show my passport - something that never happens in the US. I am sure if anything was out of order I would be deported. That doesn't happen in the US. You can violate our immigration laws with impunity. It is even celebrated.

President Captain Bolsonaro has, by Executive Order, unilaterally revoked all visa requirements for American citizens and citizens from the Empire of Japan among other countries (although Congress can reinstate those requirements if it conxiders them fit and proper). It is clear that Brazil is making a bigger effort to be friendly to America than the other way round. Having said that, Brazil is engaged in helping thousands and thousands of Venezuelan refugees, who are fleeing Castilian barbarism. Meanwhile Trump has cut foreign aid to most of the Mexican countries. I think it is obvious who the good guys are and who they are not.

Also ask Brazilians how "easy" it is to get a visa to visit the United States.

Hmmmm... if true, maybe I'll go back and find another hot little wife, if it is still possible to find a skinny one. I like my women dark like chocolate. Maybe another Baiana, maybe a Carioca! Axé!

There are many beautiful women in Brazil.

I know. Learning Portuguese was a great investment.

The dividends!

The world is learning Brazilian Portuguese. I've seen lots of foreignnstudents in Brazil.

What does Castillian mean in this context?

Actually, I mistyped it. The correct is Castilian, with one "l". Originated from Spain. What we usually called Spanish is just the dominant language of Spain (there are other languages such as Basque), the language of the old Kingdom of Castile. Hence, Castilian for the language and therefore for those who speak it as our neighbors. You can see mentions to Castilian invaders in many Brazilian books such as Um Certo Capitão Rodrigo and Incidentes em Antares. Not to mistake it for Castilhism, a Brazilian political doctrine.

Right. Both types arise from consensual agreement among immigrants, employers, and housing providers. Legal immigration arises when the government successfully accommodates such demand. Illegal immigration means that the government has not. The most effective way to reduce illegal immigration is for the government to issue more visas.

The big picture is the bankruptcy of the welfare state.

Milton Friedman, "You can have the welfare state. You can have open borders. But, you cannot have both."

The most effective way to reduce felony murder is for the government to issue more guns. The experience has been more guns fewer violent crimes. Brilliant!

What is occurring on the southern border is not immigration. It is invasion.


I have been witness to what has happened to CA over the last 45 years. I think the best word to describe what happened is colonization. We have been colonized. It was basically a run of the prisoner's dilemma. All these industries - construction, hospitality, healthcare, childcare, personal services - used to hire Americans. Cheating, by hiring cheaper illegal aliens, gave cheaters a competitive advantage, but the laws used to be enforced. The green vans of 'La Migra' used to cruise the streets - in the 1970s - 1980s - and the illegals would scatter in all directions at full speed. I have actually seen this many times when I used to drive a catering truck. When you drive a catering truck you learn all the nooks and crannies of employment - you learn who works where. La Migra knew.

The problem was the cheating employers were not prosecuted and that opened the floodgates. They all started to cheat and the race to the bottom was on. By the time Californians acted - by passing Proposition 187 - it was too late. The state was flipped from Republican to Democrat, Gray Davis (D) was elected governor, prop 187 was ruled unconstitutional, and the Democratic governor (Davis) refused to appeal, and the deal was done. Davis was later recalled and we elected the Governator (Shwarzenegger), but it was too late. Governor S. pushed some propositions on the ballot to limit government employee unions power but he and the propositions were soundly defeated, mostly by the enormous power of the California Teacher's Union - the most powerful political force in the state.

The largest, most populated, and richest state in the union - California - had been successfully colonized.

You have been colonized. Right. What language is "California" again? Or "Los Angeles?" Or "San Francisco?"

A certain sort of racist assumes California is a thing it never was, some kind of Western New England "invaded" over the last 45 years.



I am well aware of the history of California and the American Southwest. Whatever the history, California is a state within the borders of the sovereign United States and is under the jurisdiction of US federal law.

