Are property rights in elephants working out after all?

To understand why these reasonable-sounding proposals should be rejected, consider what has happened to elephant numbers since CITES most recently authorised some legal trade, when Botswana, Namibia and South Africa were allowed in 2007 to sell a fixed amount of ivory to Japan, as a one-off. Elephant numbers started falling again. A survey conducted in 2014-15 estimated that elephant numbers had fallen by 30% across 18 countries since 2007; another estimated a decline of over 100,000 elephants, a fifth of the total number, between 2006 and 2015. Increased poaching was at least partly to blame.

These numbers suggest that the existence of even a small legal market increases the incentive for poaching. It allows black-marketeers to pass off illegal ivory as the legal variety, and it sustains demand. The biggest market is in China. Last year the government banned domestic sales of ivory, but its customs officials seize a lot of smuggled products—notably from Japan, which licensed as a market in 2007. For the poachers, ivory is fungible. If it is hard to secure in Zambia or Botswana, another country’s elephants will be in the gun-sights. Congo, Mozambique and, especially, Tanzania, have seen sharp declines. Unfair though it is, countries with better-run conservation programmes are, in effect, paying for the failings of those with feeble institutions.

That is from The Economist.  Yet there is another twist:

In the long run technology can help make trade compatible with conservation. In better-resourced national parks, drones are used to make it easier for rangers to spot poachers. DNA testing of ivory shipments can establish where they came from, and thus whether they are legal. As prices fall and countries get richer, both technologies are likely to spread.



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Super interesting point about how technology can rewrite the playbook of a social issue.

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Speaking of dead elephants, I just read Peter Fonda's obituary in the NYT (he died yesterday), and to my surprise, he was cast in the role of Frank O'Connor, Ayn Rand's husband, in the made for television film The Passion of Ayn Rand, for which Fonda won a Golden Globe award. The film is mostly about Rand's affair with the much younger Nathaniel Branden. Of course, Fonda is best known for his role in the 1969 cult film Easy Rider, with Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. How Fonda went from riding a motorcycle to riding Ayn Rand is a testament to Fonda's versatility as an actor. The obituary doesn't mention whether Fonda ever rode an elephant, but if one can ride Ayn Rand, there's no challenge too great.

Attentive readers will see the connection between Fonda's two seemingly very different roles: one is a role in a cult film and the other is a role in a cult.

Both are cults. A randian who went to Oshkosh would be both in awe and in despair of the missed opportunity.

Frank Rand was a cuck like most of the people reading this blog. The readers of MR enjoy being cucked and that is why they respect Ayn Rand.

"How Fonda went from riding a motorcycle to riding Ayn Rand is a testament to Fonda's versatility as an actor."
attentive readers who have seen the movie know that ayn rand was
portrayed by Hellen Mirren not ayn rand

Also imagine if your grandpa wrote a sentence like that.

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