“OK Boomer”

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, how can I excerpt this one?:

On the negative side, I worry that those who deploy “OK Boomer” are putting themselves down and signaling their own impotence. I am not arguing for “[Expletive Deleted] Boomer,” even though it would have a vitality and rebellious spirit very much reminiscent of the 1960s or 1970s (which of course were quintessential boomer eras). But when I read or hear “OK Boomer,” I start to think there might be something special about baby boomers after all. We boomers may not be different in kind from other generations, but we do seem to inspire rhetorical creativity in our critics.

The closest earlier analog to “OK Boomer” is probably “OK, Chief,” a slightly sardonic response to a bossy or persistent request. So the phrase “OK Boomer” is itself an implicit and indeed somewhat passive admission as to who is really in charge. Members of Gen Z are subtly demonstrating that the clichés about them may have a grain of truth.

As I said I am a baby boomer, born in 1962, and I do a lot of public speaking about such topics as the absence of free lunches in this world. Yet I have never heard anyone say “OK Boomer” back to me. Instead I see the phrase on social media — another sign of the essentially passive nature of the response. (And wearing an “OK Boomer” hoodie or buying other such merchandise doesn’t seem like a major sign of rebellion, either.)

If there is any native medium for the “OK Boomer” meme, in fact, it is short TikTok videos, one of the more evanescent forms of social media. That the site seems plagued by Chinese censorship is just another state of affairs that boomers find more offensive than does Generation Z.

There is also this:

I am greatly pleased that the post-boomer generations are by all appearances less racist and sexist than their predecessors. Still, prejudices are part of human nature. There is always a danger that they will re-emerge, redirected at other targets — defined by their age, their political views, their wealth, the size of their carbon footprint, or some other salient variable. Prejudice doesn’t become acceptable simply because it is not directed at someone’s race, ethnicity or gender.

There is indeed much more at the link.  A better cause for young people would be to fight against the growing age segregation in American society.


Even though the epithet is older, it only started gaining traction everywhere on social media this week.

Who's the Russian troll factory behind "OK Boomer"?

New Zealand Parliament. You should check out this website, www.google.com

Left boomers took out nice pensions. Right boomers got nice tax cuts. The bipartisan wars made their stocks go up. The bipartisan bailouts cemented their position in the social hierarchy. Boomers are the last generation to enjoy a fully funded social security. The future generations are enslaved to all this boomer debt.

I feel your pain.

Maybe the 27 years of history I've been teaching is blinding my intellgence but I'm sure you have to be born in the 1940's to be called a baby boomer. That term came from the time period that followed after WWII when all the soldiers came home and the large number of child that were born over the next 1 - 5 years. Being born in 1962 makes you 59 and no where near a baby boomer's age. I was born in 1970 and I think generation z is kicking ass. I can't wait until they're running things because we need a final cleaning up of the affect these baby boomers have on our society and lives. Most older generations go off quietly and respectfully where we remember them well but this will be different. There showing us their final performance right now and they have put someone who fits so much of the bad side in office they're showing the world who they really are. The crazy part is their sneeky about it because so many of them pretend to holy and people of God when they are the most hateful, racists, bigoted, sexists, homophobic, liars.

Bless your heart

Some of us paid attention in the 80s when the Federal government told us “don’t rely on social security” when they raised contributions.

Now some want to penalize us for doing our job and saving.

Try delaying some gratification early on in life.

Learn to cook. And chop your own veggies. Saves the environment, too. You’re not buying plastic containers.

Besides, we were told the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the US was coming when our Greatest Generation parents died.

You’ll get yours if you don’t suck us dry.

Start pushing for an Alternative Minimum Means Test to programs.

We’ll need a kitchen and not have 70% of our multiple job incomes go to rent first... Maybe some of us will have time in between travel from our full time job to our gig. We also know when the boomers die there wont be any wealth left to transfer... Well, debt maybe. We do push for policy change but are met with “bootstraps” and “stop complaining.” Rich coming from the generation that smoked away the summer of love. You should be proud you got pepper sprayed fighting for civil rights. We get pepper sprayed for just complaining about income inequality. Maybe don’t call a generation snowflakes when they grew up hearing about Mathew Shepard and experiencing school shootings. “Wait your turn.” Is not a reasonable request when immediate action needs to be taken and the current group in power is sitting on their hands. Millennials are about to be the largest active voting block in history since the baby boomers. We’re done waiting, we’re not lazy, but we are done playing nice. We love you but some millennials are approaching their 40s and would like to start families before we need regular prostate checks. PS: It’s not an age thing. We genuinely think the Greatest Generation is indeed just that. And of course it’s not all boomers. Just the ones that went to college for pennies and don’t seem to understand that having $250K in debt for an outdated STEM degree may negatively impact someone’s standard of living.

I think the precursor to "Ok Boomer" was during the debate over the summer about the US Women's soccer team's pay. Some pointed out that the women actually retained a much higher percentage of their revenue generated than the men did. Megan Rapinoe said something like, "Honestly, I'm beyond all that. It's time to pay us more." In other words, don't confuse me with the facts, which I believe is how "Ok Boomer" is used.

Is "Ok Boomer" used primarily by progressives or both progressive and conservative young folks equally? If the former, then it's not truly a generational thing, just another way for progressives to avoid debate. It's hard to imagine someone saying, "Ok Boomer" in response to Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for All plan. Remember, this younger generation has grown up being taught that they can silence any non-progressive speech by claiming such speech makes them feel unsafe. It shouldn't be surprising that yet one more speech shutdown phrase has emerged.

Yes. "OK Boomer" seems a lot more sarcastic than "OK Chief" or even "OK Gramps." It's basically saying "I don't care about the facts, Boomer, I'm entitled to ...."

Ok boomer... Someone sounds triggered. The most entitled people I've met are boomers, not millennials. The whole reason this phrase was invented was because younger generations feel that boomers don't care about the facts. We've spent so much energy trying to argue with facts and logic, and all boomers do is dismiss us for being "disrespectful." Maybe your generation should be a little more compassionate and empathetic. The younger generations are only acting in defense.

Then maybe it could be a quiz answer (if I understand how it works) on NPR's traveling roadshow "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," adding a meta element to what was already a quintessentially Boomer-ish thing.

Get real everyone. Millennials are not paying the interest charges on 24 trillion in debt and another 24 trillion in public sector pensions. There is no American generation that would agree to that cr*p. It is unAmerican, it is default time. Luckily we know better ways to default than a Nixon overnight default.

OK Zoomer

I like it, Zoomer. It implies, just get the defaults done and over with.

Gonna default. Fine. Any chance you will discuss in plain language how you think that will work?

Also, 'Zoomer' is simply the cutesy name for Gen Z

This is the New Fed restructuring. We do this every generation, here is the modern version.

Congress agrees to lease the 'Right to Coin' to a new non-profit Fed in a 15 year term. The New Fed in turn agrees to default on 8 trillion in debt. The contract is renewable in 15 yaers with an additional 4 trillion in default.

