Zimbabwean passport seigniorage is the best kind of Zimbabwean seigniorage

With Zimbabwe’s economy in shambles and political tensions rising, leaving the country seems the best option for many who are desperate for jobs. But those dreams often end at the passport office, which doesn’t have enough foreign currency to import proper paper and ink.

A passport now takes no less than a year to be issued. An emergency passport can take months amid a backlog of 280,000 applications, never mind recent ones.

Here is the full story, via Charles Onyango-Obbo.  In turn via Garett Jones.


Didn't Trump say he was going to help Zimbabwe farmers?

Didn't the Marxist socialist Robert Mugabe kill most of them and steal the land from the rest and give it to his friends? Socialism destroyed their farms and farmers.

He did. He did. He did, and it does

Zim-bureaucracy. Almost as bad as the USA. Trying to get my girl to come over here on a fiancee visa will take 18 months plus.

Then leave Ray....No one will notice or care .

Well, her caravan is too small. She should enter from the southern border perhaps.

I was going to say that. But, no one is above the law except 25 million illegal invaders/democrat votes, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, . . .

Having trouble showing income or a place to live?

But seriously bring her on tourist visa then marry in USA is easier

And wait until those Zimbabwean passport holders apply for an American visa. Since the fees can only be paid in dollars, one could also say that American visa seigniorage is the best kind of seigniorage.

Embargo ink and paper to Zim. You know every one of them will want to come here.......and never go back.

'You know every one of them will want to come here'

Absolutely - why would anyone in Zimbabwe want to go to the socialist hellholes of Europe?

But let's not mention bribes; that might be stigmatizing to the Zimbabwean bureaucracy.

Adam Smith’s remark that there is a great deal of ruin in a nation appears to have found its limits with Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

Isn't there a minimum set of skills before a tribe is called a nation? Like a school for that?

When Zimbabwe was Rhodesia, it was known as the breadbasket of Africa. I’m sure the current situation is much more authentic, and progressive.

And then there is Cuba. Sixty years after the revolution, the Castro family is rich, and food rationing was announced last month. Sanders should be pointing out this example of the success of socialism at every campaign stop.

Zimbabwe has run into a string of Bad Luck. Zimbabwe needs Good Luck. But Good Luck needs physical security, property rights, an independent judiciary, political stability, the rule of law, and a functioning civil society. Zimbabwe does not have any.

Law is downstream from culture. Too bad for Zim.

Tyler would say the best thing to do would be to pack up and move to a fully functioning first world culture like the USA. That would result in a net increase in global wealth. Maybe they can go to Portland, Maine. Good thing we don't have a crisis at our border, according to the left.


food rationing

Why didn't we think of it? The (government enforced) rationing will solve the obesity crisis. Weekly weight-ins will be mandatory.

"...that there is a great deal of ruin in a nation appears to have found its limits with Zimbabwe and Venezuela {governments}"

yeah, but no matter how incompetent, corrupt, and tyrannical the government -- it's always much than no government (?)

there's nothing worse than an absence of government rulers (anarchy), right?

how would humans survive on this planet without 'passports' issued by government bureaucrats?

without passports, crossing any border is illegal immigration which apparently is the greatest evil the world has ever known.

Zimbabwe doesn't have anarchy and it doesn't have physical security, property rights, an independent judiciary, political stability, the rule of law, or a functioning civil society.

No one is above the law except 25 million illegal invaders/democrat voters, . . .

My wifes boyfriend is from Zimbabwe. It's good for the cucking!

Passports were originally a mechanism to protect a nation's citizens in foreign travel -- but have now morphed into just another method to control and monitor citizens

The government can't even secure its own databases, which makes even the best of their intentions all that much worse:


You forgot one word when talking about passports - 'into just another method to control and monitor foreign citizens.'

Nobody is required to have a passport - they are only used for travel outside of the country one is a citizen of. (Or in the case of EU citizens, outside the countries of the EU.)

And effectively lacking government of any kind, ZimZimbabwe is obviously the best economy in the world!

No tax burden.

No government regulation.

Everything is free market!

You buy the authority to do business.

You buy the protection you want.

You buy the authority to trade and migrate across borders.

The libertarian ideal!

The culmination of Grover Norquist's mission of his life. Government downed in a bathtub by starving the beast, that he sees government as.

"Nobody is required to have a passport - they are only used for travel outside of the country one is a citizen of"

No, an internal-passport is required for travel inside some countries.

And a "Passport" is not always called a passport -- try getting on a commercial airliner in the U.S. without a DHS approved identity document. (a passport is basically a government issued ID)

so effectively an American citizen needs a "passport" for air travel within the U.S. -- and DHS certainly records all your air travel specifics in your permanent Federal dossier.

The Federal "REAL ID" Act has converted state driver's licenses into formal 'national ID cards'
(renewing my driver's license was a DMV nightmare due to the new outrageously strict personal history documents now required)

'No, an internal-passport is required for travel inside some countries.'

Um, an internal 'passport' is not a passport subject to the rules and regulations which all passports used for international travel are subject to. This is a good link as background - https://qz.com/1111001/passport-design-worldwide-was-first-standardized-by-the-league-of-nations-paris-conference-of-1920/

'The Paris Conference on Passports & Customs Formalities and Through Tickets specified the size, layout, and design of travel documents for 42 nations. It ratified the template for a 32-page booklet exactly 15.5 cm x 10.5 cm (6.1 inches x 4.1 inches) with the first four pages detailing the bearer’s facial characteristics, occupation, and residence.
Although now governed by standards set by the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization, passport layouts have remained much the same for nearly 100 years. But the invisible technology that secures them has greatly advanced, including layers of watermarks, holograms, disappearing inks, perforated numbers, fluorescent threads, embossed letters, see-through registers, and book-binding techniques.'

