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Everyone's special.......wait, not that kind of special:

"Students should request extended time only if their disability causes them to work more slowly than other students."

Why not give everyone 50% or 100% more time and forget about disabilities?

But when everyone gets extra time, nobody gets extra time :P

Shaq should have had extra free throws.

News you can use. You're a sucker if you think the system isn't rigged.

Who would have thought Moscow on the Hudson was a cesspit of white privilege.

Public education is government-sponsored child abuse.

So if the government creates a special class of people and then awards them benefits simply for being in that special class the number of people clamoring to be counted in that class increases??? Who could have seen this coming.

we did!

Anything, including normal personality variations, can be designated as a "disability" or "disorder", earning the "sufferer", or "victim" extra benefits.
EAAD (Excessive Academic Ability Disorder, according to DSM VI-R) is a horrible, insidious disability, requiring extra attention. Survivors of EAAD have been observed to suffer from social skills deficits, nerdiness, and abnormally high incomes.

Harvard taught us that Asians tend to be less friendly than others. Now, NYC is teaching us that whites tend to have more disabilities...[\sarcasm]

Abolish college, Abolish Education that's the only serious answer. Get rid of it all.

Wow. Corruption starts young. Those who got extra time due to disability almost doubled their chance at offers compared to everybody else. We don't have a meritocracy but a game-ocracy. Those who best game the system without going to jail will succeed.

Abolish College. Abolish it all.

I wonder why more American kids don't go overseas for their university degree. Tuition is free in Germany, if I'm not mistaken, even for foreigners. And in other countries it isn't free but still a bargain, an order of magnitude less expensive than in the US.

Of course, over there it's a sink-or-swim environment, with overflowing lecture halls and no individual attention or tutoring. Still, the best self-motivated students would do well.

Most likely it's because the true purpose of university for most students is not the education per se, but rather the alumni network and the brand name on your diploma that pays dividends for a lifetime.

That all sucks. Abolish College.

'why more American kids don't go overseas for their university degree'

The simple answer, from direct knowledge, is FATCA. Basically, the U.S. demands the right to financial information and to force tax compliance related to American citizens everywhere, forcing foreign financial institutions to follow all American (ever changing) law in terms of taxation when dealing with American citizens.

Of course, what happens is that such financial institutions simply get rid of their miniscule proportion of American customers, and will not handle normal financial transactions if one party is an American citizen. This is a major hurdle (as in basically insurmountable in normal cases) in Germany, where students are required to open an account with roughly 7,000 euros in it, to ensure that their expenses are paid (rent, food, etc.) Of course, no German financial institution will offer such an account to an American, though pretty much any other nationality is welcome to do so.

However, that is a concrete reason relating to Germany today. One of the more interesting things I remember from the mid? late? 80s/early? 90, back when GMU had a major deal with the Malaysian government to educate Malaysian students (why yes, the GMU had a noticeable number of students wearing a religious head covering back then) was that these Malaysian students, at a single American university, were greater in number than all American students studying abroad. There just seems to something keeping the vast majority of Americans from ever experiencing the broader world, regardless of how easy or hard it would be to do.

"I wonder why more American kids don't go overseas for their university degree. "

Because you can easily get a low cost education in the US. Community colleges often offer 4 year degrees for a very reasonable price. Certainly cheaper than the cost of relocating to another country.

"Tuition at community colleges is $3,660 a year on average—but here’s how much students actually pay

The average grant aid and tax benefits provided to full-time students at public two-year institutions is about $4,050, which means the net tuition and fees to attend these schools is -$390."

European universities suck anyway. You want to go to schools where like 80% of people fail out? I say blow them all
up American and European!

Except in certain specialized academic contexts, few non-American universities carry enough signaling value to the American hiring market to be worth the investment of time. No matter how much one might argue that the education is rigorous and the institution is very prestigious within its own country, it just won't matter. (Revealed preferences suggest that the converse is true, though; American university degrees seem to have value to students from at least some other countries).

FATCA is a complete non-issue. It was only passed in 2010, while the American attitude toward foreign universities is immemorial.

And yet Stuyvesant only gets more Asian every year because they do so well on the test...

