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Brazil’s fiscal incontinence is legendary. The number of civil servants grew by 60% between 1995 and 2016, to 12m. Since public-sector workers cannot be fired or have their pay cut, they become a permanent expense once hired. Perks such as raises for seniority can even extend to widows’ pensions, producing the unique “post-mortem promotion”. Nearly 80% of government spending in Brazil goes on salaries and pensions, compared with a global average of 50-60%. “Instead of a state that serves the public, you have a state that serves the state,” says Samuel Pessôa of the Brazilian Institute of Economics at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, a university.

Here is the full article from The Economist, which focuses on fiscal sanity in the state of Espirito Santo.


In B4 Ribiero


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Brazil is a country of cucks. Incontinent cucks.

Not true.

Brazil should fix its bed wetting problems before they opine on the US China trade wars.

Maybe we should start calling Illinois the Brazil of the United States.

It's funny cause it's true.

No, it is not funny and it is not true. Brazil is dynamic and stable. Meanwhile, Illionois is the sick man of the United States.

But government employment in Illinois isn't much higher than it was in 1995:

The US has quietly stopped adding to the ranks of government workers this century. Given lifetime employment along with pension and health care costs that are awful even viewed through the rose-colored actuarial lens of state finance, this is a positive trend, nothing at all like Brazil.

Brazil can easily pay for as much state as it sees fit.

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Winter is a blessing.

Yeah, an Illinois woman in a bikini is awful.

This site has got a lot better than when it was about economics.

I wouldn't mind seeing Cindy Crawford, Raquel Welch, and Danica Patrick in their day.

1) "Here is the full article from The Economist, which focuses on fiscal sanity in the state of Espirito Santo."

That is part of the point, isn't it? Since the early 00's, with the rise of local kingmaker Mr. Hartung, my home state, Espírito Santo, is known for being willing to do the hard, tough choices. We are ahead because we started first.

2) Under President Captain Bolsonaro, the federal government has showed the same hard-nosed inclination to do the right thing, no matter however long and hard the road may be.

Lest we forget, the central government has already:

- Reformed the labor law;
- Reformed the pensions system;
- Slashed investments in education;
- Made easier to buy, carry and load guns;
-Made plans to freeze government expenses;
- Sent to Congress an "anti-crime law package", which make harder to criminals get away;
-Sent to Congress "anti-corruption" measures to make harder for corrupt public workers, businessmen and politicians to get away;
- Made plans to create what has been called a "Brazilian Cancún" in Rio de Janeiro's state's shore to attract doreign tourists;
- Planned to reform the tax law;
- Started major infrastructure projects;
- Given up German aid for Amazon preservation;
- Created a plan to put native reservations to more profitable economical uses;
- Cracked down on crime. Crime rates are way down;
- Reformed criminal law to make easier to kill wrong-doers (excludente de ilicitude);
-Closed a Mercosur/UE free trade aggrement which had been under discussion for over twenty years;
- Been nominated a major non-NATO ally by American president Mr. Trump;
- Been praised by Mr. Trump, who said he wants Mr. Eduardo Bolsonaro to be Brazil's ambassador in the United States;
- Vowed to remove many radars from Brazilian roads;
- Vowed to oppose homosexual tourists in Brazil;
- Vowed to open a Brazilian embassy in Jerusalem;
- Made plans to put a Brazilian satellite in orbit before next decade ends;
- Made plans to build eight nuclear plants and one nuclear submarine;

Of all these plans, the best one is to develop some sort of beach-oriented recreation opportunities near Rio de janeiro.

You lie, boy!

Actually, the spot chosen by President Captain Bolsonaro to be the "Brazilian Cancún" is about 200 Km (about 120 miles) from Rio de Janeiro City. It is in another city of Rio de Janeiro State, Angra dos Reis.

People from Tucson to Tustin will say "oh boy, Cancun with gangs!" and they will go personally to the consulate to apply for visas and take the 23-hour flight from Miami or LA through Sao Paulo and Rio just for the 20-dollar burgers.

There will be no gangs at all. It is a ecological reservation President Captain Bolsonaro i tends to dismantle. There barely are human beings there now. Brazil's government will build a touristical paradise there.

By the way, thanks to President Captain Bolsonaro does not require Visas from Amwrican citizens.

The part of Rio west of Arpoador is the Brazilian Cancun, but about 10 times nicer and more interesting. Cancun isn't crime free either. It's a 7 hour flight from Miami to Rio. You can almost fly around the world in 23 hours.

