Kevin Hassett to step down as CEA chair

Here are various links, Kevin we shall miss ye…it’s not your grandpa’s Trump administration anymore…


Apparently, TDS is contagious. Anytime anything happens in the Trump administration it is a sign the sky is falling.

I am not religious but, THANK GOD (!!!!!!!) Obama is not the president anymore.

Let's face it, Ed, Trump is a man-child who has no idea what he is doing even with the best help the GOP can offer him. The kindest thing to do at this point for the country and for the nation's oldest teenager is to impeach him. I'm GOP btw.

Hi mouse.

You have a bad case of TDS and some other psychological pathologies as well.

Funny how the msm lampooned the guy when they thought, perhaps correctly, he was using alternative facts to support Trump's policies but now that he has left ( quit? fired?) he's the honorable guy that had to exit the madness.

You can't have it both ways.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter much - Trump, Obama, yada yada ... we are in a culture war, fighting for the soul of the nation. The left has done some whacky things over the last few decades and conservatives have risen in defiance. If Trump goes away, and eventually he will, the war will continue and both sides will put forth their champions.

This will not be a short war.

he's the honorable guy that had to exit the madness.

I don't think he's an honorable guy, resignation or not.

Current msm reports on his resignation portray him as such.


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LOL you're not GOP, mouse. Be gone, concern troll!

I think I might be the more frequent Anonymous, and I endorse that message.

I might have been pulling my punches lately.

Here's a question .. if I was "center-right" in 1999, and I didn't move, how far "left" does that make me today?

And fwiw, I still am registered GOP. I might vote Weld in the California primary! Though with an open primary, I have options.

According to the "new right" if you were center-right in 1999 you might as well be a communist now.

The GOP absolutely lost their minds during the Obama years and brought forth this abomination call the Trump administration.

"The GOP absolutely lost their minds during the Obama years and brought forth this abomination call the Trump administration."

Sorry, that is incorrect. The left has moved leftward while the right has stayed pretty much still on most contentious issues. For example:


Right then: it's murder
Right now: it's murder

Left then: it should be legal, safe, and rare (from Bill Clinton) and first trimester

Left now: on demand for any reason at any time including third trimester and partial birth.


Right then: it should be legal and skills based, the law should be enforced, illegal aliens should be deported. The right compromised on Simson-Mazzoli and got burned as the left imported tens of millions of new left leaving voters.

Right now: same position

Left then: after we get amnesty we agree we should enforce existing laws

Left now: open borders are a human right and to oppose them is racist

I could go on, but I have a life ...

Commenting here is your life, obviously.

"The right has gone even farther to the right" is a popular trope among the left but if falls apart when you look at any actual policy positions. In addition to the two above...

Gay rights: Right has actually moved left to mostly acceptance of gay marriage. Left went from leave us alone to forcing people to bake cakes and perform marriages.

Transgenderism: Does this even need to be explained?

Economy: The right is mostly the same. Lower taxes, but spend on military, get people off welfare/handouts. Maybe more of a devotion to lower taxes and less worry about the deficit. The left is embracing socialism as fast as it can when less than a generation ago it was celebrating welfare reform.

Crime: Both sides have moved significantly to the left on this. Is someone actually going to argue otherwise?

Foreign Policy: Since Trump is some kind of isolationist/non-interventionist, this would be a leftward move by conservatives wouldn't it? He certainly hasn't started anything new, which is probably the first time in a while a president has gone over two years without starting a conflict. I don't think the left even has a coherent foreign policy. Trump has been criticized for wanting less military involvement. Iran is good and you should negotiate with autocrats but negotiating with North Korea is bad.

Trade: Maybe this is a swap? The right wants tariffs as a tool of policy and the left thinks free trade is the best. I'm pretty sure it was basically the opposite in the early 2000s. I think democrats lost any claim to principle on this when they declined to even gently question Hillary about her 180 on TPP. Maybe everyone did. Positions seem to vary based on whether you're going after union votes or urban elites.

Positions vary based on who is in power.

Comments are the only thing I have going for me. How did you know?

+1 Thank god Obama is not the president. Hopefully Obama and his criminal administration will be fully investigated for his part in the most recent treason and will go to jail.

economics is boring!
here is some interesting postmodern b.s
from todays washington post entitled
"At a fox news town hall, White House hopeful kirsten gillibrand attacks the network’s coverage of abortion"
she obviously attacked the media as a postmodern strategy
because she didn't have a good answer to the problem of third trimester abortions and infanticide
after delivery

Ed R,

You are not up to date. The serious syndrome out there is RTDS, the Real Trump Derangement Syndrome. You are a perfect example of it, people who buy into Trump's 10,000 plus lies, including the indefensible claim that everything was terrible under Obama, only to suddenly and magically get fixed up once DJT took over.