The defaults will be opportunistic and mechanic. When slow quarters appear, the machine will default on another chunk of debt, just erase it from its portfolio. Hence the process becomes a bettable process over the term and the shock is spread out to period when is is least inflationary. This is like a futures option, trader will be betting a Wiener process, not a sudden impulse response like the Nixon Shock.

The other part of the deal is hat the New Fed is required that deposits and loans be a representative sample of the economy. This mandates that large government agencies are required to have Fed accounts and with their own S/L they will be on cash flow accounting, a great improvement in financial efficiency for Treasury.

We meet all the legal obligations by giving Congress the right to exit at any time. Congress will not take that right, the default plan is a boon for Congress.

Here are the numbers:

A 2.5%/yr direct inflation via New Fed losses. This works like an NGDP futures target.
The 2.5% inflation is countered with a 1% deflation from more efficient government agencies, leaving a 1.5% inflation in the first 15 years and likely a .75 inflation in the second 15 years.

We are shortening the default cycle since we know it happens every generation, we just speed it up so millennials will update and correct the large programs on a 15 year basis rather than a 30 year.

I can make it complicated using the abstract tree.

We are doing a rounder tree trunk so the government hologram matches the private sector hologram, spectral alignment occurs because traders can trade the NGDP and the future default, there is no room for the 'This time is different' fraud which makes an oval tree trunks and foul hologram.

This was blatant ageism. Shame on her.
But what really happened is this 25 YO with little world experience has adopted the religion of climate change and to her it is scary that some older more experienced person might question her ignorance.

Just heard it for the first time on this page. But careful - Boomers love wordplay, puns, Rhymin' Simon, Phantom Tollbooth - so you might want to avoid.

"fight against the growing age segregation in American society"

Yeah! Like us Boomers should cancel Martin Scorsese for not employing any Boomers as stars in "The Irishman." The growing segregation of pre-Boomers hogging everything must end. No more Scorsese movies or Rolling Stones concerts! We Baby Boomers must finally get our time to shine.

Is this ironicism? I honestly can't tell. Boomers had their time to shine about 50 years ago. I'm pretty sure that regression is a bad thing.

Ah yes, omni Putin, since the US does not have any inherent problems.

And when Is Bloomberg going deny that his last-minute entry isn’t a Russian-backed scheme to sow division in the Democratic Party? Someone get Detective Hillary on the case!

I've never heard anyone use this term. Is it just a social media meme?

And I'm a boomer often accused of giving more advice than is wanted.

Whether it is foreign trolls, or just people trying to sell t-shirts, but let's not overinterpret a term that's just a variant on "Whatever".

Wait, aren't you the guy who tries to dismiss other people's ideas with a hand-waving accusation of "virtue signalling"?

No, you're confusing him with Robin Hanson. And what you see as 'hand-waving' is often merely very condensed.

I didn't mean to imply that he coined the term, but he's sure not shy about waving it around.

Hand waving is now clapping.


Sure, pops.

That's what I thought "OK, Boomer" was subbing for. Or, "Ok, grampa." Ironically, the person most deserving of the epithet is the one who will so lose his s**t upon hearing it that he'll write an entire column in Bloomberg about damned kids not getting of his lawn. Sorry, Tyler.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that.

Tyler wrote: "A better cause for young people would be to"...

Is this advice at the end an ironic joke, or is Tyler tone-deaf?

A BETTER CAUSE FOR US BOOMERS would be to use that voting power to right the fiscal ship, and fix the holes we've put in it.

The massive federal debt (currently being added to $1T/yr) will limit options in the next generation. The college system for millenials leads to debt; not so the system in the boomers time. The changing structure of the financial system makes it easier to get mortgages taking a high percentage of income, and take out 7 year auto loans -- things that weren't possible when boomers were in their 20's. (I couldn't even get a credit card by the time I entered grad school.)

The causes are more complex than simplistically blaming boomers for causing this, but I don't see a lot of political push among my demographic for changing it. Lots more attention to protecting Social Security benefits and Medicare.

Get off my lawn, kid.

"Kid"? Man, I wish I were young enough for someone - anyone - to call me that.

Boomers managed a lower body count from endless wars. I give them that.
Also, Boomers did a Nixon Shock but claim the Millennials are not allowed to have one. Boomers claim they figured stuff out and it is OK for Millennials to pay 5% of their salary to cover Boomer interest costs at the federal level.

All generations make the same lie, it is called 'This time is different', we actually have a cycle for that. Each generation attempts to eat their own children.

Millennials partially will solve this ridiculous fraud and default properly and mathematically with minimum disruption. The science of default as advanced considerably since Nixon and FDR.

"Each generation attempts to eat their own children."

Ridiculous. Prior to the Boomers, we saw several generations bequeath a better society to the next generation, almost as if that was the rule.

Once upon a time, Boomers were all "don't give me no hand me down world" and "don't trust anyone over 30." Farsighted, that.

The gap between Boomers' lifelong self-estimation and a fair appraisal is huge.

I get that there was that kind of Boomer, but I think to be that you had to graduate high school while the Vietnam War, the draft, and the hippie movement were in swing.

Just a few years later it was a different thing.

The draft wasn't ended until 1973, so you're just cutting off the tail end. I agree that a 1946 boomer is a different thing than a 1960 boomer, but most of them are covered by your criteria.

And yes, a few years later, we had oil embargoes, gas lines, double digit inflation and unemployment, national malaise. Grim reality, rather than a half-cocked remaking of the world, was the order of the day. Thus GenX.

The TRS-80 was released in 1977. Any minor given access was among the first to be a digital native.

Boomers were subject to a form of social engineering beyond anything in the history of this country at least. It's not really their fault.

My read on the phrase "eat their own children" is that each generation gets nervous about handing over power to the next one. They're anxious that their own values and beliefs are being trashed, and they want to exert control over the thoughts and expressions of the next generation.

The inter generational conflict here between boomers and millennials is no different to the conflict between the pre-war generation and boomers back in the 60s. All that free love, no war, drugs and music was another way of explicitly rejecting the previous authority - and the extent of those trends was probably more extreme to more comprehensively and deliberately irritate their parents. The great unspoken millennial complaint is that the generation which made a name for rebellion and free expression in their day has become the generation which is today so keen to tell you how everything you believe in is wrong. Freedom for me but not for thee.

The other part is that boomers don't like to think of themselves as a group which gets tagged with a dismissive moniker. Minority groups get tagged with names, not dominant power wielding classes. Calling them by a name is obviously offensive (because it's dehumanising), which is the point, but it's also highlighting the way in which boomers have denigrated so many other classes over the years. That's why it stings.

And I read "OK boomer" in a more dismissive way than TC. It's more like "whatever" or "I don't care what you think", where you don't even need to bother responding to the substance of what they're saying because it's tiresome and irrelevant. Complaints with substance warrant rejections with substance. This is just.... who cares.

This. I think Tyler missed the point. Boomers are (quite fairly) characterized as being ignorant and not worth engaging in debate.

