There is no great stagnation in policing nature through the use of AI-regulated cat flaps

A cat flap that automatically bars entry to a pet if it tries to enter with prey in its jaws has been built as a DIY project by an Amazon employee.

Ben Hamm used machine-learning software to train a system to recognise when his cat Metric was approaching with a rodent or bird in its mouth.

When it detected such an attack, he said, a computer attached to the flap’s lock triggered a 15-minute shut-out.

Mr Hamm unveiled his invention at an event in Seattle last month.

Here is the full story, via Michelle Dawson.


Old news:

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'When it detected such an attack'


The bioslave miscommunicated. Its intent was actually to convey that all is well and no training taking place that will one day soon be used to deny hominids sustenance.

Only cucks get really good at programming their computers. Cucks.

As Tyler says, there's literature on everything: belled collars reduce between 30 and 50% cats predating wild birds.

But AI is the zeitgeist: technical solutions looking for problems to solve in the real world. What if we don't have that much problems? Can we call it overcapacity?

Is Cowen ridiculing AI hype with this blog post? Can one believe anything that one hears or reads about the latest hyped person or asset or world-changing idea? There's lots of hype about the vast wealth created since the financial crisis, but is it real? Most of that wealth is attributable to rising asset prices, from stocks to real estate to cryptocurrency. Do rising asset prices create wealth or create the illusion of wealth? But there's Facebook, which generates billions in profits, isn't that real wealth? Maybe. But what if the millions of its social media users decide to go elsewhere, or to give up social media as unreliable and intrusive, does the Facebook wealth disappear? Or was it never there to begin with? The AI hype promises to change the world, from eliminating repetitive tasks in production to guiding autonomous vehicles; indeed, what's known as artificial general intelligence (AGI) promises to eliminate our need to think. Will the promise be matched by the actual results? Probably not, but it won't matter: believing it makes it real. Even if, or because, it's a trap door.

We need a cat flap at the Fed:

Plato, "Opinion is not truth."

Unsolicited advice. If you read the NY Times or Washington Post, you will come away less knowledgeable.

The linked op/ed was written by Judy Shelton.

And I apologize for my sarcastic comment at yesterday's assorted links. I did not fully appreciate the point of the link.

Very nice. Will the cat ever learn or will it simply learn to leave the carcasses somewhere else that might be just as inconvenient (the spiteful reaction)? Hope there will be a follow up in a few months.

I also thought this was about wild birds, then I realized it's just about the master being annoyed when the cat wakes him up in the small hours:

"Negative reinforcement doesn't work for cats, and I'd challenge you to come up with a way to use rewards to prevent a behaviour that an animal exhibits once every 10 days at 3am!"

Funny thing.

The President has the same idea.

A summit in the White House on social media that would open the door to Republicat's bringing dead rats into the house.

Putin has offered to run the system, and McConnell is OK with that so long as it is not the federal gov'mnt..

Not a bad effort. Except that the purpose of the article you commented on was the programmer used AI to keep the cat from bringing prey into the house. So it’s not the same as the President and Putin inviting cats to bring rats in.
And the proper spelling is gub’mnt because toothless rednecks can’t pronounce the letter V.
Keep trying. I encourage all MR characters to spend as much time as necessary to hone their craft.

I guess it was too subtle for you: The AI design would permit the rats (Russian disinformation) to be brought into the house by alt-right websites which pick it up from RT...

But, don't worry, Putin is in charge as we abdicate our responsibility to protect the vote.

I really do admire your commitment to the bit. I’ll type s l o w e r this time.

The blog post and article you commented on is about an Amazon programmer using AI to keep his cat from bringing dead animals into the house. For your analogy to work the cat, the dead prey and the AI would all have to be working together to make it look to the home owner like the cat door was keeping dead animals out.

Quality satire is difficult but keep up the effort. Not every swing of the bat can be a home run.

But does it stop racoons sneaking in?

When raccoons tried to get in our house, Mama would just chase them off with a broom.

We had a Grey Gardens vibe going on many years ago, upon first moving into a house with a cat door, before I took steps to thwart their nocturnal incursions. (Which was not immediately. I plead the distraction of a busier life then - it took awhile to get my attention. Once when we were away for a week, unbeknownst to us, my poor kitty had to look forward to nightly visits by raccoons who compounded the offense by messily washing her food, as is their preference, in her water bowl, to the confusion of the neighbor who was coming by to feed her every day.) That should have been the first straw, but really it was awakening one night, cat curled up at my feet, to hear the unmistakable sound of same cat eating her kibble. That don't seem right. But the last straw was a very rude, loud banging. On inquiry, it turned out to be three marauders, who, having divined which cabinet contained the tupperware of cat food, had taken it out, but unable to open it, were banging it on the floor. What happened next rather amused me. Now, this is a very little house, that you could not imagine anyone getting lost in. And yet, time after time, every new guest, every tradesman, who comes here, invariably, instinctively, tries to leave by a passage that leads only to bedrooms, as it is more central than the offset entryway. D'oh, wrong way, turn around. The raccoons saw me, decided to cheese it, and headed into that bedroom passage. Oh great, I thought. But just like the guests and the plumber, they turned around after just a moment, smoothly retraced, and headed for the door.

I’d program the cat flap so that it’d only allow the cat in if the cat had caught something.

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