My MRU videos with Ian Bremmer, on globalization

Here’s the first video in the three-part series.

And a description of the curriculum:

Globalization, Robots, and You

Students have important decisions to make about their educations and careers – wouldn’t it be nice if they better understood the forces of globalization and automation first?

Imagine if they could deftly navigate data from the BLS occupational handbook, academic research, and more to gauge salary prospects, the risk of automation, and foreign competition when comparing their options.

Imagine no more: Tyler Cowen and MRU have partnered with Ian Bremmer and Eurasia Group Foundation to build a five-day curriculum that covers globalization, automation, creative destruction, the elephant graph, and more! Then we apply those concepts to help students rethink personal choices of education and career. 100% free.

The curriculum is chock-full of interactive games, discussion prompts, research assignments, assessment questions, and includes three new videos.

And here are links to video #2 – Creative Destruction: Technology and Trade and video #3 – Are There Winners and Losers of Globalization?

Here is a link to the curriculum.


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