The new Greek-language edition of Modern Principles of Economics

Alex and I are very happy to see this edition has come out:

We thank Theodore Pelagidis for a superb translation.


Who gets the credit for doing bringing this into a form useful for speakers of Greek? 'High-quality videos integrated directly into the textbook make Modern Principles a new kind of textbook, one born in the age of the internet.'

How do you know the quality of the translation?


It would be cool to see supply as "psi" and demand as "theta." I wonder what capital and labor are in Greek. Oh, right... "alpha" and "beta."

I wonder how the Greeks handle equations that in the US typically use Greek letters, e.g. the exponents in a Cobb-Douglas production function or the coefficients in a regression equation?

In simple situations they can simply use their ordinary letters just as we can write equations using "a" and "b". But often a variable will have different versions e.g. "b" for the estimated value of the coefficient and the Greek letter beta for the true value. They can make use of circumflexes and accents and subscripts and superscripts and upper case vs lower case, but often it's convenient for the author to be able to resort to Greek letters. Maybe the Greeks resort to Latin letters?

Don't see it as a comparative object. It's not a tissue but a hand towel. It's more comparative. The green pagan symbol means "Elsewhere." But it's happening now.

"(...) for a superb translation". How do you know it's superb??

I'm sure it's superb. I speak modern Greek and I can tell it's superb because I don't understand the slang used on the cover. Without using the excellent Bing Translator or Google Translate, I don't have a good idea what's being said, but precisely because I don't, it must be deep and good. For example, the subtitles seem (to me) to say something like: "Synchronous Beginnings" at the top, which I think means Contemporary Introduction (again, 'slang' but proper Greek beyond me), and then the slang Greek around the earth globe says something like "We see the Invisible Hand. (We) Understand Society". The last line is "Sale by Papazizis" (I guess that's the publisher). Again, without Googling it but that's my 5 second analysis without pulling out a dictionary. Sorry Greeks speakers if I botched it, but these days I spend very little time trying to perfect my Greek, I'm too busy making money and managing my real estate (including Greece), being in the 1% in net worth ($10M+).

Thanks for the interesting information about the Greek on the cover. I was able to puzzle out a few words based on my prep school ancient Greek but that doesn't help much.

Fancy that...we never knew you were rich. It's just one of those things you keep secret, like your hot young wife.

Greece could learn a lot from this book. They are the sick man of Europe.

The Greek title of the book is “Modern Principles of Microeconomics”. Is that the same book?

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