Pay people to quarantine

Once a pool of money has been allocated to a city or region, the people who are paid to quarantine would be determined by auction. There are many options around how to design pricing mechanisms to incentivize consecutive days of quarantine and other types of health improving behaviors. Based on the committed payments for a city, the price of remaining quarantined would be set on a daily basis.

Consider what the cost might be to pay to place 10% of a city’s population into quarantine. I believe that it costs significantly less than minimum wage for those people. The population that would be quarantining would be the young, elderly, the sick, and those for whom working at home is possible. Quarantining a sizable portion of a population dramatically slows the progression of a virus. Even at 30% of the population, I expect the price would remain well below minimum wage. This would have a dramatic impact on the pace of spreading.

That is from Nate Baker, enforcement would be by cyber-surveillance.


I just learned my cousin, who works in the Bay Area, is in 14 days actual quarantine because someone in his office tested positive.

This is all rapidly coming closer to home.

And .. California on lockdown(*).

* - or at least one form of it.

Right now, I'm having lots of virtual reality sex. They don't need to pay me to self-quarantine.

Get paid to stay home and do nothing? Seriously?
I'll sign up.

Read, rest, write, exercise, hydrate, eat healthy, pray.

Sounds like every day. I'm retired.

Wuhan Flu Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Avoid sources of infection: CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News.

+1. This site has now become Socialist Revolution. Marx would be proud.

During the 1918/1919 Spanish flu epidemic, Milwaukee, WI closed all schools and churches, but left open saloons. It had (behind Sacramento, CA) among the least deaths per 100,000.

Duchess County, NY has banned public gatherings of more than 25 persons, including churches. Ergo, the entire Diocese of NY has cancelled all Sunday and weekday Masses.

In NYC, despite pressure from the teachers' union, Mayor DiBlasio is keeping all public schools open.

It will be exponential.

Prepare to die exponentially.

They closed the schools, Dick. Now you can enjoy your Sunday in peace.

Everyone who works in my office (including me) is now in 14-day quarantine. ~900 people.

When operating on a timetable where single days make a massive difference in life or death, you shouldn’t be experimenting with complex market design.

For the next quarantine :-(

I make a lot more than minimum wage. Shouldnt you be asking how much it would take for me to stay home?

Pay people that, after infection, can demonstrate that they did not pass the virus to anyone else. Say $5K per case. $1K if they provide a list of no more than 5 individuals that may be at risk.

I think unfortunately we're still in the dark about many strategies because we can't quantify their effects very well.
Let's say an infected person infects x people on average. What is the effect on x of :
1- do nothing : how does x change over time
2- hand washing : with 10%. 20% ... 100% of the population complying
3- wearing masks: 10%. 20% ... 100% of the population complying
4- quarantine 10%. 20% ... 100% of the population..
5- only quarantine people with symptoms
6- ban gatherings of 5, 10,100,1000... people ...etc
what is the delay between infection generations? the time it takes for the newly infected person to generate x more infections. I have heard 6 days.
Is there a realistic believable model of all this ? or is everyone guessing ?

Who would have ever thought that Tyler would advocate for the government to pay people to stay home and not work?

Sometimes, the libertarian solution doesn't make a lot of sense. This is one of those times.

Or sniffing glue.

File under “Things That Will Never Happen”

Pay the homeless and mentally ill to quarantine.
Public libraries and public places are closed.

There are no places to quarantine them to.

Sounds like welfare.
Never happen.

Pay the wealthy.
Give them a prize.

Paying the homeless to quarantine also keeps them off the subway or public transpiration, which they use as portable housing.

Brian Villanueva:
,,, well, haven't seen a libertarian stance from Tyler in many years

government intervention is general the approach, whatever the problem

BTW, where does our government find this extra $$$ laying around to pay quarantined pepple and fight a virus ?
The feds are already totally bankrupt and survive only by the printing pre$$.

Some states just forced privateall restaurants and bars to close; the 5th Amendment is no longer in efffect. Martial Law is so much fun.

This is not the first time that, due to a major emergency, businesses have been ordered to close.

The crisis will reach a crescendo when lenders refuse to fund the huge volume of mortgage refinancings that are pending. I appreciate the lenders' dilemma: most of these loans were priced over a month ago. If the Fed doesn't provide the liquidity to fund these loans, we are facing a collapse of more than stock prices. An argument in favor of funding is that it will put money in the hands of consumers. An argument against is that it's just kicking the can down the road.

It smells like desperation.

We can pay people to quarantine.

It's called paid sick leave.
Look it up.

Rather than have the government pay, why not the employer?

Here is a solution that is relatively costless and easy to enforce.

We have a state system of workers compensation insurance. We could require that under conditions of a national health emergency in a given area, employers in that area would be required to offer paid sick leave.

This wouldn't be used very often and could actuarially be rolled into the workers comp insurance plan. You could even give a tax credit for part of this component.

The carrier would administer the program. Because this feature is spread across all employers in a wide area (like a state), other than those that already have paid sick leave, the cost would be small because the benefit would be tied to an occurrence. You could also require that the employee have a telephone medical visit and send them an apple watch to wear during quarantine to monitor their location and compliance.

"employers in that area would be required to offer paid sick leave."


... and just where do all these employers get the money to fund this paid-sick-leave ? (especially when the economy is tanking)

where does the government get specific constitutional authority to dictate paid-sick-leave at any level?

Just a general comment: I have never seen so many in government and in the 'financial community' so far behind the curve of reality as they are now. I still see articles like "Here's How Fast We Recover From a Bear Market" or "Fed Takes Steps to Avert Slowdown"... not to mention Trump's "This Makes Me Happy".
Jesus H. - what idiocy.
We did more in airport terminals this weekend to spread the virus than everything else to date.

"...enforcement would be by cyber-surveillance."

Might I suggest enforcement by a large white balloon called "Rover"?

A much better idea: pay people contact coronavirus, and thus be be naturally inoculated, and thus be non-carriers.

When you get to about 60% of the population having been exposed, then you discover the coronavirus is on a shrinking path.

Let's say 200 million Americans agree to be inoculated naturally. At $1,000 a pop that is a $200 billion program. Make it a helicopter drop for double effect.

Tyler Cowen: send me my $50,000 for this excellent idea.

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