Tabarrok, Rationally Speaking

The excellent Julia Galef interviewed me for the podcast Rationally Speaking, primarily discussing Why are the Prices So D*Mn High. Rationally Speaking (link to archive) is one of my favorite podcasts so this was a real treat.


Really enjoyed the interview! Were you and Scott Alexander ever able to reach a consensus on how much physician wages have been rising in the last 50 years?

Very smart. I really enjoyed this podcast which surprised me.

I usually listen, because Julia's age means her opinions are much better-informed than mine (some wisely suggest that she and people of her generation should even get more than 1 vote in democratic elections!). But then Alex and his old, calcified, non-opinions showed up and canceled out everything.

Maybe her next guest will be a fetus, and I can start listening again.

Lol! I’ve almost got no time for Alex, who cannot see what open borders AND disproportionate voting influence will combine to yield. And I say this as the son of an immigrant married to an immigrant.

Government regulation. My doctor told me that the single biggest cost they have is the mandated computerized medical records.

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