Boomers are the in-laws you hate but love their money and can’t wait for them to die.

I’m an end boomer and have always hated those loud-mouthed rabble rousers.

While I’m included in this, I’m LMAO at the karma the grandkids are delivering. Don’t trust anyone over 30 is hilarious.

The Zs are walking the same path and will one day be on the receiving end because they think they are as “speschul” as the boomers and they’ll get it right.

And tech will save the world.

Only if you can keep the energy flowing. It won’t be with windmills.

It’s not looking too good in California when you don’t even follow the basic tried-and-true centuries or millenia-old solution.

You guys are going to freeze in the dark. No sun spots 225 days and counting. No upper atmosphere heating. It seems The US hasn’t been warming.

The air quality has greatly improved since we boomers were children.

If you try to find the effect of solar minimums in temperature records they are hard to spot as they have a very minor effect. Even if this minimum saw twice the drop in average sunshine watts per square meter as the last minimum it would only temporarily slow the warming trend.

I wish I could give approval of this comment without typing it all out. Beautifully put.

The Nixon shock was in 1971. So how exactly do you figure that Boomers did it? They did not yet wield any power.

The very oldest boomers were 25 in that year, which also happens to be the minimum age to be a member of Congress. For Senator it's 30; for President or Vice-President it's 35.

Young boomers shut down the economy. Nixon was facing huge wasted costs in the American genocide campaign. It was cause for immediate shutdown and default, no worthier cause.

This time around it is the boomers doing the damage and millennials starting the shut downs, in Hong Kong France, Lebanon, etc etc. We have some serious debt repudiation going on with the kids.

The boomers are doing the damage?

Who is voting for it?

That debt didn’t double on its own. Free stuff and expansion of programs costs.

Turning high school into 6 years and graduating with an associates degree instead of a diploma will cost.

You might have gotten Trump to stall the damage and the deep state doesn’t like their rice bowls broken.

This isn’t boomers. This is the old world kings and ruling class with the veneer of voting.

This seems to have really triggered the Boomer blogosphere

The Boomers built their entire identity around the idea that they could have perpetual childhood, and around the story that they were the only youth in history to ever matter.

So, finding out that despite all this, they ended old and decrepit anyway - and what's worse, have made hash of the economy and democracy and destroyed the climate - and so now they are realizing that they are every bit as irrelevant and in the way and invisible to today's youth as their parents were to them. Well, that's a tough pill for boomers to swallow.

"Wait, wait" insist the boomers, "we're special. We're the chosen ones." Apparently boomers are so special and unlike anything else in history, that even the insults the young people use to dismiss them have to be special and unprecedented.

On one hand they're irrelevant, on the other hand they've managed to destroy democracy, the economy, and the climate, Hmmmmm.

Scapegoats are useful.

Nonsense. They are absolutely irrelevant to fixing the damage they've done, except to the extent that they steadfastly remain in the way. 90% of what they have to say is worse than useless.

They've done a remarkable amount of damage. But ultimately, like every generation since the dawn of time, they inevitably get old, then they get in the way, and then they become invisible.

And so they learn, to their chagrin, no mater what they did, that young people don't give af about what they have to say.

Neither Clinton is going to fix this. Nor Bush, Obama or even Trump. Not Jerry Brown. Not Dick Cheney. Not Alan Dershowitz.

"that young people don't give af about what they have to say."

Yet Biden, Warren, and Sanders are the Dem front runners. Hmmmmm.

Sanders isn't a boomer though.

Sanders is a 1%er who owns multiple homes. Think how many people his wealth could feed if he gave it to the deserving poor!

Sanders campaign slogan is:

‘Socialism for thee ... but not for me,’

You are clearly a hateful a__hole and can be ignored in the future.

Shouldn't your name have been "Boomer rang" instead?

Destroyed the climate?

We don’t have Ozone issues. Do we have rivers consistently on fire? The air is cleaner. Is there more skin cancer now because the air is cleaner? Do we still hear about Acid Rain?
They’re finding out what our core vents thru the oceans, which we can’t control, plays a part in what’s going on with the oceans.

Get China to stop dumping in our oceans and clean up their environment and air.

I read "OK, boomer" as the equivalent of "whatever you say, gramps" -- not much of an innovation.

I am greatly pleased that the post-boomer generations are by all appearances less racist and sexist than their predecessors.

Are they really!? I read them as absolutely obsessed (another millenialism) with race and gender to an extent that is heightening tensions and divisions and worsening -- not improving -- race relations (as national surveys show).

I'm kind of disappointed that the kids are still using upper case.

Looking now, "Ok boomer" is common, "ok boomer" less so. Punctuation is rare, as it should be.

(I'm technically a bit older than Tyler, but I attribute my non-boomer-ness to early exposure to the digital world. Been googling since it was veronica.)

Come on dude.

You and Dick the Butcher are the boomerest boomers to have ever graced the MR comments section.

Point me to any online test of attitude and I'll take it.

But it seems to me that my attitudes are very out of sync with boomers. I'm open to dramatically different futures, for one. And not the geriatric variety.

They called me a Millennial on this page even though I admitted to glasses, and saying "oof!" sometimes.

OK, Boomer.

All I hear is, How Do You Do, Fellow Kids !

And on this page they say "So here's the deal. You really are just an old millennial."

Oh, and I'd be fine cutting off the maximum age for President and Congress at 65.

The only thing more Boomer than casual racism is the cringe inducing tryhard “Look I’m not like the rest of them, I’m young at heart and use Twitter! The internet and the Buzzfeed quiz said I was young”

Ok Boomer

I don't claim to be a millennial (even if that's the way I score), and I don't mind owning my age and experience.

I've just never identify with the boomers, since the term was invented.

As I say above, I see them as the Vietnam and pre-digital generation.

What a moronic sycophant you are, pandering to the younger generation in order to appear cool, like those sad characters that dress and groom themselves as if they were 40 years younger even though nobody is fooled except them.

Most people, you excluded, grow wiser with age.

Does anyone here actually believe that, short of senility, they are going to get dumber as they age.


+ 1 I'm still amused.

Don't leave me out!

Nonsense. They are absolutely irrelevant to fixing the damage they've done, except to the extent that they steadfastly remain in the way. 90% of what they have to say is worse than useless.

They've done a remarkable amount of damage. But ultimately, like every generation since the dawn of time, they inevitably get old, then they get in the way, and then they become invisible.

And so they learn, to their chagrin, no mater what they did, that young people don't give af about what they have to say.

hth did this reply get here?

Wait until your time comes. When the next generation thinks smug assholes like you can all go FOAD.

I am greatly pleased that the post-boomer generations are by all appearances less racist and sexist than their predecessors.

To the extent that this is true, isn't it at the very least, just as true or truer that the boomers are less sexist and racist than the generation before them?

And of course, who taught the generations after the boomers? The boomers did.

OK B00mers

I prefer OK Computer

And that includes the workplace where older workers have been just about segregated out. And then they complain that they cannot fi d enough qualified workers. Nervy.