The US Constitution explicitly gives Congress the power to regulate immigration - well established by case law. We actually have laws, passed by Congress, that regulate immigration.
Employers, illegal aliens, the Mexican government, and some US citizens have conspired to violate US immigration law. We all know that.

California is a case study of what happens when immigration laws are not enforced - a sea change in political institutions and affiliation, massive cultural change, language ambiguity (press one for English), strain on social services, and environmental degradation. We have housing shortages, water shortages, and our roads are crowded - Californian commute traffic is legendary. Long time middle class residents are fleeing the state and the
source of populationn growth is immigration and births to immigrants. As of 2016 Latinos ( mostly Mexican) constitute ~39% of the population and are the single largest ethnic group in the state. This is also a sea change from 1980. By almost any measure, quality of life in CA has degraded except for the wealthiest residents who can afford to put themselves above the fray.

As a long time high tech hiring manager I can tell you it is almost impossible to recruit an experienced knowledge worker from another state - the real estate prices, crowding, traffic, low quality public schools, and taxes are serious obstacles, despite the network effects of Silicon Valley and fabulous California climate. I doubt this is true for the FANGS, but it is true for all non-FANG tech companies, especially startups. The FANGS are actually an impediment to innovation - see Peter Theil's humorous confrontation with Google's ex-CEO - sucking all the air out of the room.

Save the inevitable speech about Silicon Valley. SV is a success despite California's immigration caused pathologies. SV is an accident of history, the product of a particular professor at Stanford who inspired his students to go out and start new companies. Right next to Stanford were vast areas of flat open space by the bay - the apricot orchards of the 'Valley of the Heart's Delight', San Jose. A great university, an inspiring professor, lots of open space by the port cities of SF and Oakland, and as a result you get Intel, HP, etc. The rest is history. The power of SV is maintained by the immense consequences of powerful network effects. It is the ultimate 'unscrewable pooch'.

If you or your ancestors came to California, you came to a Hispanic place.

Don't be a dick about it.

If you mean "Hispanic" as in a colony of Spain,nthen you are correct. However, California was populated by many tribes with many different languages, none of them had any connection to the tribes in Mexico. After the Mexican revolution, CA was part of Mexico for 27 years. The Indians were mostly wiped out by murder and disease. In particular, the '49's killed Indians on sight for no reason at all. By the time of statehood, there were almost no Indians and no Mexicans.

The Spaniards did name many locations within CA, but that means little.

California was not an Hispanic state, but it is becoming one.

You really need to study some history and anthropology. I studied both, just for fun.


Call me Dick!

Leave California already. Getting tired of your whining.

You non-FANG tech hiring managers fail at your jobs because you don't pay FANG level salaries and turn interviewing into some kind of puzzle trivia. Of course, only in your weird racist mind, could you connect that to illegal immigrants. You want my tech talents then F you and pay me. We aren't cheap but we are good at what we do and worth every dime too. For a good junior, expect no less than $150k TC and for a senior no less than $250k TC. Those are minimums so don't expect to win over everyone unless you have other benefits like remote work. But do keep blame on those evil Latinos, it'll distract you from your job incompetence.

Neither Friedman nor most open border libertarians understand or accept the impact immigration has on American politics. These immigrants are not politically neutral. They come from socialist and heavily centralized states, and that is what they mostly support here. They will vote, against the constitution, for more of a welfare state. Friedman and OBLs think this is a dichotomy when in fact the welfare state/immigration questions are endogenous.

Sure. The legal ones get better jobs. Higher pay. More benefits.

"There is such a flood of interest in these visas that typically, they are all gone within minutes of the application process opening up."

So, the government still has not solved the visa shortage problem.

By our count using the JOLTS data, there are about 2 million open jobs in the migrant category.

With a price close to zero, there will always be a shortage. This is why visas must be rationed.

The solution is to charge a price the market will bear. The open borders folks are yelling "Zero price!" while the closed border folks are yelling "Zero quantity!" The right approach is to set P and Q to maximize welfare for citizens, the only people who can make new citizenships.