'And a "Passport" is not always called a passport'

This is silly. For example, like many EU citizens, Germans citizens have a government ID card. This card is not a passport, which is a separate document used for international travel outside of the EU.

'so effectively an American citizen needs a "passport" for air travel within the U.S.'

You can keep using words as you wish, but a passport is a specific term with a specific meaning. Something you actually seem aware of, since you used "".

Why use so many words to make yourself look like a fool? Save yourself some time and just write "I am a pompous idiot!" You have my permission to just cut and paste this.

The US does indeed require a "Real ID" to travel within the US. I just renewed my CA driver's license but I still need to get the "Real ID" version. In order to do that, I had to go to the Social Security office to get a replacement card and I still have to order a copy of my birth certificate. So, travel within the US for a US citizen now requires a defacto "passport".

Note that this all because of 9/11, caused by a bunch of Islamic thugs that shouldn't have been in the US in the first place. In addition, blue states, like Mexifornia, have been issuing issuing driver's licences to illegals like they were candy and have devalued state driver's licence s in the process.

The left has really f*cked this country up with their suicidal political correctness.

I am done with PC!

EdR, the hurdles you have to clear are the same ones that anyone applying for government-issued photo ID for the first time must. It sounds like it is quite a hassle to deal with government bureaucracy in over to prove who you are in order to exercise a basic right! Maybe this has relevance to the voter ID debate.

At any rate, California is compliant with the Real ID Act; Kentucky and Oklahoma are not. Being a "blue state" has nothing to do with the issue.

Rhodesia doesn't look so bad anymore, does it?

Exactly. Ian Smith's Rhodesian legacy has been understimated. Sometimes a firm, but generous, hand is necessary to avoid a country, specially a young, unexperienced, promissing country to collapse into lawlessness and collapse. History recors few men who were able to pull it off. Amongbthem, Singapore's Lee, Hungary's Horty, Korea's Park and Brazil's President Captain Bolsonaro. We probably should support them instead of antagonizing them at every ste p of the way. I think we should see Brazil's recent cabinet reshuffle as an opportunity to support America's key ally in South America.

I find Mr. Grant's comment very insightful. We are doing more evil than good when we try to impose ill-thought "human rights" agendas to country that don't want them.

I agree with both of these patriots. President Captain Bolsonaro's methods should be learned by any country that wants to pull itself up and enter a glorious future.

Peter Godwin's multi-volume memoir about Zimbabwe is excellent. One of my best friends is from Zimbabwe. His family were farmers, having settled there (Rhodesia) many generations ago. He came to America when he was a young adult. His parents continued to farm until it was no longer safe. My view has been greatly affected by my friend. His family had been in Africa for more generations than most American families have been in America, yet few Americans view themselves as intruders of someone else's land. Sadly, the situation in South Africa continues to deteriorate as well. Of course, it's not only Africa, but government around the world seems to be in a state of growing incompetence. Many of our libertarian friends have been encouraged by the development, but what's filling the void is far worse: authoritarianism. There's a reason I often refer to the libertarian-authoritarian axis.

Incompetent government is hardly libertarian. Living under a government which falls into the Active/Stupid class on the matrix is not ideal.

Socialist government, particularly those imbued with revolutionary zeal, tends to be as authoritarian as they can manage. Technology is on the cusp of making it very cheap to be very authoritarian. Facebook powered authoritarianism will be more effective than the STASI or KGB, limited to block informers and paper records, could have every dreamed.

South Africa started down the path to socialist paradise about 20 years after Rhodesia, and was larger and richer. But give them another generation or two, they will probably get there. They are actively working on it.

I worked with a former British Army paratrooper, a tough man. He had all kinds of stories and he liked to drink. We got along famously. He was deployed to Rhodesia when they forced out the "white" government; also to Ulster where they set up on rooftops sniping at curfew breakers. He called them the "little people."

In America, the authoritarianism filling in the void started and temporarily stopped with the Civil War, and resumed with Wilson (1913 income tax and the Fed) and sped up the moment FDR took over in 1933. They haven't looked back.

Some reasons why countries can't prosper: absence of physical security, no secure property rights, no independent judiciary, no political stability, no rule of law, dysfunctional civil society. Bernie 2020!

" I often refer to the libertarian-authoritarian axis."

Unfortunately, as you hold un-libertarian views, you always seem to promote the authoritarian side of the axis.

My cuckoldy knows no bounds!

I think it's "cuckoldry". Use a spell checker.

Also, you used the wrong name. I don't know who you are, but I can see why your partner would look elsewhere. I am amazed you have one!

Keep up the good work!

Venezuela also earlier ran out of ink and paper to print passports: [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4972088/Venezuela-runs-paper-ink-print-new-passports.html]. For people that already had existing passports, Venezuela just extended the expiration date by two years. Venezuela also has had difficulty finding the money to print additional money [https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-04-27/venezuela-faces-its-strangest-shortage-yet-as-inflation-explodes].

Neo-MMT says that a country can keep running up large deficits until it runs out of ink and paper to print new bonds...

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