Nonsense. They are absolutely irrelevant to fixing the damage they've done, except to the extent that they steadfastly remain in the way. 90% of what they have to say is worse than useless.

They've done a remarkable amount of damage. But ultimately, like every generation since the dawn of time, they inevitably get old, then they get in the way, and then they become invisible.

And so they learn, to their chagrin, no mater cuck what they did, that young people don't give af about what they have to say.

Tyler didn't do his homework on this one, he's hardly qualified to comment on the issue without understanding that there are 30 year old boomers.
Would've been interesting to hear his thoughts on the economic implications of zoomer-doomer-coomer pipeline.

THE BOOMER TOURNAMENT IS OVER! And the winner is..... @Steve_Sailer!


Somewhat ironically I think you've missed the point here.

OK boomer, is like "Alright, Grandma". There is a limited amount of time anyone will spend arguing with an elderly person past a certain age as they are stuck in the mindframe of the conditions that they grew up in. I don't say the whole "OK boomer" thing myself as I know plenty of boomers who are fine and I can learn a lot from. But it is meant to be dismissive, not confrontational. The youngest boomer is in their late 50s or so? Most of them will be aging out of influence soon enough, no need to jump down their throats about it.

For the record I am not at all on board with pseudo socialism or anything like that.

It is certainly dismissive in exactly the manner as "OK, Grandpa/Grandma," and thus nothing new at all, but it's also irrationally and unacceptably prejudiced in a way you don't seem to understand.

The idea that it's reasonable to limit the amount of time you debate with old people because "a person past a certain age is stuck in the mindframe..." is about as valid as the idea that it's reasonable to limit the amount of time you debate with women because "they're really not rational enough for debate."

And this is true even when the group in question really does trend toward the stereotype. Are people who didn't go to college, on average, less intelligent than college graduates? Without question. Would it be reasonable limit the time spent debating with any individual who did not go to college? No because there's so much in-group variation that lack of college doesn't really tell you anything useful about a single individual.

Saying "OK, grandpa" or "OK, Boomer" to suggest that age alone makes their views incorrect/irrelevant t is exactly like saying "OK, prole" to suggest that lack of college makes views incorrect/irrelevant or "OK, racial epithet of your choice" to suggest that race does.

And it should be socially punished in the same way.

OK, boomer, good to know we are all obligated to argue with you past a reasonable amount of time.

Lol yea he walked right into that one.

A few other commenters have made this point, but it is going to be tough for Boomers to let go of having the"The most important generation" title that they have held for so long. Just like they weren't entirely interested in what their parents and grandparents thought about how things should be done, Millenials are the same. And in time, Millenials will be told "Good one Millenial" and the cycle will continue.

Losing relevance is always tough. It's why there are also so many articles springing up talking about "OUR MUSIC WAS THE BEST AND THEIR WILL NEVER BE BETTER". It's like "Cool Story bro but I'm gonna bump some of that new shit".

Boomers were the last generation whose parents hated all their music and vice versa. Boomer kids (Millenials) have their own music, but it's not that different from Boomer music, so Boomers can like it and often do, and plenty of Millenials like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, etc. The big change was rap, which was a Gen X thing. But Gen X kids like Boomer music, and plenty of Boomers like rap.

I guess my point is it's interesting, kids now (I have 2 Gen Z kids) will listen to anything they like, whether it's new or from the past, and there's no sense of 'why are you into that, that's for old people' with music to them.

My 14 year old son enjoys mostly older music, from the Black Keys to Green Day to AC/DC to King Crimson to Sinatra to Benny freaking Goodman. And he also likes hip hop but mainly the good older stuff, like the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy.

I agree completely about the music, that is what I have noticed as well.

My comment is more about articles by (some) boomers saying their music is uniquely special, not that other generations don't listen to music made by boomers which they definitely do.

Gotta lol at the "good older stuff" about Hip hop too, those albums wouldn't even make my top 20 hip hop albums of all time tbh. Extremely dated imo.

It's just taste and preference. Your opinion is wrong, to me.

Guessing here, but I would put money on you or your son not having listened to that much post-2000 Hip Hop if that is what you really think. He's young so has an excuse, you not so much.

Nonsense. They are absolutely irrelevant to fixing the damage they've done, except to the extent cuck that they steadfastly remain in the way. 90% of what they have to say is worse than useless cuck.

They've done a remarkable amount of damage. But ultimately, like every generation since the dawn of time, they inevitably get old, then they get in the way, and then they become invisible.

And so they learn, to their chagrin, no mater what they did, that young people don't give af about what they have to say.

> A better cause for young people would be to

OK boomer.

I clicked through assuming the article was snarkily ironic. I was wrong.

Yup. Overly optimistic. Then we could have said OooKaay! Booomer! ... but we can't. : (

". . . I worry that those who deploy “OK Boomer” are putting themselves down and signaling their own impotence."

Considering that 85% of the time its deployed, its deployed against a Gen-Xer - yeah. That's exactly what is happening.

As his prize, @Steve_Sailer receives $20 which he can spend on anything he sees fit: lawn seed, propane gas, Ritalin, anything!

Tyler, the next time some young whippersnapper calls you a Boomer, tell them that you're a trans-generational individual, that you self-identify as a 22-year-old zoomer, and that their misgenerating of you is violent hate speech. That ought to shut them up.

Well I self-identify as a cuck in fact.

But... but... muh punching up.

This is the actual answer. Good work.

There is a growing realization, among the youth, that Baby Boomers are probably the most inept generation in US history, on both foreign policy and domestic policy fronts. I will not disagree that "Ok Boomer" is basically an admission that young people cannot correctly identify the issues. But I'm willing to cut a 23 year-old, with a watered-down, worthless high school and college education, some slack.

On the other hand, I've yet to hear any Boomer realistically appraise their generation's legacy:
- 23 trillion dollars of debt and counting.
- pointless counterproductive wars, largely as a result of a Jewish fetish on both sides of the aisle.
- gutted industrial base, with declining life expectancy as a result.
- incompetent immigration policy that rewards lower IQ, more criminality prone immigrants.
- reducing important institutions to financial scams, with academia being the most notable example.
- foreign policy that was dead wrong about China for three decades, without course correcting.

The latest DNC primary is another symptom, where the poll-leaders are mediocre geriatrics kept in the race by a geriatric voter base. Before it's all over with, I believe the "Zombie Generation" will be a more apt term.

What do you mean by "dead-wrong about China"? Due to our policies GDP per capita and overall GDP has skyrocketed in China over the past three decades? Sure American workers have had a sacrifice but its all been for the better of helping to turn China into an industrialized nation! You should be thanking us!

Point taken, but don't be too quick to dismiss the moral value of lifting a billion people out of poverty.

For leaders of the US to do this at the grave detriment of this country, is a bit like a CEO who handicaps their own company to help another. It's an abdication of their responsibilities.

I'm proud of what we've done making it significantly harder for people in this country to earn a good living.

"Grave detriment"? OK, boomer.

