Royal markets in everything sentences to ponder

Harry and Meghan have a ready-made brand which could earn them “an absolute fortune” and make them bigger than the Beckhams and Obamas, according to brand experts.

Some analysts say the couple could easily earn up to £500m in their first year of independence, their brand will be ethical and luxury on par with the Obamas and Bill Gates, and they will move to North America permanently.

Experts say potential money-making areas include fashion, speaking engagements, and even forming their own production company…

According to Mr Barr, coding logs on the Sussex Royal website show that work on their new online presence began in September.

In December, Harry and Meghan trademarked the “Sussex Royal” brand, including 100 items ranging from notepads and socks to counselling services.

Mr Barr added the Sussexes will most likely be a “luxury brand”, on the levels of Louis Vuitton and Burberry, but they will have to carefully balance their personal lives from a PR respective to maintain that.

The remaining royals are upset?  Well, here is the kicker:

Andy Barr, retail expert at price tracker website, told Sky News the Sussexes have the potential to “dwarf” the earnings of Prince Charles, whose Duchy brand makes an estimated £100m to £200m a year.

Here is the full story.  Here is more on the Duchy Brand, note it is owned by Prince Charles’s charitable fund.


We've tried a couple of Duchy products - they've been pretty good.

Economists probably attribute to one of their number the insight that more expensive food products are often more delicious.

Who are the Beckhams? And who cares about Harry and what's her name?

David and Victoria ("Posh Spice") Beckham. He is a superstar soccer player.

"Sussex Royal" sounds like the brand of the $20 pair of bedsheets I just donated to the less fortunate.

Really! Soccer! That's a sport outside of high school? Do they get paid? Do people actually go there to watch them?

It's very big with children and europeans.

I don't know... Our Sussex Royal toilet paper is very soft. I think it's infused with the tears of the poor and downtrodden.

I‘m rooting for them, but the article seems a bit breathless. $500m bottom line in year one? My impression was they’re going to be working FOR Netflix, not owning it

I think what they are missing is that in order to get those sweet speaking fees and corporate gigs, you either have to have A) done something for someone while in power, and this is deferred payment, or B) there is a chance you will wield significant power in the future, so everyone wants to be your friend. See: the Clinton foundation donations after Hillary lost the election..

Meghan and Harry have neither attribute. Maybe they can sell Goop for Gwyneth.

Oprah and the Sussex Royals will make Dad’s “more expensive food products” look even more douchier than they already are

"Harry and Meghan trademarked the 'Sussex Royal' brand, including 100 items ranging from notepads and socks"

We are not amused.

"Sussex Royal" sounds like white trash stage name.

On the other hand, there are some folks its best not to annoy....

Walk wide o' the Widow at Windsor,

For 'alf o' Creation she owns:

We 'ave bought 'er the same with the sword an' the flame,

An' we've salted it down with our bones.

(Poor beggars! -- it's blue with our bones!)

Not my favorite Kipling (because I think Victoria was a pretty good Queen) but thanks for reminding me of that.

Not having heard of the Duchy brand before, I googled it. What comes up first is a coupla' pictures of bags of stuff that look surprisingly like cookies. On the one hand, this is exactly the speed of an aristocrat [good at horse riding and little else], but on the other, it's perfect for getting rich in the US market, where most adults eat children's food. :-)

This is good news for the royal family overall. With Meghan in Canada, Kate's kids have a much better chance of reaching adulthood. Thank god Americans only care about money and not the Throne.

I guess she would rather live the life of a Woman of Color in America than that of a royal in the UK. So much for the purported dominance of privilege in determining life outcomes...

It must be tiring to be the token person of color at all the family gatherings. Might even be fed up being mistaken as the hired help.

The tabloids are worse on that side of the pond. We have TMZ which is annoying but clearly aren't the full body cavity search the British media has been.

Not that I give a tinker's dam about your royals.

Even in Canada, they won't "lose" the paparazzi.

I feel sorry for Harry.

Why? He got to party his ass off for years, now he has a gorgeous wife, all the money in the world, and the biggest problem he'll ever have is that people he doesn't know are going to take pictures of him and write mean things in gossip columns. Seems like a fair trade...

"their brand will be ethical and luxury on par with the Obamas and Bill Gates"

Sussex Royal: We all make mistakes when we're young, but we don't all wear Nazi uniforms. https:/A/

It is not that simple, I think.