While not endorsing such practices, it does show that objective IQ measures are the only thing that can't be seriously gamed no matter the effort and give all a relatively fair shot in life.

Imagine what will happen when Stuy abandons the test and starts using metrics these people can more easily game.

Just get rid of all of it.

Tail effects are hard to overcome. The Asian IQ advantage is only a small fraction of a standard deviation over whites, but the more stringent the cutoff, the greater their odds. And even more so for the African-American percentage. If not for immigrants and political pressure, the percentage would have already hit zero.

The white-Asian alliance against Harvard and other elite institutions must be hurting if the elite's mouthpiece is now trying to divide and conquer.

It won't work. Envy works best as a tool on the weak, and the Asians are doing too well to let a few helicopter parents of snowflakes on Adderall bother them.

This all assumes that the story is even true. Remember: never trust the news to give you a number more complicated than the temperature.

“The number of students with the (504) designation is quite small compared with the total number of test-takers: 323 students had the extra-time allowance last year, while over 27,000 students took the exam.”

So 1.2% of test takers had this special status, and the NYT has spun this into one more charge of “racism”?

Shut it down.

The NYTimes article is a riff off this earlier WSJ one.

Part of the issue is not that cheating via fake disabilities is ubiquitous, it's that it's concentrated in certain places where people in authority have figured out the system. Harlem has a school with a 20% rate. Newton North High School, from the WSJ article, has one in three kids "disabled."

A cap at 3% of students, unless the school really is a specialty facility for the disabled, might go a long way towards cutting down on the real abuses.

Like how our President faked a disability to get out of the draft.

And how Joe Biden did likewise.

"After I signed the ROTC letter of intent I began to wonder whether the compromise I had made with myself was not more objectionable than the draft would have been, because I had no interest in the ROTC program in itself and all I seemed to have done was to protect myself from physical harm. Also, I began to think I had deceived you, not by lies - there were none [because it depends on what the meaning of "is" is] - but by failing to tell you all the things I'm writing now."-- POTUS 42 (William Jefferson Clinton).

You can mark the decline of this country by when we stopped demanding that our elites have skin in the game. By blood, value at risk...

yabut the nytimes story is about the new York school system while
newton north high school is in massachussettes which is a differnr state

Is there a benefit of going to school with more intelligent peers? Cowen's rule #2 (or 3?) there's literature on everything seems to fail this time,5&q=elite+high+school+benefits

I only found something about the benefits and risk of elite public high-schools in Mexico City (
Basically, there are little benefits to the average student (slightly higher math test score at the end of HS) while there's 9.4% increase in the risk of dropping out. The risk is borne by (i) poor students and (ii) students whose daily commute is increased by going to an elite HS away from home.

The second drop out cause resonates a lot with me. I used to sleep between 9-11 hours every night during high-school and learned almost nothing from the classes between 7-9 AM.

So, anyone knows why parents go crazy for the elite high-schools? Is there a significant quantitative benefit for a student with IQ 110 to study with IQ 120+ peers? Is intelligence contagious?

The literature on this is enormous - although there is no clear concensus to my knowledge. Try searching "peer classroom impact" etc. I am vaguely aware of a regression discontinuity study looking specifically at elite high schools entrance exam cutoffs.

@ Will : thanks, indeed I found one study with NYC data. Not surprising, intelligence is not contagious

"exposure to these higher-achieving and more homogeneous peers has little impact on college enrollment, college graduation, or college quality"

This is neither an interest nor an area where I'm well informed, and I agree with you that the premise should be tested empirically, but if you actually believe that there are few or no studies showing that the average academic ability (or IQ) of a classroom isn't a significant variable in predicting individual learning outcome, then perhaps you've never been in a classroom. Of course, this assumes the teacher/system is competent...and able to use the additional academic capacity. In many classrooms, this may not be the case. It brings up the perpetual question of which tail of the distribution, left or right should we spend extra on; the lowest academically performing or the highest.

Just blow it all up. Blow up Harvard, Blow up the local community college. Get rid of it all.

Blow like you Blow the COCK?!

In Chrome, hit F12 to open dev tools, then go to Application > Clear Storage and click on Clear Site data. Your limit will reset.