"Real Trump Derangement Syndrome and "10,000 plus lies" in the same paragraph. Absolutely no self awareness at all.

And EdR, what is with this silly "mouse" nonsense? You are really a seriously messed up screwball, aside from suffering from RTDS big time.

EdR suffers from both Mouse Derangement Syndrome and Orange Koolaid Syndrome. He doesn't have much else going on in his life that's why he can comment at odd hours for a Californian.


He's the guy who co-authored "DOW 36,000" in 1999. This lessens his street cred in trader circles.

Still, I endorse the idea that the Trump administration is getting even worse. It's down to the ship hiders and bald-faced video deniers.

Mouse, here's my prescription for your TDS:

1. Sleep at least 7-8 hrs/day
2. 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise daily - brisk walking is good.
3. Spend more time with friends and family. If neither are available, then volunteer to help needy people, especially Republicans, if you can find any in your white, apartheid neighborhood
4. Eat in moderation and healthy foods only - avoid large doses of sugars and carbs.
5. practice mindfulness - this has worked world wide for thousands of years.
6. If 1-5 doesn't work, get therapy, but be sure the therapist actually practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Many list it as a skill to capture clients but then just toy around with fragile minds.
7. Go out and meet and engage with people unlike yourself. Travel to exotic lands and meet people from different cultures, like Nebraska or Ohio. Visit a meat packing plant, go bowling, play a little pool and have a few beers with some roughnecks (oil rig workers), go to a Protestant church and help with the bake sale, attend a monster truck competition.

Be like George Costanza and do the opposite of your impulses to break out of your prison. Like George ("You know I always wanted to pretend to be an architect!") and pretend to be an anthropologist studying exotic peoples.

I will follow up with you later.

Has anyone asked Mr. Hassett his opinion on the 5% tariff to imports from Mexico?

I'm waiting for the US Department of State press release on the same topic. The 10th of June is one week away and nothing so far

Will California's electricity imports from Mexico be impacted by the tariff?. The summer already started in San Diego.

Yes, they asked him this morning on CNBC. He did not come out and say he endorsed the tariffs, but he did say basically that they were effective in getting Mexico to address an issue he felt needs addressing.

This is not remotely a rational plan for reducing the exodus from Central America.

This is just throwing shit at the wall, again.

Regardless of your opinion, this is what Hassett said.

it is actually a strategy to put pressure on mexico to
enforce mexicos immigration laws

I will admit it is "a strategy," but what I am pushing on is that it is not what anyone here wants to jump up and defend as the best strategy.

"We must do something; This is something; Therefore, we must do this?"

it is a better strategy than a defacto open southern border
and conflabulating immigration statistics like that
university of Chicago economist austan ghoulsly

How do people not realize that "defacto open southern border" is a Bridge Out sign to normal readers?

Those readers can't be convinced no matter what. Most readers, when they know up to 4000 illegals have been stopped per day, and most get through, consider the borders to be effectively open.

This is not "defacto open."

The illegal immigrant total has been falling since 2005.

Only three states, Louisiana, Maryland and Massachusetts, have seen an increase since 2007.

But the modern right wants a hysteria disconnected from that reality.

The border is de facto open, and shall remain so indefinitely. We have the judges, we have the will, and we have the money. We can talk about it again once wages reach $1500 a year. Even with higher taxes we will increase our purchasing power ten fold once wages hit Honduran levels. We’re on the path here and in the process we’re saving millions of Central Americans from a life of destitution! We’re not only increasing our standard of living exponentially but also saving indigenous people from poverty, disease, and gang violence. Sure, some white male Trump voters lose their jobs. Who cares?

Unfortunately to please the base Trump will rage and flail, and in his pointless gnashing of teeth and stupidity will invariably hurt innocent illegal immigrants, all while being incompetent at preventing them from coming.

Democrats need to stand up. Open borders, de facto. Start defending it. Start defending justice.

We have a defacto open border with Mexico. It is almost impossible to detain and deport an border jumper - they are given a citation and are released. Most of them never show up for their court hearing and are able to live in the US illegally forever. They will never be deported.

Mexico zealously guards it's southern border and it is very dangerous for Central Americans to violate the Mexican border. Central American illegal aliens in Mexico are abused by criminals and are almost lucky if they get caught by the authorities. They may be violated by the Mexican police but will surely be deported immediately and unceremoniously.

I have driven Tulum to the Mexican border with Belize and I assure you it is an armed camp. Mexico doesn't fool around, the border is guarded by the military with soldiers in black uniforms armed with AR-15 or M4 semiautomatic rifles. Right in front of our car was a massive military truck out of which jumped a dozen heavily armed soldiers.

The only reason the caravans are allowed to cross the Mexican border is because the Mexican government knows they aren't going to stop and try to stay in Mexico - the government knows the caravan is headed to the US. If those people had the intention of staying in Mexico they would be arrested and, if they are lucky, deported.