This is really interesting. If that’s the Z view, selling US out.

But we also helped Europe and Japan get back on their feet and sometimes that meant looking the other way. It wasn’t right to leave them in ruins.

Boomers didn’t have to compete against the world. The kids do.

But it’s also a minefield or a trade off wanting open borders, citizen of the world, free flow of people and whining I’m all for that but I want to stay here and have a good -paying job.

Part of growing up is realizing you can’t have it all and making choices.

Some of those arguments seem conservative in nature and I don’t think they’re going to be able to...tease out a compromise.

The post above mentioned six points, which Boomers are incapable of addressing. You're mentioning the Marshall Plan, which stopped being relevant some time in the 1960's It's the policies from the 90's onward that have been a mounting disaster for the US, and future generations.

The Boomers are incapable of sacrificing __anything__. Okay, so we want to help out the world, largely to our detriment. Fair enough. Perhaps we sacrifice Medicare and social security? Perhaps we stop bailing out Boomers after one dumb financial bubble after another? Perhaps we focus on helping people abroad, as opposed to importing the most genetically and culturally barren populations on earth? (That would be in the spirit of the Marshall plan, correct?)

Nope, it's the Boomer's M.O. to expect someone else to pay. As another poster said, it's like Boomers malfunction when they have to address this stuff. They just can't do it. Cowen, Tabarrok, or anyone else.

Nonsense. They are a cuck absolutely irrelevant to fixing the damage they've done, except to the extent that they steadfastly remain in the way. 90% of what they have to say cuck is worse than useless.

They've done a remarkable amount of damage. But ultimately, like every generation since the dawn of time, they inevitably get old, then they get in the way, and then they become invisible.

And so they learn, to their chagrin, no mater what they did, that young people don't give af about what they have to say.

I like how anonymous lists six points about Boomers' legacy and Alex Tabarrock only challenges the last one about China. :^)

$23 trillion in debt you say? I know where we can find several trillion, in the Social Security Trust Fund! And conveniently, just as boomers are retiring, we kill the whole program. Makes paying back the rest of the debt less onerous too. Fortunately those boomers made such strong connections with their children, they'll need them for support.

Is the insult not ageist, according to the Byzantine tenets of modern social justice ideology? To me, it's use seems like another instance of the obvious hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness on the part of Millenials (of which am one) and Gen Z'ers. "We've turned anti-racism, sexism and homophobia into a 21st century version of the Red Scare, because judging people on their group identity is wrong and morally repugnant, except for our own set of demographic groups that we hate on, like aging boomers, white working class people without a college degree, cops, believing Christians, and the economically successful. This represents modern enlightened thinking."

*** a ****.

Nonsense. They are absolutely irrelevant to fixing the damage they've done, except to the extent that they steadfastly remain in the way. 90% of what they have to say is worse than useless.

They've done a remarkable amount of damage. But ultimately, like every generation since the dawn of time, they inevitably get old, then they get in the way, and then they become invisible.

And so they learn, to their actual metrics chagrin, no mater what they did, that young people don't give af about what they have to say.

The closest earlier analog to “OK Boomer” is probably “OK, Chief,” a slightly sardonic response to a bossy or persistent request.

No, Tyler. The closest earlier equivalent of "OK Boomer" is "Shut up, old bag!"

With all due respect (i.e., OK), I think the article misses the novelty of the meme. OK Boomer is a way for younger generations to reclaim coolness to counter aggressive admonition from older generations. It's ironic because the class of young people who have been using the phrase have been characterized as angry, triggered, neo Red Guards. (This picture comes to mindhttps://miro.medium.com/max/3614/1*0mJk9zDw6JvG6l1WdQXK3w.jpeg) Now they are reclaiming the coolness that the Boomers claimed for themselves back in the 60s and 70s.

Given that Dr. Cowen was born in 1962, he really was at the tail end of the generation. I think if he called himself a Gen Xer, no one would mind.

My favorite Boomer trope is how they say a CEO's only obligation is to the shareholders.

Meanwhile, it's insert racist/xenophobic/anti-semitic/yada-yada-yada to say a President's only obligation is to American citizens.

Boomers will go straight NPC over this stuff. Bring this up at Thanksgiving and watch...

Debug::Boomer.exe cannot handle logical consistency...
Debug::Ethical abstraction violating generational solidarity...
Print::"it's complicated...moral imperative...racism...NPR said..."
Boomer.exe shutting down...


Young critics of the Boomers assume that everything was always the way it is today, that today's challenges (such as global warming) were yesterday's challenges. That's one reason I often include references in my comments to the way things were in the past, such as segregation and worse, lynchings, sexism on a grand scale, a much less affluent nation (dare I say poorer), no interstate highways (try driving from Michigan to Florida on a two-lane highway), no air conditioning, phones with dials and television with only three stations viewed in black and white, manual typewriters, polio, the ever present threat of nuclear annihilation, cars with no seat belts and steel frames that were death traps. The list is long. The better question is why today's generation is ignorant of the differences between today and yesterday. I sometimes make the point that today's generation seems to believe that history began the day they were born; and I assume ends they day they die. If today's generation is sufficiently self-aware to believe it, I'd compliment them for their understanding of life. But that's not what they believe, because if they did, they would not blame Boomers for what took place before they were born because it didn't exist.

This is weak. Global warming could have been mitigated with a sensible nuclear energy policy. Remind me, again, which generation has been hysterical about nuclear energy?

As the comment notes above, policies like the increasingly apocalyptic debt began under the Boomer's watch.

Nonsense. They are absolutely irrelevant to fixing the damage they've done, except to the cuck extent that they steadfastly remain in the way. 90% of what they have to say is worse than useless.

They've done a remarkable amount of damage. But ultimately, like every generation since the dawn of time, they inevitably get old, then they get in the way, and then they become invisible.

And so they learn, to their chagrin, no mater what they did, that young people don't give af about what they have to say.

Eyeroll anyone over 30.

The Boomers were right. Don't trust anyone over 30.

"... the post-boomer generations are by all appearances less racist and sexist than their predecessors." Yes, that's exactly it. And War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

Hey, "OK, boomer," is more civilized than the "Gas all boomers" that was percolating around parts of the internet a few years ago.

Regarding complaints by millennials and Gen-Zers, two that have merit are over the extremely high college expenses that have developed over the last half century or so and higher housing costs. There is also higher healthcare costs, although the latter are more a problem for boomers now than for younger gens. Maybe the boomers should blame the Silents and the Greatest Gen for the latter.

NIMBYism by boomers in high housing cost areas may be blamed on the generation, but I am hard pressed to find what is generational about the combination of rising administrator/student ratios as well as rising administrator salaries that seem to be the main reasons for the rising college costs. I also note that at least some boomer parents pay their children's college costs, which has them the victims of this, not the younger gens, although clearly a lot of parents are not doing so or doing so fully. They can get blamed I guess, so OK to them, or maybe just gas them..

