The plans for Greece’s reopening to tourists

In the European Union Greece is moving the quickest, but still this does not sound so appealing:

Phase 1 – Until 15 June
International flights are allowed only into Athens airport.
All visitors are tested upon arrival and are required to stay overnight at a designated hotel. If the test is negative, then the passenger self-quarantines for 7 days. If the test is positive, the passenger is quarantined under supervision for 14 days.

Phase 2 – Bridge phase- 15 June to 30 June
International flights are allowed into Athens and Thessaloniki airports.
If your travel originated from an airport not in the EASA affected area list (, then you are only subject to random tests upon arrival.
If you originate from an airport on the EASA affected area list, then you will be tested upon arrival. An overnight stay at a designated hotel is required. If the test is negative then the passenger self-quarantines for 7 days. If the test is positive, the passenger is quarantined under supervision for 14 days.

Here is much more detail.  Via Yannikouts.


What an odd perspective - Greece has been considerably more successful than most countries at making itself an unattractive for the virus to visit.

Public health principle don't care about being appealing, they are based on being effective at preventing the spread of disease. Something that the Greeks plainly grasp better than an American blogger.

I don’t think he is arguing that they should make themselves appealing, just remarking that they aren’t. I had the vague idea they were trying to get tourism back on track. Clearly that isn’t the plan at all. (And based on what Tyler has said elsewhere I suspect he would not support faster opening).

I’m glad some countries are taking steps to open up at least.

The more disturbing news is from Bloomberg, which claims that Japanese officials are afraid to open Japan up to China because of threatened backlash from the US.

This is hearsay so far of course, but it seems in line with Trump’s approach to sanctions that the US would be threatening other countries if they allow normal travel to resume with third countries. If proven, this should be a major scandal and further show why all freedom-loving in the world should cheer the decline of the US Empire even though there is not yet a satisfactory answer for what comes next.

Ray Lopez isn't going to be happy about this...

I'm more concerned about leaving GR for PH. Surprised these regulations are so tough, as I assumed the GR govt would cater to the tourism sector, but they probably saw the writing on the wall. Anyway, regulations in countries like PH and GR are never written in stone and subject to change.

Actually, some of smaller countries in the EU have already opened up in more radical ways. Estonia has allowed quarantine-free travel from 16 European countries with lower COVID-19 numbers, effective June 1:
The other two Baltic nations will likely adopt a similar rule in a week or so.

At least Estonia seems to think quarantine is a better idea for those nations not on the seweet list - "Reinsalu (Isamaa) said the government had decided people who have traveled to Estonia from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Malta, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark must still undergo a period of quarantine.

"This list will be reviewed once a week. With the current trend, it can be said that these countries will gradually fall off the list," said Reinsalu.

Travelers from these countries will not be spared quarantine even if they can present a certificate which proves they have tested negative for coronavirus, ERR wrote.

Compliance with quarantine will be monitored by the police and Reinsalu said the police will carry out random checks on passengers. Tests for coronavirus are currently performed at the Port of Tallinn and will start to be carried out at Tallinn Airport."

I am a frequent traveler and also the sole owner of a dog, so he comes with me everywhere I go. Generally, staying in a hotel is not an option for me because most hotels don't accept dogs. If Greece is limiting which hotels you can stay at, I'm guessing it's unlikely any will be pet friendly. Looks like I won't be traveling to Greece any time soon =/

The US departure points that are on their quarantine list for Phase 2 include California and Washington. But not Oregon, which does indeed have a low rate of infections and deaths, with numbers that are stable or even falling.

But what would stop a traveller from say San Francisco from first flying to Portland, OR. And then fly from Oregon to Greece, and avoid the 7 or 14 day quarantine?

You can fly direct Oregon - Greece? This is news to me.

You can't fly directly from Washington (Seattle) to Greece either.

Eyeballing that list of states, it looks like it includes every one of top 20 U.S. airports other than Las Vegas and Minneapolis-St. Paul. The list has essentially the entire East Coast, plus California, Texas, Illinois, and Colorado. (Not sure what airports have historically had nonstop flights to Greece, but I suspect that list has picked up most or all of them.)

I also have to say, looking at the Worldometer state-by-state data, that it's very unclear to me why that list includes some of the states that it does - such as Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Washington state - but doesn't include Minnesota and Nevada.

How is Lombardy faring these days. ?

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