Markets in everything, Russian science edition

Our team in Russia received a tip from the local research community to a new form of publication fraud. The tip led to a website, [redacted] set up by unscrupulous operators to serve as a virtual marketplace where authors can buy or sell authorship in academic manuscripts accepted for publication. This kind of peer-to-peer sharing, in “broad daylight” is not something we’ve seen before – so we conducted a quick analysis of the site, and its data, before taking swift action to alert our friends and colleagues in the scientific community.

There are no author names, or journal names indicated on the site – the journal name is available to buyers only. Sometimes as many as five authorships in a single article are offered for sale, with prices varying depending on place in the list of authors.

Here is the full story, via Brandon.


My career path!

colorado state universidad sociologists
just pooped the poudre with a very stupid speech code
(fuck speech codes!)
what part of the first amendment do sociologists not understand?

Just looked the code up. JFC. That's what happens when people are in a bubble. It's like a group of people decided it would be a fun project to find expressions to ban and didn't have a long enough list, so they just started taking anything that might qualify. Apparently, "food coma" is associated with black people, so it's racist.

Maybe the word-banning committee is racist.

Isn't an enforced code (yet), but a "set of guidelines," apparently.

colorado state sociologist/churchladies originally
declared the word "american" to be offensive and tried to ban it.
csu sociologists are idiots who have constructed a pseudoscience.

no can do
speech codes

Trust the Russians to come galumphing in and spoil what had been a genteel cottage industry.

One where such crass details were not so explicitly displayed.

...and displace the tried-and-true method, sucking up to journal editors.

In Soviet Russia, Science does you!

Yep, it's right there in "broad daylight" for all to see. If they want to see.

So what's the going rate for a good journal? Asking for research purposes only, of course.

File under: Speculative

So far, the people doing the investigation haven't paid to see the journal names nor have they followed through to see if payment = authorship in top journals.

For all we know, this is a site designed to scam lazy/desperate scientists -- kind of like the Ashley Madison of publication fraud. After the lazy scientist realizes he's been scammed, who is he going to complain to? It's the perfect scam... Or was, until those meddling kids from the Web of Science Group showed up.

I disapprove of the ethics involved, but I've often wondered about the market power of journals to control thought. Really there should be no such thing as an unpublishable academic paper. Departments can of course gauge the quality of such journals as a performance measure.

I think journal articles should have a comments section where other academics can critique the article without having to write and submit a contrary article or note.

3.8 roentgens. Not great. Not terrible.

That's 3.6 roentgens, buddy. You'll never be co-author on my meme science papers... I am shocked, shocked to find numbers-fudging is going on!

0.2 roentgen margin of error.

The recent story about Professor Hay indicated that he added, as co-author to some of his articles, one of the people who was conning him out of his home and blackmailing him.

"...nearly perfect people."

Wow, this keeps up and Russians could expect to buy .. anything.

Recently, Russian-backed cyber-terrorists target Brazil, America's closest ally. Maybe Russia is not so great after all, right?

Brazil isn't America's closest ally. That would be Canada and Mexico. They are much closer.

What about the Navajo..

It is not how it works. I am talk about loyalty. Brazil has always supported America. Brazil supported America in WW I, WW II, the Cold War and the War Against Terror. Meanwhile, your Japanese, German, Zionist, Arab, Chinese, Russian friends were murdering Americans!!!!

I suspect this is a scam, not a real buying and selling of authorship claims. I would expect academics to fall for it, however.

An academic friend spent time in Russia and said that purchasing theses and gifting the review panel was quit common. They had titles and degrees but didn’t know much in their field

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