Quarantine markets in everything and stimulus at that

As countries in Asia impose stricter entry requirements on foreign visitors amid a new wave of imported coronavirus infections, hotels in the region are seeing unexpected opportunities as quarantine lodgings for travelers and workers seeking self-isolation venues.

Industry players say the unusual proposal of repurposing hotels as quarantine quarters is one way the battered hospitality sector could fill up some rooms and get much-needed revenue during such tough times, while lending a hand to the most affected sectors or communities amid the escalating situation worldwide.


These full-board packages are targeted at Thais or residents who wish to isolate themselves for 14 days. Meals are delivered to the rooms on trolleys, while dishes, cutlery and bedsheets used by guests in self-isolation will be separated for special handling.

A special team will provide daily housekeeping services and help monitor the conditions of the guests under quarantine. Should any of these guests become unwell or develop any coronavirus symptoms during their stay at the hotel, they will immediately be sent to the several hospitals located in the vicinity of the hotel, according to Shah.

“We hope to get at least some customers with these quarantine packages, as standard tourists will not come during this time,” Shah remarked. These packages are priced very competitively with rates slashed by 20 percent, he added.

With the Singapore government making it mandatory for anyone entering the country since March 20, 11.59 p.m. to undergo a 14-day stay-at-home notice, Park Hotel Group Executive Director Shin Hui Tan has already seen an uptick in enquiries from returning residents wanting to check themselves into hotels during the two-week period.

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It's time for everybody get in touch with their inner incel.


Might be a business opportunity.

Hotels in NYC ought to be doing this for NYC residents if they are not already. Since the feds are passing out money like there's no tomorrow, they could be incentivized to do so.

Bill's House of Rest and Covid Security is a similar place.

All of the staff has had the infection; or they undergo daily swabbing and temperature recording. 14 days before you arrive at our resort, you take your temperature with a device attached to your iPhone, which simultaneously takes your picture. When you arrive, you are placed in a quarantine facility, and after 14 days you are released and free to use all the facilities.

Every day you and your neighbors will be swabbed. We are very thorough, and, although our throat swabbing procedure has been described as the closest thing to waterboarding, we have very reliable tests.

In order to assure that no one enters the property and infects the inhabitants, German Shephards with electronic neck bracelets patrol the perimeter, and stay on the border of the perimeter because if they were to move inside they would be shocked in their neck.

In order to assure your safety and prevent co-mingling of guests after house, the electronic fence is deactivated and the hungry German Shephards are free to roam about the premises.

We offer panic rooms which will cost you more. And, extra for the clues to get out.

All of our prisoners, correction, customers have called this an experience of a lifetime.

And cruise ships can be used as floating quarantine stations for confirmed positive but mildly sick NYC residents. What a good way of achieving a social good through the private sector! There's no need to bail those guys out. Let's put their resources to use.

The local supermarkets are trying to hire workers as fast as they can, and I imagine that delivery drivers are experiencing sky-high demand right now. Several days ago Amazon said they needed to hire 100,000 more workers.

It's still a net loss of jobs (some of the local restaurants that are staying open so they can do delivery and take-out business are nonetheless saying that they've laid off 90% or 95% of their workers). But yes, every local revenue or job opportunity helps.

In Israel the government is housing people with light cases of COVID in the empty hotels.

AirBnb is perfectly set up to broker these kinds of short term stays, but I was told that neighbors would burn you alive if they found out you were running a quarantine hotel and being compensated for it.

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