This is just the new status quo and is extremely shrewd politics on the part of the Trump administration. With the left hand help business owners (ranchers, agriculturalists, construction, etc.) who were hit hard by the slowdown in undocumented immigration by providing them an ample flow of temporary workers with strong legal control (workers aren't doing what you like? deport them). With the right hand satisfy the nativist element by attacking a much smaller flow of asylum seekers who are economically superfluous.


Maybe we should just call it a revealed preference. Trump fans would rather have drama at the border than solutions.

For 7th Consecutive Year, Visa Overstays Exceeded Illegal Border Crossings

Separate their children and lock them in a cage. Then deport their parents back to Russia.


Are you stupid or disingenuous?

It is only a revealed preference if the agent is able to choose and get what they want. Trump 'fans' are not getting what they want.

Trump's approval among Republicans is 90%. Are they lying?


Trump is a narcissistic, egotistical, nihilistic, uncouth braggart, but I voted for him anyway because he was better than all the alternatives. That said, I like his bluntness and his fearlessness. If he has to make deal I don't like to keep the support of the farm lobby or others, then sometimes you have to some sausage. At least he is coming at it from the right direction compared to heinous Hillary. I just hope our future isn't Kamala or Bernie, though nowadays Bernie looks like Reagan compared to Almost Occasionally Cogent or whomever.

Trump is our gladiator - swing away we say.

Such positions are so rife with internal contradiction that they hardly need to be challenged.

Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

but I voted for him anyway

So you're the one to blame for putting him over the top. Let that bedog your conscience for an eternity. If not for you life would be normal.

What's the problem? The hue and cry is all about "illegal immigration", actually illegal entry, many of those entering are intending to make a temporary stay in the US. By making the process legal isn't everybody satisfied? Sadly, even though marijuana use, abortion and gay marriage have been made pretty much legal there's residual opposition, which will just have to get over it.

Temporary renewable work visas are good - the workers can come and earn some money and then go back home and spend the money and time with their families. By ending temp visas, enacting strict but loosely enforced immigration laws, migrants feel compelled to stay rather than take the small but expensive risk of being caught at the border. Thus they stay, when in many cases they prefer not to stay. Sometimes they start new families, abandoning the old, and then start pumping out kids for the school system, which is another reason CA ranks close to last in public education. A lot of resources are diverted to educate those supposedly 'ells' - English language learners. Btw, my kids were put into the ell category and yanked out of class for little extra, but not needed, English instruction, despite the fact they were clearly native speakers. It sure was difficult to get them out of that loop. I guess if you have a hammer everything looks like a nail.

So, what is the answer to the question "do you speak another language at home" ?

My wife thought, "sure, we speak another language at home, we speak Portuguese!" Yes, we do, about 95% English and 5% Portuguese, so the answer she chose was "yes", so off to ELL processing they went.

I propose the NAFTA visa.

The NAFTA visa is a valid voter ID card from a North American nation (Note the US has none). Anyone with this ID has lightly regulated travel rights in North America. What is lightly regulated? Dunno, but finding that solution is much easier with one legal framework.

I guess you aren't aware that this is, in fact, the current situation with NAFTA, as long as you are a professional and have an employer in the US.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TN_status

This works in the other two NAFTA countries too. If you have a job offer in Canada, you can get a labour market opinion exemption under the same allowance, which allows U.S. and Mexican professionals to live and work in Canada.

Some thoughts ...

1. Yet another hit piece from Bezos' toy rag the WP. I guess it's good to be the billionaire.

2. Where are the Americans? Why aren't they taking these jobs? I had many of these jobs right up until and shortly after I graduated from the University with a STEM degree at the age of 32(!).

When I was a hiring manager, I valued candidates with this kind of work on their resume. It demonstrates grit and they are more likely to appreciate the privilege of most professional jobs - compensation, flexibility, self-directed not, and the received respect.