It is not the advantage the parents are worried about. It is the disadvantages of not being in the elite schools because of school security, school yard bullyings and disruption of classes. On the whole the elite schools have no or very little low level students suspension and no suspension for White and Asian, e.g. for the top 10 feeder schools.

However, under the proposed "top 7%" policy for every JHSs, the following students who usually do not usually obtain any offer to the Elite8 SHS, many who do not even bother to sit for the objective SHSAT common assessment, will have the free rides to the Elite8 SHSs. The top 10 schools with %suspension of offence serious enough to warrent contacting the NY Police Dept. The data are old as it is the data where the ethnic identity were not redacted unless the number was too small and the students might be identified. Do you want to send your children to those schools?? Do you want concentrating the goods or spreading evenly the bads for you children?? I have no data on how the teachers are treated in US, the data from Australia is that about 10% of the teachers had been physically assulted by the students.

Being short and skinny is a school full of bullies is a problem. Being average in a school full of intelligent ones is a problem too.

That one student can be average and pushed by the parents into a high-achieving high-school and then "The permanent comparison with high achieving peers seemed to harm students' beliefs in their own abilities and that was associated with serious consequences for their later careers".

The issue here are parents of not so intelligent children believe that putting their average children among intelligent ones is good for them. Apparently not.

So, what's the point of requesting more time for a test if you're going to be the relatively dumb one among truly intelligent peers?

You don't seem to get it. Many parents rank security above academic performance. As you go down the school academic rank low level student suspension increases, further down the dangerous suspension starts to appear. There was one alleged anecdotal report that a White SJW wanted to prove a point by sending his precious little girl to the bad neighbourhood school. The girl was nearly raped by a gang of students. Later the school principal pulled the father aside and unofficially told him it was better for him to place his precious little girl in a better school. It look like you are one of those SJW.

Or do you prefer this regular serial occurences

Rather than give the students extra time to complete the exam, require them to show up early instead. That way everyone finishes at the same time and nobody has an advantage. Besides, by showing up early, the students are exhibiting an ambition that will be important once they have been admitted to whatever school they are applying. That's how it works in real life: not everyone has equal abilities, and those with the lesser abilities learn to show up early to get their work done on time. As Woody Allen wisely stated, "eighty percent of life is showing up", the corollary to which is that the other 20 percent is showing up early.

I would expect these students (or their parents) will continue to seek special accommodations in college and after.

At some point, reality intrudes. Special accommodation (quiet environment, extra time, etc. ) for surgeons, pilots, bankers, lawyers, bond traders?

There tends to be quite a bit of special accommodation for bankers and lawyers in the world, idiot.

Squabbling cuckolds of MR

I may have told this story before, but I occasionally ride my bike down some back streets in an affluent neighborhood. $2-3M houses. It stuck me one day that there were a lot of business trucks parked at these homes, but kind of fake businesses. They never move. I decided they are rebound kids, living at home "with a business."

If the parents have money failsons can live fake the dream forever.

A friend's daughter arrived at college - not elite - to find she was sharing the room with another girl, that girl's omnipresent boyfriend, and a brand-new puppy, who though not yet housebroken, and a bit of a laptop-chewer, was able to discern when the young woman was about to have a medical episode of some kind.

My friend, a medical doctor herself, certainly did not doubt the medical condition, but I recall she was sceptical of Doggie Howser, M.D.

Shouldn't they just send a cheek swab to determine their education genes?

The issue in the specialized high schools is that Asians are over represented as against Blacks and Hispanics not against whites so the relevant statistic assuming this sort of analysis proves anything is comparing Asians to blacks and Hispanics not whites.

Or, we could stop putting "race" on the SAT or the college applications.

Perhaps the NYT is still fighting the last war.

If it is not against the Whites why the Whites are fleeing, not just to the local private schools but all the way out of NY state. There is a dip in the performance of NY state White average SAT score while the performance of all other ethnicity improved. Whites not in the private schools are over represented in the Elite8 1.8x.

I’m the CuckMannnnn!

Hmmm this post is going to be like honey to all the dumb Cucks who read this blog, are like 35+ and still fetishize about college/high school grades. Hahaha let the cuckoldry begin!