Nonsense. They are absolutely irrelevant to fixing the damage they've done, except to the extent that they steadfastly remain in the way. 90% of what they have to say is worse than useless.

They've done a remarkable amount of damage. But ultimately, like every generation since the dawn of time, they inevitably get old, then they get in the way, and then they become invisible.

And so they learn, to their chagrin, no mater cuck cuck what they did, that young people don't give af about what they have to say.

OK McMike.. A bit cuckily hysterical you are. So, OK boy.

Oh, and gas all the McMikes here.

To be honest... I almost gave you something like “ok boomer” the other day (but I figured it was kinda rude and mean spirited so I didn’t... until today haha).

First it was the Kanye and Kendrick Lamar commentary and then that weird of you were 27 and and had a date over Sinatra stuff.

I am not usually one to care but it came across as two old dudes trying to be hard to be hip.

I almost commented snarkily (and now I am but u asked for it with the ok boomer stuff)... good luck trying to seduce a 27 year old female date with Sinatra... boomers.

For the record, the fanatical radtrads on catholic twitter have been using this type of phrase for some time to pick it the boomer bishops and preference for ugly carpeted churches, their felt board catechesis, and the tearing apart of beautiful old churches and liturgy. They are railing about their effort to make worship “hip” for the kids has sped up the decline.

And while they are crazy, they are kind of right about that. Freakin boomers... it’s catchy and effective. It’s not about age so much as their trying to be hip rather than what they are.

For the record... ther other commenters writing that must have got under your skin... which was likely the point.

It’s snark and a joke (that has truth in there).


Boomer culture is using your kids name or birth date for every password and wondering why your accounts keeps getting hacked.

In all fairness, that's more of a WW2 generation thing.

Boomers were more about trying to offshore every technology job, then wondering why companies like GE end up in the dumpster.

Boomers are about me. Me me me. It’s even right their in the word itself.

Password advice:

The same prefix + site specific + the same suffix.

It makes easy mnemonics and security. For instance if my prefix was my dog's name, and my suffix was the last 4 of my childhood phone number, my password for this blog might be "fidoMR3278"

Anyone doing a brute force attack would have to go through 64 to the power of len("fidoMR3278"), or 1152921504606846976 attempts. Assuming 64 legal password characters.

I could make it even better using a less obvious site-specific, like "Tyrone"

Boomer Password advice:

- Take your favorite pop band from the 1960’s.
- Take something that your generation claims credit for, but actually was achieved by previous generations.
- Take the amount of money you have personally received (or will receive) from electorally fleecing younger generations.

So, something like, IkeTurnerMoonLanding1,500,000

Ike Turner was a pop band form the 60's?

Sinatra? He was Greatests and Silents, not Boomers. OK, "Student"? What a gas you are.

"This prattling of theirs hardly deserves the name of sophistry. It is nothing but plain impudence."


I don't remember Baby Boomers lasting until 1964. That seems to be a recent extension.

I guess Everyone wants to be a Boomer as the reason the age of Boomerhood was extended.

But, what does Boomer mean--there isn't a consistent political ideology across the group, and if there is one, it is probably more geographically dependent and may turn on such facts as whether the parent of the Boomer voted for Goldwater, George Wallace or Kennedy/LBJ.

Let's find more was to divide.

I am more interested in the edge of chaos...the boundary between Alt-Right and Libertarian and also those who follow or want to follow Authoritians and read their tweets.

Authoritarians. Am currently reading: Cultural Backlash: Trump, Brexit and Authoritarian Populism by Nor and Inglehart (Harvard Kennedy School and U of Mich Social and Survey Research) Boomerhood does not play a role, but some other very interesting factors do.

Boomers gave us Clinton v Trump. Millennials wanted Sanders v Trump. Boomers are also the reason Trump was elected, since he is the Boomer id manifested in meat space, with Hillary a close second. That’s the Boomer divide, Hillary vs Trump.

As to your other assertion, the boundary between libertarian and alt-right is miles longer than between alt-right and Warren.

Free trade, free movement/choice of labor and people (open borders), freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, not burdening the public with the failings of individuals...

These are all anathema to both the alt-right and the Warren left. The common thread is furious anger at the private decisions of individuals and the desire to use the violence of the state to force individuals to follow their ideological bent.

To hell with both.

Have you discussed your anger at your parents with a therapist?

1964 is the cutoff because that's literally when the 'baby boom' started to fade. There was a massive spike in births after WWII, and it continued and didn't turn south until 1964.

Then those boomers had kids, so there was a mini baby boom from 1980-1996 or so, the millenials. Those are the big generations, Gen X is smaller, Gen Z (Gen X's kids) probably will be too.

Maybe the Boom

Tapered off with the availability of

Birth Control Pills.

Or, maybe less interest in sex.

Ok Boomer

Thanks for ruining the American dream. We can all celebrate your heroic and valiant effort to protect your local zoning laws keeping brown kids from living in your area.

I’m sure your vote for Hillary morally absolves you.

Vote against geography defining school choice or be a white supremacist.

Here’s a millennial answer: any kid within 50 miles can send their kid to the public school.

Get help.

So you’re on board with eliminating school districts? Or are you a Boomer clinging to his red -lined property values?

I smell a Boomer coveting his house value based on discrimination and racism. Might as well be a Trump voter, no difference when it comes to NIMBY.

You don't know who I am.

You are just projecting an image of your future self.

Actually, the largest birth cohort (bar one) in American history was that of 1957. Cohort sizes declined pretty steadily for nearly 20 years, reaching the nadir in 1976.

I think there is a demographic Baby Boomer/Generation X division that is later than the more important cultural division which I think is more like the 1960. I think it’s the people that brought in punk and new wave. Those are the people the book Generation X was about which where the label came from.

This is woefully out of touch, Mr. Cowen.

"The closest earlier analog to “OK Boomer” is probably “OK, Chief,” a slightly sardonic response to a bossy or persistent request. So the phrase “OK Boomer” is itself an implicit and indeed somewhat passive admission as to who is really in charge."

The claim in the second sentence does not follow from the claim in the first, despite being introduced by the word 'so'. Are you lazy, or do you assume your readers are?

Meh. The Boomers arguably aren't what they are cracked up to be. But speaking as a Millennial, it's hardly like the Millennials are better.

Millennial defining political traits are either paleo-Marxist 'Millennial socialism', posturing Wokeness, or cosmopolitan consumerist apathy. (The former two more so since 2008).

We're not particularly good at decreasing consumption in the pursuit of environmental protection. We're not willing to impose limits on individuals to mitigate the huge disruptions and polarisation that emerge from massive migration and sorting within and between societies. Worse, if anything.

On top of being no better on the issues that matter (and mostly worse), as creators and thinkers, we're also probably the most artistically and philosophically bankrupt and sophomoric generation in the last 80-100 years. The quality of imagination clearly just plummets after X.

