Claims about Chennai naps

A three-week treatment providing information, encouragement, and sleep-related items increased sleep quantity by 27 minutes per night without improving sleep quality. Increased night sleep had no detectable effects on cognition, productivity, decision-making, or psychological and physical well-being, and led to small decreases in labor supply and thus earnings. In contrast, offering high-quality naps at the workplace increased productivity, cognition, psychological well-being, and patience.

That is from a new NBER working paper by Pedro Bessone, Gautam Rao, Frank Schilbach, heather Schofield, Mattie Toma.


I had a Greek aunt who slept only a few hours a day and lived to a ripe old age. Guess it depends on the person?

A consistent theme that I see is that anxious, depressed, stressed, and/or socially isolated people both worry more about sleep and have more trouble sleeping. I wonder if those groups of people need sleep more than your Greek aunt. Tragically, their circumstances also prevent them from sleeping well, despite their elevated need. I don't believe sleep is simply a matter of genetics. Confident, socially-supported people that are well-positioned in whichever hierarchy that is salient to them (corporation, family, friend group, society, etc...) simply worry less about sleep. They might sleep less or more than average, and they don't care. "Bad stress" might seem like an abstract mental concept, but it physiologically wrecks the body, and sleep might help mitigate its effects.

+1 but I am not sure about the archetypes thing.

Sleeping Beauty symbolizes the archetype of the Feminine or a personification of Love, the gentle energy. The marriage of the prince and princess shows the marriage of opposites as in the literal marriage of man and woman, but also the union of opposites in the psyche.

I kept sleeping beauty up most of the night then she slept like a baby.

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In general, reasonably efficient people should have more time in a day than energy; more energy than ability; and more ability than actual opportunity to express that energetic ability. Of course, sometimes opportunities converge on specific moments, but, for the most part, people are just pretending to be busy.

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