Mexico can stop this invasion at any time, but the government chooses not to do so. Trump is right to punish Mexico with sanctions. Even if those sanctions hurt the US a little bit. The hurt from sanctions is nothing compared to the impact of this ongoing invasion of the US from Mexico and Central America.

It's not an invasion. It's not a crisis.

-"not an invasion"
460,000 apprehensions at the border to date this year1
-"not a crisis"? the enforcement & emergency medical people at the border are overwhelmed -in the field of crisis/disaster management that is precisely the definition of when an emergency becomes a crisis/disaster

There are not 4000 illegals stopped a day. Stop repeating lies.

"up to 4000 "
"Federal agents apprehended more than 4,000 migrants crossing the border on each of two days this week"

Trump has singlehandedly made the immigration problem worse. There are more illegals today than when Obama was president, who silently deported them in record numbers and built more walls, but now they come at a faster rate and filling up all the concentration camps. You have to admit that even if you like Trump, he's a very incompetent stooge. That's okay, you can't admit Obama did a better job on immigration. Truth hurts.

otoh what is "bridge out"
defacto open borders seems an apt description if
the vast majority (80%)of illegal immigrants don't ever show for their immigration hearing
and only 11 businesses per year are charged with
hiring illegal immigrants

What’s wrong with finding out how quickly, or if at all, a foreign country is able to react to a carrot or stick?


By the way Mexico has a southern wall. Perhaps it is porous and needs to be beefed up?

Mexico zealously guards it's southern border and has no qualms about deporting leave breaking border jumpers. It is not even an issue in Mexico.

"... law breaking border crossers ..."

@ted craig, thanks for the tip, I'll look for the interview later.

The point is that people around Trump is not explicitly backing the tariffs. Even Mike Pence refuses to answer to the press about the proposed tariffs and the future of the USMCA. If Pence doesn't know what decisions the President has made, who knows? What can be expected from CBP employees next Monday?

This looks as carefully planned as the travel ban from "Muslim countries" from 2017. Apparently, the President is never worried about implementation details.

Pence's only job is to keep the Talibangelicals on board. They don't tell him anything.

" Talibangelicals "

Any non-bigoted insights?

When your side stops using 'feminazi', 'libtard', and the like maybe you can more credibly clutch your pearls.

Anyone who co-authors a book published on October 1, 1999, that predicts a Dow of 36,000 has to be described as an optimist. Indeed, Hassett has supported immigration and trade as spurring economic growth. How he has worked with the most negative president since Andrew Jackson is a testament to his . . . optimism. He even accepted the nomination to lead the CEA after Trump demoted the position to sub-cabinet level. Since his signature achievement, passage of the huge corporate tax cut, which Hassett believed would unleash an unprecedented amount of capital investment (so far not realized), he has worked behind the scenes to moderate Trump's hawkish views on immigration and trade while working publicly in support of enterprise zones. Whatever the merits of enterprise zones, it pales in comparison to the potential damage from the administration's policies on immigration and trade. Time to move on and write another optimistic book. Maybe this time about the wisdom of the American voter.

"He even accepted the nomination to lead the CEA after Trump demoted the position to sub-cabinet level."
That "demotion" was a lot of noise. CEA Chair was only treated as a Cabinet level position during the Obama Administration.

Only "optimistic," rayward?

This is being blown out of proportion. Hassett is leaving after 22 months on the job. This is a normal tenure for the position. Hubbard was there for 22 months. Krueger and Mankiw for 21. Goolsbee was only CEA chair for less than a year.

So you're saying the Trade War is going well?

By the way, apparently Australia was almost roped in:

Maybe Fox can run a piece about how we have always been at war with Australia,

I'm saying CEA chair last about this long on the job. But please, don't let my facts get in the way of your ranting.

Right, concern about actual US policy, and any opportunity costs in trade or immigration, must be kept from this page.

Even though it is clearly Tyler's subtext, "not your grandpa’s Trump administration"

Make all the comments you want. I made mine.

Didn't make 30K dow.
Wah wah....

Here are various links, Kevin we shall miss ye

Why? He's a well-connected think-tank denizen rather than an academic economist. He's also published some strange trade books in the past.

It is a sign of things that in spite of his embarrassing forecast of an imminent Dow 36,000 two decades ago, when he was appointed I remember that all sorts of people, including officially Dem and "liberal" economists stepped forward to praise his appointment, which seemed more reasonable than some of the other characters that were getting picked who were actual professional economists, such as Peter Navarro, who is still around. Some claimed to be pleased because he is supposedly a "nice guy." I have never met him so cannot comment on that, but in any case he is now gone for whatever reason, and probably his replacement will not be as widely praised as he was when he was appointed.

I'm trans-gendered

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