They're hardly "less racist" either - history may or may not look kindly on the Race Essentialism of the Millennial version of "cultural appropriation" (in which cultural appropriation is nothing to do with trying to hide or appropriate art from away from its origins, merely participation in signature motifs that are perceived to "belong" to another culture) or "It's not racist if you don't have power" (e.g. Asian-Americans who talk approvingly of the "bliss of White Silence", well, that's OK and not racist, because it's not "structural" by a group with "power") or the self-conscious, deeply racially conscious signalling that surrounds the PC worldview that sees individuals first and foremost in starkly racial terms.

That's determined by whether the culture continues on its bleak course.

But thinking people certainly shouldn't look kindly on it. Millennials are more intensely race-based in their worldview, even if the beats are different (among Whites, ethno-submissive rather than ethno-dominant).

we're also probably the most artistically and philosophically bankrupt and sophomoric generation in the last 80-100 years.

On behalf of GenX, I apologize for "Beto" O'Rourke.

lol, @petridishes tweets "ok bloomberg"

(note: lower case, no punctuation.)

First World memes. In the Third World, where I sometimes live (Greece, the Philippines) nobody cares about stuff that First Worlders obsess over, like gender issues (gays are common in SE Asia, seems there's one in every family, nobody cares), race issues (pace religion, which is nominally still a big deal), and age issues (I'm nearly twice my girl's age). The only thing that matters is money. If you have it, you're good. I sometimes wonder whether my kids will be better off in the USA, than in PH or even GR, due to the uptight nature of the former country. Unfortunately, my vast fortune of over $10M USD is in the USA for the most part (I have 10% overseas) so I'm stuck with probably being in the USA for at least part of the year.

Speaking as a Boomer myself.

You could always divest. You’ll have a fabulous standard of living in those countries even with less. And you’re smart, you’ll make it up.

the post-boomer generations are by all appearances less racist and sexist than their predecessors.

As for the sexist thing, post-boomers have decided to ignore biology. Recognizing that there's a difference between the sexes isn't the same as being sexist. The most shameful change in the culture has been the acceptance of the very reason there was a cold war, not just to maintain faux democracy, but to retain pre-war western society as we understood it. Instead, the west adopted many of the characteristics of the godless commies that had been despised, among them the phony equality of females. It's already apparent that this major mistake, unique in world history, is paving the way for the demise of western society.

Who gets to label generations, like Boomer, GenX, Millenial?

The Census, Pew Research, or

Some bored reporter?

Did you know that Gertrude Stein was the first person to name a Generation:

She called it the Lost Generation

Did you know that Generation Y changed its name?

"In the early 1990s, the children following Generation X were often referred to as Generation Y by media outlets like Advertising Age, which is credited with first using the term in 1993. But by the mid-'90s, as buzz about the turn of the century grew, this generation was more often referred to as Millennials, a term Howe and Strauss first used in their book."


The next Generation will be called: F*cked

You’re the generation of “muh house value depends on segregation”

The difference between a Trump supporter and a Bill is he throws the election by voting for Biden in the primary.

Bernie or Bust. Throw the racist Democrat NIMBY white men out.


Take a deep breath. Let your breath in and out. Soon you will feel sleepy.

Skeptic is gassing himself. OK?

"OK boomer" is not actually used to insult boomers. It is used to call Gen Xers old, by saying they are acting older than they are.

It's signalling impotence for sure. Because the Boomer generation's parents built this society to suit their [the parents'] children and then the Boomers just kept changing the rules to suit themselves. So yeah there's some resentment that the Boomer generation will not pass their power to their children and those children have been unable to claim it.

(and dismissive like OK gramps.)

Didn't boomers start the whole fight with the "millennial" slur? For years millennials were trashed as being whiny, unambitious, soft, too PC, etc. Millennial memes have graced my FB feed for many years before ok boomer appeared.


Not from the age when the onion was a bit transgressive, and a total waste of an opportunity to be funny.

I'm under 30, and I find the "ok boomer" thing extremely obnoxious. Anyone who uses it likely just doesn't actually have anything to say.

"A better cause for young people would be to fight against the growing age segregation in American society."

Ok, blogger.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

oh actually those were "sarcastic" ha ha ha ha ha (plural noun)

up your game mr

i was born in the 70s

here is how you sound to people who are not predisposed to think you are wonderful:
I am great
I am great
everybody luvs luvs luvs me

it is cute when Garfield the cat does it

draw me a cute cat
that loves lasagna


How is this worthy of an article. It's ad hominem and therefore illegitimate. . That's all that needs to be said about it.

It appears that many boomers are really bothered by "OK, boomer." I wonder why.

Yeah I wonder why people are bothered by attempts to discredit them based on age.

Well, Tyler claims that the phrase signals the "impotence" of young users, not the impotence or fading power of boomers. If that were true, boomers wouldn't, or at least shouldn't, care about it.

But it looks to me that a power shift between generations is happening, and that this pithy, snarky phrase is both capturing and contributing to this shift.

Millennials share the self-importance of the Boomers. Both generations want to remake the world in their image. Both blame those who came before. Both think/thought they'd never get old. Both have fetishized their own youth--christ-like powers to save our souls if we'd only adopt their prescriptions for improvement.

I'm inclined to agree with you.

I haven't had the privilege yet, but I suspect when I do it will be in the context of Ok boomer, I want some money, or Ok boomer, how do I do this.

And I'll respond with something like 'get a haircut, get a job'.

I've been handing off a rather complex endeavor for the last few years and it seems it is human nature that people need to learn the hard way. This time last century the world was waking up to the realization that it had fucked up badly, and it would take another 60 years to shed the consequences. And it looks very much like the whole cycle is going to be run through again.

The advantage of being young is that you can come up with solutions to everything when you don't know anything.

I have to say, the amount of irony here and the insecurity showing through here is shocking. "ok boomer" is dismissive, as in the speaker has given up on the boomer ever learning a new idea and has just resigned themselves to the fact that their is no bringing them out of their echo chamber. It is also a response to a lack of empathy and a shocking lack of responsibility for what they created and a lack of appreciation for the world that was handed to them. A frequent response to housing unaffordability is "when I was your age I had a house at 22"- shifting responsibility and somehow completely missing the point that at typical entry level wages (or even the speaker's current wages) houses are completely unaffordable and a 20% down payment on a 400k house is out of reach. Similarly, in response to rising college costs you get a reply about how they paid for college themselves with a job waiting tables or something similar. You would have to wait tables for 10 years (while spending no other money) to afford a typical college education now. A select number of community colleges are less repressive (maybe), but the funds to state universities cut on the Boomer generation's watch has made this impossible.

I am not a "millenial", I am solidly "Gen X" but saw these societal changes starting as I entered the world- I was able to have a reasonable burden after I left college because I went to a state school on a college- but the cost of that same school has tripled since I graduated ~ 20 years ago. It was very difficult for me to get to a salary where I could move out of my parent's house and later afford a place to buy, it took me until I was 25 to do so. I felt a bit like a failure for not being able to buy a house until I was about 30- but the interesting thing was that by about 26 I was personally making the median income in the town I grew up in- but the mid 2000s RE boom made everything out of reach.