I do not subscribe to NYT is this correct:

17h17 hours ago
Replying to @joshgreenman

Buried in the story: “323 students had the extra-time allowance last year, while over 27,000 students took the exam.”

Puente exellente!!!
so gotta small numerator and a big denominator
and you gotta big postmodern news story

It's not hard to believe that learning disability as defined for the tests is much less common among Asians.

I proctored an exam for students who needed extra time once and don’t recall there being any asians out of maybe ~20. (The class was maybe 25% Asian as a whole.)

Not only are Asian students more likely to be the children of immigrants generally, but this is especially true in New York City. Having a "disability" is not seen as an opportunity among Koreans or Chinese who were raised in those respective cultures, but as a shameful handicap, thus they are much less likely to claim a disability than more long-established white or black Americans.

Maybe if white women fucked more asian guys they would stop being such uptight overacheivers. And then the white race could stay on top, academically. (JOKING)

The Glorious Super State is built for the educated and the rich. It is scam after scam all the way down. Great setup: lie to the poor and working class that you really are working in their interest and against your own. No one works against their own interest. So all together now, one more time: "scam after scam after scam after..."

The Trash has constant battled against White privilege. Do you believe them?? Is 323 out of 27,000 a serious issue?? It is commonly assumed that extra time might provide extra advantage, but are they?

The Collegeboard Research Report No. 2005-8 The Impact of Extended Time on SAT ® Test Performance

This study provides evidence of three major findings:

• Lower-ability test-takers gain little or no benefit from extra time. If students do not have the knowledge or skills, no amount of extra time will improve performance.

• Section breaks appear to help test-takers at different ability levels, regardless of their disability status.

• Extra time helps medium- and high-ability test-takers with and without disabilities. Extra time, however, does not help and actually may hinder low-ability students with disabilities.

For the Whites extra time seems to be given out routinely. For the high ability Whites they are able to meet the entrance cutoff with or without the extra time. The cutoff for the Elite8 is only about IQ 110. Only some mid ability White students might benefit from the extra time. For the low ability White extra time has no advantage. Thus the percentage advantage might not be as great as claimed. Recent event has shown that rather than just extra time there might be some other things going on with or without extra time.

The Trash constantly whinges about the low Black acceptance rate but they never mention that Black had very low percentage of SHSAT participation. If you do not sit for the SHSAT you will never be selected. From the 2017-18 demographic assuming that the school %demographc is the same for Grade8, the ethnic percentage participating in the objective SHSAT common assessment. Rich Whites normally go to the private schools.


It is ridiculus for The Trash to whinge about low Black Elite8 offers when only about 29% of them bother to sit for the SHSAT, and the number is dropping over the years,

Year NBlaTsr
2017 5847
2018 5730
2019 5488

The Trash is also constantly whinges about socio-economic status. SES is only secondary with respect to the Elite8 offers, ethnicity has more significant effects, i.e. thus most probably genetic,

formula = PctOffer ~ PctPoverty + PctWhite + PctBlack + PctHispanic + PctAsian

Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|)
(Intercept) 163.3797 13.0833 12.488 < 2e-16 ***
PctPoverty -0.3833 0.0212 -18.075 < 2e-16 ***
PctWhite -1.2219 0.1379 -8.859 < 2e-16 ***
PctBlack -1.2632 0.1446 -8.735 < 2e-16 ***
PctHispanic -1.3428 0.1409 -9.527 < 2e-16 ***
PctAsian -0.9182 0.1422 -6.456 1.3e-10 ***
Signif. codes: 0 ‘***’ 0.001 ‘**’ 0.01 ‘*’ 0.05 ‘.’ 0.1 ‘ ’ 1

Residual standard error: 13.09 on 2421 degrees of freedom
Multiple R-squared: 0.4605, Adjusted R-squared: 0.4594
F-statistic: 413.3 on 5 and 2421 DF, p-value: < 2.2e-16

On average with 1% increase in %Poverty the offer rate drops 0.38 % point whereas 1% increase in %Black decreases %Ofr by 1.26 % point, more than 3x greater. The same trick of the shell game of diverting attention elsewhere.

Note also that 1% increase in %Black decreases %Ofr by 1.26 % point, i.e. greater magnitude than the initial stimulus, collateral damage of bad influence on others.

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