That was the impostor.

A hand-puppet's hand-puppet's impostor, so to speak.

Is it true that half the streets in Espirito Santo are named after Nazi generals?

It is not true at all. Most streets are named after famous statesmen, scientists and thinkers from Brazil and elsewhere such as Fernando Ferrari, Chapot Presvot, Jerônimo Monteiro, Rio Branco and Afonso Cláudio, etc.

Meanwhile America famously harbored Nazists: .

Nazis love Brazil.

Thiago has always lived in a favela in Rio.

It is not true at all. I have spent my life in Espírito Santo and São Paulo State. I have never lived in Rio de Janeiro State and I have never spent more than four days in a row there.

You are just forgetting. We have lived in Rio de Janeiro.

Not at all.

Come on Thiago! We've discussed this before!

You are lying!!

It merits indignation throughout the commentariat.

Actually, the percentage of public employees in Brazil isn't that high, especially when one considers that health care and education are provided by the state. As one might guess, a large percentage (about 60%) of public employees are women since teaching and nursing are over-represented by women. The combination of lifetime employment and an early retirement age (55), together with a public wage that in many cases exceeds the private wage (remember, these are primarily women), does create a problem.

This may all be true, but we found a guy at the Brazilian Institute of Economics who doesn't like it anyway.

"Brazil’s fiscal incontinence is legendary." Incontinence? That's a strange choice. Then I did a little research and discovered most of the public employees in Brazil are . . . . women. If I were a feminist, I might wonder why the author of the linked article chose to describe the public employment in Brazil as a case of "incontinence". Misogyny, perhaps. Or is it just prejudice against seniors, male as well as female. Cowen is too young to suffer incontinence. Now.

He meant no offense. Incontinence does not imply an age, gender, sexual orientation, race or religious belief. Incontinence means leaking. The budget is leaky.

Yara had been anguished, but since her father travelled frequently, she had no outlet. She biked around Somerset’s parks and snuck into the university’s library. Yara had kept only to the pier at first, painting portraits of herself at first, gouache pin-up portraits, in each, one feature was differentiated in a digestible tangent. Jane had purchased one.

Great. Now we're going to have to extend refugee status to Brazilians.

Actually, Brazil is the one housing, feeding and supplying medical care to thousands of Venezuelan refugees. Brazil also welcome refugees from the Confederarion, who fled military defeat.

Thank you my friend for your country's support of our Confederate veterans. But please get your public sector under control.

But the way, one Brazilian city is called Americana (female form of the word "American" because "city" is a femine word -- so the name is something like American [City]) because it was founded by American refugees.

I think President Captain Bolsonaro has showed his intent to put the public sector under control. All things considered, the state of the Brazilian Union is pretty good.

Actually, that town was named after the Americana chicken breed and has nothing to do with Confederate refugees.

Not at all.,_S%C3%A3o_Paulo

It used to be called American's village.

Actually it was named after two founding Argentinian brothers of Syrian descent, named Amer and Cana...the city is Amer y Cana or Americana

Of course Confederates went to Brazil because Brazil was the last nation in the western world to abolish slavery.

It's in Brazil's cultural DNA to attract despotic groups be they Confederates, Japanese, Nazis, etc.

Brazil gave aid and comfort to the world's Fascists. No wonder they elected one. Expect Brazil to become a military dictatorship soon like they were in the 20th century.

Brazil welcome Jewish refugees while America sent Jewish children back to Hitler's ovens and welcome Nazis.

Not true at all.

Incontinent. Incompetent. Impotent. Brazil.

She take the money and becomes the next Venezuela! Everybody! Ma-til-da!

This from an Argentinian whose country’s history is a demonstration of how to f up a wet dream.

Still better than the bedwetters in Brazil and Venezuela!! HAH

Didn't your money lose half its value today?

Brazil's inflation is 1/35 of Argentina's.

Brazilian chorizos are 1/35 the length and girth of Argentina's. ZING!

Uh..huhuh... he said.. INCONTINENCE....huhuh

California government public sector grew abut 20% over the same period. We have just started, we can catch up.

Every time Tyler posts Brazil Bait like this, I wonder if Thiago is just one of his TAs. Or perhaps a homeless mental patient he has befriended. Or both.

Maybe you are the mental patient.

It is not true.

You could imagine an UBI evolving out of this kind of state--eventually everyone is technically a government employee or retiree, and so draws a check every month alongside whatever else they make.

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