I have read this blog for ten years now, and this column has made me lose a great deal of respect for you. Making sweeping generalizations, insulting comments (impotent? really? this isn't trying to stoke a fire?), and making excuses for close mindedness and racism- you have really earned yourself an "ok boomer". Not being empathetic to those who are being actively criticized because they have not achieved at a similar level at a given age due to the lack of societal gifts given to their elders in the form of cheap housing, cheap education, well paying entry level jobs, is going to earn you many more though unless you actually try to understand where it is coming from.

And this is not even covering the fact that by far the most prevalent usage of this phrase is in response to the fact that Boomer's are far more likely to fall victim of misinformation than other generations, not only on social media, but in traditional media as well: https://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/23/business/its-viewers-are-graying-but-their-passion-pays-for-fox-news.html

This is correct.

Boomers have been criticizing and insulting the young for a decade. Boomers complain that "Millennials killed Applebee's," "Millennials killed the power lunch" etc., etc. Boomers whine that the real estate industry is suffering because Millennials spend their money on avocado toast instead of moving out of their parents' basement and buying houses.

My teenagers have had to roll their eyes at so many internet memes making fun of the young--you've seen these, the cartoon of a puzzled kid holding a book with a speech bubble saying, "Where is the on button," ha ha ha, Boomers, so witty, really showed them.

Like kevstev, I've been reading your blog for a while, read one of your books, the podcast, and I owe you thanks for introducing me to many books, ideas, and so forth. This article is way off.

I supervise a team of Millennials. They work hard. They are productive. They want to make a positive impact on the world. They worry about being able to afford a house and really start their lives. As a Gen Xer, if there is anything I complain about with these kids, it is that they took so long to come up with, "Okay, Boomer." It's hilarious and it's perfect. If you are bothered by it at all, bothered by it enough to write an article blaming the age segregation on the young and asking the young to clean up this mess along with the others handed to them by their elders, well, okay, Boomer.


My entry in the nothing-new-under-the-sun contest.

When I was in college, I didn’t attend mandatory lectures, events, seminars, etc. on diversity, 58 genders, or environmentalism.

That stuff costs. Vetting, training, coursework, filing reports, the staff needed to monitor the reports, the legal fees schools need to budget for today.

The younger generations are voting and have been voting what’s important to them. Someone has to pay for it.

I don’t watch a Fox, but I’ve laughed for years that a small cable station which only has an average 2-3 million viewers causes such consternation.

If there were only 2-3 million boomers, there wouldn’t be an issue, would there?

Besides, they’re part of Disney now. They’ll protect Democrat rapists and sexual assaulters and crucify those whistleblowers just like the other channels.

Doesn’t The View have about the same numbers, a couple of million?

Ok boomer. Go ahead and think that you know better than all of the younger generations just because you're old. We say "ok boomer" instead of an elaborate response because we're so tired of being called "disrespectful" for using facts and logic in arguments with our parents and grandparents. We're acknowledging that boomers are so uninformed and entitled (yes really; no millennial has ever been as rude to me as boomers have) that they won't ever understand the real world of today. Sure, maybe boomers could have paid for college all by themselves with little to no debt, but guess what? One USD can't be worth half as much as it was when they were in college. Maybe we'd get out of our parents' basements and fix all of this if we could make enough money to survive on our own.

"OK Boomer" is implicitly sarcastic, and the "OK" does not signal apathy or acceptance. It's purely dismissive.

"In this paper, I will argue why "OK boomer" is both not ok and ok. And these damn kids better get off my lawn!"

Whoa, someone needs their safe space against these online micro-aggressions. The politics of language is real as long as it excludes those whiny, self-entitled kids that, I, Boomer, setup for success, damn kids are rioting because they can't get the new iPhone.

Have to relook the incentive structure of Bloomberg, is there a requirement to grind out an article per month, some kind of retainer scheme?


The implicit passivity of the phrase is one of the reasons it works, and you've missed that. Regularly at work I listen to coworkers comment that my generation is destroying the world. Much of what I'd like to say in response risks running afoul of anti-age discrimination laws, which for some reason don't protect me as someone under 40 (in the U.S.). Similarly, in family settings as a millennial my opinion is dismissed whenever it deviates from that of my older relatives, because I'm "just a millennial," "my generation doesn't understand," etc. A great example is Trump's response to Thunberg's UN speech -- it was fundamentally dismissive and clearly based on age. "She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!"

So, we have "OK, boomer" to rely on. At work it's both an acknowledgement and a dismissal of what they're saying in way that won't get someone in trouble with HR. During the holidays it tells my family members that I heard them but I won't bother to engage in a conversation where my opinion is valued based on age alone.

I recognize this isn't the way it's ALWAYS being used, but I'll agree not to hold all boomers to the worst examples of their generation if you agree not to hold me to the worst examples of mine.

"Gas all boomers," kept on the QT by the MSM, was the bitterer phrase of the millennials, the middle part of which gen really got hurt by the Great Recession and are still suffering the lingering effects of it. They are also the kids of the boomers, so more directly in conflict with them

The "ok boomer" is a line of the Gen-Z crowd, children of the ironic Gen-X gen, and it is an ironic turn of phrase. They are not suffering as much as the millennials did, coming up in the post-GR economy where jobs are again available. So they can be ironic and get the MSM to quote their line, while the bitter millennial one gets buried.

Tyler needs to chill: https://mobile.twitter.com/vgr/status/1193630218633633792

I like to copy/paste stuff from https://www.reddit.com/r/boomershumor/ to my kids - drives them nuts...

Man... I love your insight most of the time. Seriously enjoy and appreciate it. But this is so far off base, I'm not even sure it's you writing it. "OK Boomer" isn't targeted at real people that think and debate and discuss and analyze and read. It's for the ones that have a complete disregard for all of the above. They pontificate at the bar at the airport, or the first tee at the country club, or god forbid your shared table at a wedding. There is no communication - it's one way. Theirs.

Wake up my indirect online friend... You should 100% be saying "Ok Boomer" too!

Interpreting the majority of the uses of "ok, boomer" as discrimination is just flat wrong. it is dismissive, but not discriminatory. what it means is "ok, boomer. we have had enough of your opinions and policies and neoliberal bullshit. it's time for someone else to drive the bus. shut the fuck up for once. you're not the only one who matters." anyone trying to frame it as ageism is being ignorant or disingenuous.
also, it seems likely that a large percentage of the boomers who are trying to frame the use of this phrase as discriminatory are the same ones who rail against pc culture and social justice warriors and lament how you can't say anything without offending someone these days. pretty hypocritical. to them I say, "f@#k you, corpse."

> "Still, prejudices are part of human nature. There is always a danger that they will re-emerge, redirected at other targets — defined by their age, their political views, their wealth, the size of their carbon footprint, or some other salient variable. Prejudice doesn’t become acceptable simply because it is not directed at someone’s race, ethnicity or gender."

Ageism bad.

"-ism" based on _choices_ one has made, like politics, wealth, pollution... good.

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