Also, professionals who have done this kind of work to SURVIVE, not a summer job, and not backstopped by the safety of mommy and daddy's purse, have more respect for the dignity of these kinds of people all around them, who make the world they live in - unlike most of the pussy posters on this blog.

3. Vincente Fox said, "Mexicans do work even American black people won't do" or something similar.

That sentence is pregnant with information and should be examined. Why is it true?

4. Most of those jobs don't pay very well while housing costs are high. Housing eats up all the wages, or, said in another way, wealthy landlords get all the money. Pricks.

Mexicans, in particular, have a cultural tradition in the US (I don't know if this is true in Mexico) of allowing many other people outside of their family to live in their homes. Americans have an expectation that a single family dwelling is occupied by a single family - maybe a couple and 2-3 kids is the norm. Mexicans will pack 'em in and thus defeat housing costs in a way Anericans can't or won't.

There was a fire in Wattsonville, CA in which a little girl was killed. The fire was started by an electric heater in the illegally converted garage occupied by her entire family. Investigators discovered the three (?) bedroom home was occupied by more than forty (!) mostly unemployed (it was winter) farmworkers.

In our area, almost all of the construction, landscaping, restaurant, janitorial, and hotel jobs are done by immigrants from Latin America, about 80% of them from Mexico. The wages are low and I think they are suppressed the presence of the immigrant labor. Those workers get married and have kids, their kids go to local schools, and those families receive many government benefits. The rest of us subsidize those businesses and entire industries and most of the money ends up in the hands of property owners. Accumulating rental properties us one of the best ways to get rich here - after the first two or three it's piece of cake!

Independent Americans cannot afford to work in those industries in this area, with the possible exception of construction. A young American fresh out of high school would have a hard time launching a career in construction because all the entry level, in fact all the jobs are occupied my migrants, mostly illegal, that are hired through informal networks.

5. Whatever laws we pass or systems we implement regarding immigration and employment are irrelevant - they will not be enforced and will be routinely violated.

California - this is what America has become.

Coming to a neighborhood near you, and sooner than you think.

Once it's done, it can't be fixed.

Without taking any stand on how many immigrants and from where, legal immigration is prudent and preferable. The current situation comes from various and competing attitudes about farm workers, for example, and the opposed policies swishing around the US over the years. It should have been solved in the 1980s, but wasn't. Kicking the can down the road, like in the EU, is generally a recipe for disaster. Right now, we need a compromise to fix the problems with immigration. I wish I knew how to do it, but we can at least try it in areas that haven't already become cemented polarization.

I live in a summer vacation region, Cape Cod, where it has been historically not possible to attract enough U.S. citizens to meet the demand for temporary summer workers -- waiters, housekeepers and such. It's not a matter of excluding Americans who want the work. There apparently aren't enough if them.

I grew up going to the Cape - my family owned property there. It used to be wonderful before they developed ever damned parcel. I even got lost in the woods there!

The problem is the real estate and housing is too expensive and the commute is heinous. You can't live there on that wage. In another life, I worked in a report that had onsite housing for (mostly young) workers. Not much money but lots of sex. Ahhh, the good ole days!

Me too. I used to make crazy money working sightseeing and ferries. When I was in high school and college (late 80s/early 90s) it was mostly Irish kids coming over. Once the season got longer shifted more to Brazil and Central America.

(Go Canalmen!)

Ah yes, Cape Cod, a famously bad place to spend the summer, how could you attract 17 year olds to do grunt work there? Plus, Cape Cod is also famously thousands of miles from any major metro areas, how could you find enough teenagers nearby?

Anyway, the real problem is that if you treat a bunch of Boston 17 year olds poorly or start stiffing them on wages, they just go home and wait for school to start. Get a bunch of Ukrainians to do your grunt work and they can't go home nearly as easily.

You mean Trump is not a xenophobe? Who knew!

If he thinks life without new academic accomplishments is not worth living, does he think the lives of stupid people are worthless? What does he think makes life valuable? What is human life for?

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