What did Ireland just vote for?

Sinn Féin promises rent freezes and an expansion of public housing. It will tax corporations, particularly multinational companies. It offers a typical, left-of-centre shopping list, financed by borrowing and higher taxes on the rich.

And what about the IRA? In the past days, the connection between the IRA and Sinn Féin in the North has dominated headlines, but most voters in the Republic are weary of the past. One in four are prepared to give Sinn Féin a chance. It would be completely wrong to equate Sinn Féin’s votes with support for the IRA.

Here is more from the FT.  There is close to a three-way tie at the top, but31.8% of 18-24s voted Sinn Féin – more than FF and FG combined in that age group.”  And: “According to the exit poll, Sinn Féin now the most popular party in every age group under 65.”

And that is from Ireland, one of the biggest neoliberal success stories.  Martin Gurri something or other, yes, etc. yup, that’s right, Martin Gurri, etc.


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