> their brand will be ethical and luxury on par with the Obamas and Bill Gates

What's luxurious about Harry and Meghan? Their brand is much closer to trashy reality tv than the Obama's or Gates'

Kardashians. Without a Kanye.

Well, the Duchess hasn't yet taken a lover.

I think they end up divorced. It’s very trashy.

Get it right. Prince Andrew is trash. By that standard H & M are heroes for not wanting to associate themselves with the huge number of sexual predators that make up the global elite.

The media distorts stuff sometimes, best to watch sit-coms than reality tv. But I think it’s important to stay glued to the TV as things derail.

What if Meaghan and Harry's brand comes off as

Trump steaks?

Will this dilute the value of the Monarchy's brand, and not just Meaghan and Harry's? Are Meaghan and Harry free riders on the Queen's brand?

Will the Queen get license fees for the use of the House of Windsor trademark by Meaghan or Harry?

If they use their royal position or name,

Will the Queen have rights to institute quality control oversight so as not to dilute the joint brand?

Will certain products not be able to use the trademark or brand,

Such as

Underwear or condoms?

What if the publicity increases the value of the Windsor brand, will the Queen have to pay Harry and Meaghan for the increased value?

Will Meaghan and Harry have to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements?

Harry will turn from a parasite on British taxpayers to a parasite of trademark law.

I just hope they stay clear of scented candles.

Do they have actual talent in any of the areas they are expanding into or are they banking on their status as royals to get them the connections to do the parts to make money.

Because if it is the latter they can screw off. No one needs that shit here in the US, they can wait in line with all the other struggling actors out there.

Feel a bit sorry for Prince Harry, he is an old school action man, never happier than when serving with his mates in Afghanistan. Can't see he will be satisfied as some higher class Beckham on the American social circuit. Better off becoming the next Bear Grylls or Ranulph Fiennes if nothing else.

I don’t really care enough about this to have an opinion but it does seem to me that Meghan is being rather brave, I mean several people that have the potential to damage the Royal family have had come to a sticky end (Epstein and Princess Diana).

Sure thing. Royalties are only for true Royalty!

I don't know. Yoko Ono seems like she'll outlive them all.

Harry will hopefully be installed as client king by Trump as part of the yuuuge upcoming UK US trade deal to ensure compliance with its terms. Boris can be voted out, Harry can't.

I can't think of a more fitting symbol of national renewal for a confident, outward looking 21st century Britain than to replace a bunch of ancient, inbred toffs with a global megabrand.

It doesn't seem likely that Harry and Meghan are going to be personally involved with the manufacture of Sussex Royal rubber gloves, duct tape or corn meal. So what's the significance of a trademark that represents these two? Why should anyone purchase a "Sussex Royal" paring knife rather than its "Acme" counterpart when both are probably made in the same Asian factory? Branding seems to demonstrate that in history's most consumption oriented era, consumers aren't willing to be very discriminating. The consumer universe is filled with inept consumers.

Rumor has it that Meghan will be doing the "voice-over" for Disney on some animated production. Why would we care who is doing the talking in a cartoon? Would a child want to attend a Disney screening because Mrs. Harry is the voice of a celluloid princess? Are there Oscars awarded for vocal performances in animated movies?

I believe they will likely live in Canada. In which case, if we could reinstate the power of the monarchy here and replace Trudeau with them, I'll become a full-on monarchist.

I wonder how much the brand will be worth once the Prince is forced to give up his royal titles and estates, which will surely happen if he is actually planning to monetize the royal family.

I shouldn't have read the comments. There are far too many naysayers and curmudgeons here.

This has been an interesting issue for me to watch because it gives me deeper insight into the business side of a royal family, including details I had never yet considered. It's not weird or unusual for someone to want to seek a different life than that. I hope these two can pull it off, and I wish them well.

I'm not even sure I understand anything about what the break between Harry and William was in the first place.

Wish them luck, but then they need to start paying for their own security rather than relying on the Canadian taxpayer.

But I wonder if they have really thought this through - after they stop being royal, will their celeb friends really be that interested in them - no invites to garden parties at Buckingham Palace or an OBE in the lineup. Plus the way they have gone about this (people are rightly annoyed the way they have treated the Queen, his father and brother) might give luxury brands a preview of what it will be like to work with them. Will those lux brands be really interested in having them as spokespersons as they are coming off more and more as freeloaders.

They may end up with only Eurotrash as their supporters.

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